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10 Fashionable Square Sunglasses for Men & Women

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You have heard UV radiation, blue light radiation and visible light cause cataract, skin cancer, and visibility issues. The square sunglasses is absolutely necessary to protect yourself from you go out. This is the best accessories for eyes in summer season.

Latest and Stylish Square Shaped Sunglasses in India:

Here are the Top 10 sunglasses with square designs:

1. Retro Black Lenses Square Sunglass:

Retro Black Lenses Square Sunglass

These Retro black lenses are considered as oversized square sunglasses. The glasses have a finishing of black and white tinge. These sunglasses are mounted on durable plastic frames. Interestingly, the frame that sits on the face, Nose Bridge and eye-socket are made of dark coloured plastic. The portion beyond the eyes is changed to golden metal and that sits on the back cheeks of the user. By the time the metal reaches behind ears, there are durable plastic. This reaches behind the ears for support.

2. Asos Flat Square Sunglass:

Asos Flat Square Sunglass

Asos flat square sunglasses are available in black. These square sunglasses are trendy. These glasses have dark blue tinge. They look sophisticated. The glasses are mounted on durable,square, black coloured, plastic frame.

3. Armani Exchange Unisex Square Sunglass:

square sunglasses

Armani Exchange Unisex square sunglasses can be worn by both men and women. The dark sunglasses have a dark black tinge. The glasses are mounted on dark brown durable square plastic frame. The frame that sits on the cheeks is thick and provides support.

4. Unisex Square Sunglass:

Unisex Square Sunglass

The Unisex square black sunglasses can be worn by both men and women. The glasses have a finishing of greyish tinge. These glasses are mounted on durable, black, square plastic frame. The top of the frame is absolutely flat and is aligned with the eye-brows.

5. Alexander McQueen Square Sunglass:

Alexander McQueen Square Sunglass

Alexander McQueen is a square, brown sunglass. As the name suggests, the finishing of the glass has brown tinge. These glasses are mounted on dark brown fame. Alexander McQueen square sunglasses look very elegant especially on ladies.

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6. Sheriff and Cherry Monte Carlo Square Sunglass:

Sheriff and Cherry Monte Carlo Square Sunglass

The sunglasses are a finishing of dark and white so they look grey. These glasses are mounted on golden metallic frame with plastic nose padding near Nose Bridge. Also, the frame has a nose bridge and a bridge connecting the two eye pieces. The frame colour beyond the eye pieces is black and white to blend with the eye pieces.

7. Oversized Women’s Angular Square Sunglass:

Oversized Women’s Angular Square Sunglass

Large oversized sunglasses. Flat top square framed that is highly in fashion in the modern era. The glass has a finishing of yellow and brown shades. Hence, to match the glasses are mounted in durable plastic square frame. The colour of the frame is shaded with dark brown and light brown.

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8. Men/Women Fashionable Square Sunglass:

Men and Women Fashionable Square Sunglasses

The square sunglasses can be worn by both men and women.  The glasses are mounted on dark durable plastic frame. There is white coloured frame beyond the eye pieces where the frame takes a while colour. There is little white on the eye piece where frame touches the cheek.

9. Square Framed Men’s Sunglass:

Square Framed Men’s Sunglasses

The glasses have a finishing of twilight bluish tinge. They are mounted on square durable plastic frame that is dark black in colour. The frame and the support over the cheeks are the usual Classical style. Thus, the sunglasses are very fashionable and meant for men.

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10. Flat Top Oversized Square Sunglass:

Flat Top Oversized Square Sunglasses

The sunglasses are the latest trend for very fashionable women and ladies. The features of these sunglasses are that the top is flat. The size of these glasses is over sized so the glasses protrude from both sides of the thin cheeks. The top is aligned with the eyebrows so the forehead has no change. The glasses are mounted on durable square plastic.

You can buy the latest trendy square sunglasses or the classic style. There are several choices to suite your choice. These types of square sunglasses are famous for his agile look.

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