Sarees are a perfect way to dress up for any special occasion. This Indian attire is very precious and looks glamorous too. You can wear it for formal occasions as well as for ceremonial occasions. Women wearing a saree feel very sexy in them. The most important category is that of the bride. For the bride, the simple engagement saree is the first step and this is where she loves to buy the best.

She can choose engagement saree models from designer sarees, half sarees, fancy sarees or even heavy sarees. Every religion also has its special type of engagement saree. So Christian, Hindu, Muslim brides will have various styles of the engagement saree. The origins of the engagement saree can be found in the earlier days of India when Indian weavers created wonderful garments for queens and princesses.

Importance of Sarees in Engagement:

For most of India, saree is the only important garment that is worn for any occasion. So it is only natural for brides to wear a saree for their special day. The engagement look saree is stunning and heavy to set the bride apart from other people. So mostly it will have some gold work done. The engagement saree is important as this is the time when the groom and his family members will see the bride all decked up and approve of her.

Engagement Saree Features:

The best saree for engagement has some important features.

  • The saree should normally have a zari border and palla. This is to show the importance of the day. The gold work on the saree can be done with fine thread or layers.
  • Embroidery work also is done on these sarees.
  • The palla of the engagement saree is also something that is very intricate. It is usually very heavy work and this can have more gold work.
  • So gold work, embroidery work and other kinds of stuff are what sets the engagement saree apart from others.

Which Fabrics is Used for Engagement Sarees:

Since the engagement saree is one of the most important garment that a bride to be will wear, it has to be made in the best of fabrics. The best of the best is of course silk. Pure silk sarees are used for engagement sarees. These are soft and silky and have a wonderful shine to them. The gold and embroidery work on these sarees makes them look very elegant and regal. This is the reason why silk is mostly used for engagement sarees.

Which Body Shape Women is Preferred:

Love sees no boundary so every woman would love to get married someday. The saree is also very forgiving and so anybody shape woman can carry a saree with ease. The silk sarees drape well over the body of a woman and so it easy for anyone to wear it. The engagement saree can be heavy but it is perfect for the special day. So don’t worry if you are short, tall, heavy built or slim as a saree will complement your body shape well.

New Collection of Engagement Sarees with Pictures:

Are you Searching a saree for Your engagement! here are the latest saree designs for engagement let’s try it.

1. Lehenga Saree for Engagement:

Looking for a beautiful saree for your engagement, then look no further than this stunning lehenga saree for engagement. Peach is a gorgeous color that will make you look spectacular and elegant. This wonderful contrast of blue and green with the peach also makes this saree look very dreamy.

Design and Fabric: The lehenga saree is made from net material. The intricate embroidery work on it is just what a bride dreams of. It frills at the edge of the lehenga is makes you look sexy and regal. The blouse that has a lot of intricate work is short sleeved and fits the body well.

Other Occasions to Wear: Apart from the engagement day, this lehenga saree can also be worn for special occasions like festivals, etc.

2. Engagement Silk Saree:

As silk is the best fabric for special occasions, your best choice for engagement silk saree is this. The richness of the saree is just right for the special day. Choose the color that will look good on your skin tone. Select something that is totally different for the wedding day saree color.

Design and Fabric: The engagement silk saree is made from fine pure silk. The pink color is a great new trend that younger women are opting for. Gold zari work on the border and the palla are stunning and rich. The saree also has tassels at the end which add to the richness.

Other Occasions to wear: The engagement day is the perfect time to wear this saree. You can then also wear it for important festivals and ceremonies.

3. Designer Saree for Engagement Ceremony:

The designer sarees are the new age sarees that are popular among younger women. They want something different than the traditional sarees. So designers make new styles and patterns on the sarees to satisfy the brides. These sarees have varied color schemes and different hand work too.

Design and Fabric: The fabric used here in this designer saree for engagement ceremony is georgette. This is a very thin saree that is very comfortable to wear. The saree has embroidery work on the body and gold zari in the border.

Other Occasions to Wear: This is a perfect engagement saree for the new woman. She can wear it regularly even after this special day.

4. Half Saree for Engagement:

If you want something that is comfortable for your engagement day then opt for a half saree. It is actually a skirt and blouse with a dupatta. The half saree for engagement can be quite heavy in design and work.

Design and Fabric: Here this gorgeous pink and gold half saree is filled with gold glitter work. The skirt and the blouse are completely gold with just the peach background. The dupatta is peach in color with gold zari border that is thin in width.

Other Occasions to Wear: This is a stunning engagement saree but you can also wear it for formal and festive occasions.

5. Engagement Pattu Saree:

A Pattu saree is actually a silk saree as it is a South Indian word used for silk. The engagement pattu sarees are rich saree with pure silk and heavy gold work. This is the perfect saree for the South Indian bride.

Design and Fabric: The saree is made from pure silk material that is usually thick silk. The heavy saree has a rich gold border and palla. You can have a single color with gold or multi color with gold work. Both these styles make the saree look very rich and heavy.

Other Occasions to Wear: The pattu saree is perfect for special occasions only like weddings, festivals, and other temple functions.

6. Fancy Saree for Engagement:

If you are a modern woman who loves fashion and like a little change from the traditional then a fancy saree is what you should choose. These sarees do not have any fixed design and can be in any color and variant.

Design and Fabric: The fancy saree for engagement are made from various fabrics like satin, georgette, net, crepe, etc. This makes it different from the traditional silk sarees. Here a wonderful example is the blue and yellow saree that are both deep in color. This gives it a rich look. The embroidery border work in red is a perfect contrast.

Other Occasions to Wear: Wear this saree for all special days and stand out in the crowd. Diwali and other festivals are just right for this attire.

7. Heavy Saree for Engagement:

Want to look spectacular on your engagement day? Who doesn’t!! Well here’s the best that you can wear for your special day. Theses heavy sarees for engagement will make you look like a model. They are delicately and intricately woven garments that are eye-catching.

Design and Fabric: The heavy saree has heavy stonework all over the saree. Even though the saree is filled with intricate stonework, it doesn’t actually make the saree look too cumbersome. The net or georgette fabric that is used makes it very easy to carry.

Other Occasions to Wear: Since the material used is net the saree can be worn for most occasions. Choose this for receptions, festivals, etc.

8. Christian Saree for Engagement:

Although the Christian bride to be will wear modern as well as traditional outfits for her engagement, the saree is one garment that is part of her trousseau. The Christian saree for engagement is something that is simple yet elegant.

Design and Fabric: The fabric of the engagement saree can be silk or even net. This choice is up to the bride to be. Each of these sarees can be worn again later in her life. If it is half saree then it gets to be very comfortable too.

Other Occasions to Wear: She can choose to wear this saree for any occasion like Christmas, the baptism of her child, etc.

9. Green Saree for Engagement:

Green is the color of envy, but for the Indian bride, it is one of the best colors for her engagement. The green saree for engagement can be in various shades of green. The most popular of course is dark green, and then comes the parrot green shade.

Design and Fabric: The green saree is often found in silk sarees as the rich tone of the color comes out perfectly in silk. The richness of an engagement saree is seen in the dark green color. Gold zari border on the saree is also perfect for a special function like engagement.

Other Occasions to Wear: The green color in the saree can be worn for all special occasions like festivals, house warming, etc.

10. Kerala Hindu Engagement Saree:

The Kerala engagement sarees are usually simpler in design and style. They are made not very rich as compared to the wedding sarees. Colors can be neutral but bold.

Design and Fabric: The Kerala Hindu engagement saree is one of the best sarees that women can wear. A simple border like zari or thread work is what sets these sarees apart. You can choose from a wide range of colors in silk which is the preferred fabric used.

Other Occasions to Wear: The engagement saree is something that can be worn regularly by the bride on other occasions as well like Onam, Vishu, etc.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Engagement Sarees:

For an engagement saree, it is better to have a silk saree that will look as rich as the saree itself. You can wear short sleeved blouses or long sleeve. Some sarees have heavy thread work on the blouse. Contrast color is another main style feature that you will find on the engagement saree blouse. The latest saree designs for engagement give you the chance to play with the designs for the blouse as well. So go ahead and try out different cuts and styles for this special day.

How to Style Engagement Sarees:

Styling your engagement saree is a thing to be taken very seriously. Here are some tips:

  • You can choose to leave the palla loose so that the rich palla work can be noticed.
  • You can pin up the palla and be comfortable while performing the rituals.
  • A waistband over the saree adds a bit of drama.
  • If it is a half saree, you can opt to pin up the dupatta while showing off the lehenga part.

Engagement is the most important part of a bride’s life. It’s the entrance to a whole new world. The engagement day saree is therefore important for her to look and feel good. It can be a silk wonder or the latest designer net or georgette saree. Either way, when it is draped perfectly, it will show the bride beautifully. An engagement saree and its designs are always changing and selecting the best one is a great job. So make sure you choose the right color and fabric for your special day. It is always good to opt for a saree that can be easily worn for other occasions as well so that it does not just sit in your cupboard!!

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