Weddings are all about brides. It is therefore natural that every girl wants to look the best, as all eyes are on her on this day. One of the greatest concern for most brides to be, is getting the perfect makeup and look on this special day. Most brides get stressed about a multitude of things in the days leading to the big day, so there is a high possibility of problems like acne, dark circle and similar skin flareups. A face treatment is not only a perfect way to treat skin issues before the wedding but it also the best relaxation method. A bride cannot just settle for anything but the best in a facial pack, so there are top 5 face packs before wedding.

Best Face Packs Before Wedding Application:

Let’s see the top 5 face packs for before wedding application.

1. Astaberry Bridal Aroma Facial Kit:

This facial kit is enriched with the principles of aromatherapy and is enriched with essential oil. It contains ayurvedic herbs, and flower essence to relax the mind and nourish the skin. The kit contains a cleanser, crème, gel scrub and mask which revitalizes the skin.

Price: 1080 INR

2. Aroma Magic Bridal Glow Facial Kit:

Formulated with natural ingredients this bridal kit removes impurities, gently exfoliates, enhances natural glow, revitalizes and imparts radiance. It gives a cooling sensation and is suitable for all skin types. This kit contains a face cleanser, an exfoliating gel, skin serum, nourishing cream, face pack, hydrating gel and sunscreen.

Price: 900 INR

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3. Lotus Herbal Gold Radiance Cellular Glow Facial Kit:

Enriched with 24K gold leaves, horse chestnut and papaya extract, it relives skin inflammations, reduces skin rashes and irritation. This facial kit provides even tone, maintains elasticity and boosts cell production. This deep cell activation kit contains exfoliating cleanser, activator, massage cream and gold mask to provide a youthful looking skin.

Price: 275 INR

4. Biotique Gold Radiance with Gold Bhasma Facial Kit:

This facial enriched with gold dust gives instant glow and imparts gold like radiance to the face. This face pack lightens the skin tone, reduces dullness and hydrates to give a dewy look to the skin. Infused with 24K gold it penetrates the skin layer and improves blood circulation. This radiance kit contains scrub, face cream, massage gel, peel off mask and dark spot corrector.

Price: 235 INR

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5. O3+ Diamond Luxury System Facial Kit for Bridal Makeup:

This luxury treatment from O3+ is the most preferred facial kit by the brides. It contains a diamond cleanser, peel scrub, cream, eye repair system and serum. This formula deeply penetrates the skin and enhances the beauty which is requirement for most brides. The kit removes impurities, dirt, exfoliates, cleans, boosts skin glow and reduces puffiness of the skin. The bridal formula contains cleansing foam, radiance peel, serum, cream and eye cream.

Price: 9,200 INR

Apart from over the counter products in the markets, you can also make a homemade face pack before the wedding. Do not leave skin care at the last moment. Start propping you skin, take regular facial treatments well in advance, supplement with vitamins if needed, remember to rest enough, hydrate, exercise and take care of your overall health. Remember, facials and external treatments can only reflect your internal health and inner glow.

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