What is the best cake flavour? Most of us cannot answer this question as every individual’s taste varies and is quite subjective. However, one of the best things about cakes is that they come in varied flavours, and we all have umpteen options to pick from. There are the most popular and best classic cake flavours, such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and butterscotch, along with numerous exotic varieties that are coming up recently. The cakes can also be custom-made according to preferences and occasion, which makes it even more exciting.

Given such a range of varied cake flavours, today we are doing a round-up of the most popular and best cake flavour names with images. These different flavours of cakes are quite popular and trending, and will indeed excite your taste buds, particularly if you are a dessert lover like us.

Different Types of Cake Flavours Names List  in India:

Here we go; let us now check out the latest and most delicious cake flavours, which are lip-smacking always. Here we go!

1. Vanilla Cake Flavour:

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When we think of the most classic and evergreen cake flavour, the first delicious taste that comes to our mind is vanilla. The vanilla flavour is an all-rounder. It can be amazing and delicious by itself or can also be combined to bring in other exotic flavours. The vanilla flavour cake is a perfect choice for those who love simple delicacy yet want the classic feel without anything going wrong. Do you agree?

2. Pineapple Cake Flavour:

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Another beautiful classic choice of cake flavour is pineapple. Remember when we were all young and visited a bakery, the most classic pastry cake flavour choice would be pineapple? Similarly, pineapple cake flavours are trending around us today. Those who like the fruit can always love this flavoured cake, further, anyone who doesn’t want anything to go wrong can always choose pineapple cake too. Isn’t it amazing? This is among the best popular cake flavours for birthday parties.

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3. Strawberry Cake Flavour:

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Suppose you like the authentic taste of strawberry. In that case, which is generally sweet mixed with a bit of sour, you will also fall in love with the strawberry cake flavour. A fresh strawberry cake is all that we can always ask for – perfectly sweet, delicious, and fresh. This flavoured cake is amazing for those who are into sweet-sour sort of desserts. It is among the most classic cake flavours and is a perfect choice for any kind of celebration.

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4. Chocolate Cake Flavour:

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Tell us one dessert flavour that can tempt all of us, seamlessly. It is chocolate! Chocolate cake can be quite tempting and can lure all of us, even those most disciplined. A fresh, fudgy chocolate cake with layers of chocolate cream with a rich, creamy burst of flavour, that is fluffy and light can be a perfect heavenly choice for any kind of celebration. It instantly adds to the palate and can always be the best indulgence. Do you agree? It is indeed the best cake flavour to melt in our mouth.

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5. Mango Cake Flavour:

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Most of us love this seasonal fruit – mango! Although it is mostly accessible only during summer, we all eagerly wait for it every single year. And imagine a cake flavoured with mango? Isn’t it tempting and heavenly? Just the thought of it makes us crave the cake. The mango-flavoured cake is another amazing classic choice for all celebrations and occasions. It brings us the rich, creamy mango taste and the textured creamy indulgence is a perfect choice for those across age groups. The burst of flavour can fill the room with temptation, and we all can imagine how it would make us feel on our plates!

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6. Coffee Flavoured Cake:

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Coffee lovers in the world can unite with this cake flavour! There cannot be a list of best cake flavours without including the coffee cake, isn’t it? This is a perfect and ideal dessert for all the coffee lovers. The best thing about the coffee cake is one can try out multiple flavours within the coffee itself in the form of cake, such as mocha, Irish, Vietnamese, and more. The coffee cakes are an indulgence, filled with a rich, creamy texture and sophisticated look with flavoured essence. Do you know, that this is the most popular cake flavour choice for anniversary parties?

7. Red Velvet Cake Flavour:

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The red velvet cake flavour is truly eye-catching. This is among the most popular cake flavours, that not only looks delightful but also tastes heavenly. This cake is a perfect choice for those who love a bit of tangy taste with cocoa and sweet. The colour looks super bright and undoubtedly gives the cake design an amazing, beautiful look. The velvety feel with cream further elevates the overall taste palette too. Did you also know that red velvet flavour is popular as a perfect cupcake choice?

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8. Butterscotch Flavour Cake:

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We love butterscotch-flavoured cake. It is another of the truly versatile cake flavours around us. The fluffy butterscotch cake is filled with rich, moist butterscotch cream, with crunchy flavoured chips layered around. This perfect dessert is buttery, creamy and warm, giving a burst of flavour in every bite. It is undoubtedly among the most famous cake flavours to exist, and easily garners many compliments.

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9. Orange Flavour Cake:

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Well, we understand that most of you might not be expecting to hear orange-flavoured cake choices in the list of best-flavoured cakes. Well, but world surprises us, doesn’t it? Orange cake flavour is among the new rising stars in the world of desserts. Many millennials choose this cake flavour for this unique and distinct blend of sour-sweet taste palette. If you, too, love such a taste, you must try this out.

10. Rose Flavour Cake:

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This is yet another distinct cake flavour we recently came across. While rose layered cake has always been popular for its exotic look, the addition of rose flavour is the new thing currently. Rose buttercream and water were further added to give a distinct taste to this dessert. This cake is perfect if you love exotic and the latest new flavours in cakes.

11. Black Forest Cake Flavour:

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Another popular cake flavour is black forest. It is clearly among the most famous cake flavour, for its possibilities of new designs and a blend of flavours, divine taste with a creamy, rich, and fluffy feel. The black forest cake is known for its rich whipped cream that instantly takes you through a cascade of flavours. It feels luxurious and indulgent, a true feast we all love to experience. One can try out numerous possibilities with black forest flavour, giving a way towards indulging in more creativity.

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12. Pista Cake Flavour:

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Like Pista ice cream, Pista cake is a new love among several millennials. If you love classic pista flavours, this cake is going to be a favourite for you. Pista cake is an understated flavour in the dessert world. It is a perfect choice for those who love simplicity yet wish to indulge in the rich texture and taste hidden in Pistas.

13. Rasmalai Cake Flavour:

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Rasmalai cake flavour is the new star in Indian desserts. We often come across many people ordering rasmalai cake for several events, and now we know the reason. Rasmalai is among the favourite desserts in Indian households, the rich cake flavour with the indulgence of fusion of rasmalai, would be loved by all dessert lovers. It is a rich blend of Indian flavours, and the fluffy cake soaked in rasmalai milk and topped with cream is just what we all need to experience.

14. Blueberry Flavour Cake:

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Blueberry cake flavour is generally liked by all those who love berry fruits. Blueberry is known for its rich, sweet yet filled acidic, musky, subtle soft flavour. The dessert with blueberries, while initially popular in several restaurants, has now come up with blueberry flavoured cake which is quite loved in India. The layered cake is perfect for all occasions, as it’s filled with rich soft, and truly distinct taste, filled with dried and frozen blueberries. The cake also looks exotic, making it more delightful.

15. Fruit Flavour Cake:

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As we all can guess, there are numerous varieties when it comes to fruit cake. You can find a fruit cake that is truly made with fresh and dried frozen fruits without cream, as well as a cake that is with fresh fruits in addition to adding lovely and rich buttercream for further delightful delicacy. The fruit cake is another classic choice that is often layered with seasonal fruits. It tastes heavenly and will never disappoint you.

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16. Cheesecake Flavours:

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Cheesecake is among the most coveted and popular flavours not just in India but across the globe. It is known for its creamy, rich velvety, cheesy taste and texture. With the right blend of flavours, cheesecake can give the best delicacy to taste buds. This cake flavour also comes in several versions and flavourings, easily enabling you to choose from the one you love the most.

17. Banana Flavour Cake:

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If you love bananas, rest assured you will also love banana cake. The moist and fluffy banana cake is simple yet delicious. It is a classic old-school recipe that can be modified in various ways for your liking. It is generally famous for being a perfect snack during tea times, and now it’s also gaining popularity for the possibility of adding several other flavours and toppings, making it versatile. You can go with the classic spongy, fluffy banana fresh cake, or also go ahead to add layers of buttercream or caramel to make it look exotic and add creamy flavour.

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18. Kiwi Flavour Cake:

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You will also love this cake if you like this famous citrusy, juicy, light yet soft fruit. Kiwi fruit is known for its refreshing sour yet sweet taste blend. Similarly, we have the all-new and latest kiwi cake flavour doing rounds for the unique blend of sweet and sour flavours. The cake is prepared with fresh kiwi fruits and is often blended with other classic cake flavours for a creamy and velvety fluffy look.

19. White Forest Flavour Cake:

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We cannot end the list of best cake flavours without including white forest cake, can we?! The classic white forest cake is a perfect European-flavoured cake that is now popular across the globe. The cake is simple yet super delicious, delighting us with its rich flavour, soft fudgy, and creamy taste. It is a perfect choice when you are often confused about what flavour to order for any celebration, as everyone in the crowd is sure to love this cake.

20. Blackcurrant Flavour Cake:

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Blackcurrant cake is sure to grab all your senses and bring you to attention with its sweet and tart taste. It is a unique sweet soft spongy cake with tartness. The cake is filled with fresh seasonal blackcurrants and cream layering, fluffy soft base. If you love such distinct flavours, this cake is sure to impress you by creating a mouthwatering treat.

So, how did you enjoy exploring the best and most popular latest cake flavours in India? These cake flavours are immensely popular for their supreme delicious taste and soft fluffy, creamy texture. They are all popular for various occasions and sure to give you an exotic look. Which cake flavour do you like the most personally? Let us know your thoughts, we love to hear from you!


1. Which is the best cake flavour for a wedding party reception?

Suppose you are looking for a lovely cake flavour for a wedding reception. In that case, you can prefer to go with classic vanilla or cheesecake flavours. You can also try out blueberry or blackcurrant flavours for an exotic look and finish.

2. Which cake flavours do kids love the most at birthday parties?

The lovely choice for cake flavours in case of children’s parties are vanilla, chocolate, black forest, pineapple, and strawberry.

3. Which are classic combinations of cake flavours trending in India?

The most classic cake flavours can often be combined to create a lovely delicacy intact. The most popular choices include vanilla butterscotch, coffee butterscotch, chocolate strawberries, red velvet and vanilla, strawberries cheesecake.


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