When you have high power numbered glasses, stepping out in sun can be very annoying. You can wear sunglasses to avoid glare. You cannot remove your spectacles and not wear sunglasses over them. Buying numbered sunglasses costs you a lot of buck. A brilliant inventor invented these clip on glasses. You just put them over your regular glasses. You can wear them to work or to college. They don’t fall off. There are many styles.

Stylish and Different Sunglass with Clip On Designs with Pictures:

Let we have to look top 10 designs of Clip On Sunglasses.

1. Clip On Round Sunglasses:

Clip on sunglasses come in all shapes. Round sunglasses are the most liked shape. They are smart and very in. They are circular and cover the glasses completely. It comes in universal fit. It doesn’t show that it is clip on.

2. Rectangle Clip On Sunglasses:

This type of sunglasses has smooth round edges. They are smart. It is perfect for formal look, the universal fit and sharp shape gives it a killer look. It is suitable for people of all ages.

3. Oval Clip On Sunglasses:

Oval shaped clip on sunglasses are mostly elongated. It was a big hit in the 1990’s. They go well on both casual and formal looks. They are more feminine and delicate.

4. Large Clip On Sunglasses:

Large clip on sunglasses comes in a large lens. They are meant to cover the eyes completely. This style is preferred by middle aged people. It is more benefiting to the eyes. They look a bit funny because normally glasses don’t come in large sizes.

5. Polarized Clip On Sunglass:

Polarized glasses are meant to stop entering of harmful UVA-B sun rays in our eyes. These sunglasses do the same purpose. They are dark and perfect and reflect the harmful rays.

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6. Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses:

Normally clip on glasses comes with clip to stick on the glasses. Now a day, magnets are used to stick on the frame. The frames are made of metal for the magnet to stick. This is good style as it doesn’t show the clips. It looks just like sunglasses.

7. Day-Night vision Clip On Sunglasses:

Day-Night vision clip on sunglass are used multi way. They can be worn during day and night. Actually nobody wear sunglasses in night. But suppose if you are driving, and you enter in tunnel, lights become low and dark, you can’t remove your sunglasses quickly hence day-night vision glasses helpful in this situation. This avoids accidents and troubles.

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8. Unbreakable Clip On Sunglasses:

Sunglasses are worn on the eyes. In any accident, the glass of the sunglasses may break and enter your eye. This may cause you to lose your vision. Hence, unbreakable clip on sunglasses are used. They look same as normal clip on sunglasses. It is made of strong fiber.

9. Driver Special Clip On Sunglass:

Driving clip on sunglass is made to comfort the driver. They have gradient shade. They are similar to day-night vision clip on sunglasses. They are wider and broad. They cover your eyes well, you can take care your eyes from dust. These glasses can  give you comfort to drive for long duration.

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10. Universal Fit Clip On Sunglasses:

It has lens that fit on almost every type of frame. They mostly rectangular with curved edges. This style is perfect to share and gift. They are nice and very classy.

Clip on sunglasses are friends of people who wear numbered spectacles. It is smart and comfortable. It does all the works just like normal sunglasses. They look same as normal sunglasses.