Collagen is the most abundant protein available in all human bodies that is mainly responsible for the connectivity of main tissues. It is the only thing that makes our skin filled with elasticity and firm. Collagen facial is good for our skin, increasing its moisture levels and also provide us the new born skin. It benefits our skin giving it a more even and glowing complexion.

Best Collagen Facial For Skin Treatment In India:

Here are a few collagen facial cum face packs to choose from,

1. Collagen Facial Mask:

Natural collagen for face products that are readily available around us, are very effective for your skin. They make no harm as don’t carry harsh chemicals within themselves. You can prepare these effective Collagen face mask at home very easily. This mask will enhance the complexion of the skin and help to give it natural radiance.

Ingredients: Crushed Cucumber Egg white Few drops of frankincense Any essential oil.


  • Mix all these ingredients together and apply this paste evenly to your well cleansed face. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off with normal water. Pat it dry and now you can use a moisturizer to make relax your skin.

Usage: You can use this collagen face pack weekly once.


It gives your skin required elasticity and firmness. Making use of the collagen for your skin, helps keeping it smooth and wrinkle-free. Collagen masks are helpful to boost your skin’s collagen requirement and slow down collagen degradation process. Along with it, this pack also hydrates and tightens the skin. Collagen masks are the absolute way to maintain beautiful skin and to effectively rejuvenate it, by deeply boosting collagen production that ultimately reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Crystal Gold Collagen Face Mask:

This crystal gold collagen face mask helps to rejuvenate the skin, preventing it from early ageing. This mask is meant for anti-wrinkle treatment that smooths out the facial skin. It is entirely enriched with selected ingredients that are natural. It well moisturizes the skin and also re-hydrates the same. They also work well to increase your skins natural collagen production.


Collagen traces, vitamin A, E, C & B5 Alkaline acid, purified water.


Take the required amount of this pack and Mix it well in again. Apply it to the face evenly. Then let it dry for 15 minutes and finally clean your face with warm water.

Usage: Make a habit of using this pack once in a week. You will get good benefits too; try this facial pattern for your beautiful skin.


This mask mainly reduces fine lines and wrinkles working well on a targeted area by lifting and nourishing the skin over there. It is very useful in increasing cellular reproduction. It also works enormously on your skin to make it silky smooth and firmer.

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3. Avocado and Kiwi Collagen Face Mask:

Let’s now discuss this natural collagen for face that is made up of avocado and kiwi fruit extracts. As we are known that Collagen masks widely rejuvenate the facial skin and deeply moisturize it. With boosting the collagen production, effectively decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Avocado is an amazing fruit that provides the treatment for reducing wrinkles. The antioxidants which are present in the fruit would help to detoxify the whole body and also helps in the re-occurrence of the wrinkles, making your skin smooth, soft and supple. This can be considered as the best collagen face mask.

Ingredients: Avocado extract  Kiwi extract.


Cut both the avocado and kiwi fruits into pieces and grind them well. Then make this mixture into a fine paste and apply evenly all over your face. Leave it on for about 20-30 min. Then wash off completely with lukewarm water and pat dry. Finally, moisturize your skin.

Usage: You can opt this facial mask once in every week. You can make a fixed day for this mask; get time duration as per your schedule.


The antioxidants present in the fruit are very useful in detoxifying your body. And it makes a perfect solution to get rid of early aging factors such as wrinkles. You would get the sparkling glow on your face and eliminates the dullness visible on the skin. It helps to make the facial skin look healthy keeping it away from various skin disorders since the fruit extracts contain essential vitamins. It re-hydrates the skin deeply and keeps it young.

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4. DIY Quick Face Mask:

This is the best collagen for face skin since which helps in maintaining the skin’s firmness and also works well in brightening it. The well known collagen-filled components in the egg whites, it makes the task of making skin whiter easy. And the lemon juice, that contains loads of vitamin C, is vital in helping your body in the production of collagen. This could be the foremost and best collagen treatment for face.

Ingredients: Egg white Few drops of lemon juice.


Combine 1 egg white and lemon juice together to form a fine mixture. Rub it on your face covering entirely and leave it for 2 minutes. Rinse with normal cool water.

Usage: You can see the best results if you use this pack once in a week.


This collagen mask completely re-hydrates the facial skin by shooting up the elasticity level. It helps in creasing your skins natural collagen reproduction activities. It can be used for soothing and comforting our facial skin. By nourishing the skin with essential nutrients, it uplifts the skin’s firmness and reduces wrinkles.

Collagen production is essential to maintain your skin’s softness, texture and even for a youthful appearance. It mainly works in promoting the body’s collagen re production process. By using a collagen mask twice a week, you can give your skin the collagen-infused boost which is of a vital requirement for the same. You can try this mask as per your skin texture and get little more sufficient advice from your beauty expert friend too.


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