30 Gorgeous Silk Sarees Collection With Photos

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Silk is a natural fiber which is woven in the form of textile. This natural fiber is obtained from silk worms. Different types and qualities of raw silks are available depending on the silkworm and the method of cultivation. Silk is very common among saree other than its different uses. Shinny appearance of the material makes it very popular. Light falling on silk get reflected to several directions. Silk sarees makes us feel warm as it encloses the warm air very close to our skin. Thus it’s mostly appropriate for cold weather.

Tremendous Silk Sarees With Pictures:

In India, there are different silk sarees on the basis of regions. The top 30 silk sarees are highlighted over here along with its catalog images.

1.Red Kancheepuram Silk Saree For Wedding Collection:

Silk Sarees Collections 1

Red is the color that is perfect for any wedding collection. This vibrant red silk saree is a South Indian silk. This style originated in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. This saree commonly called Kanjeevaram silk. The intricate works are done in golden and has golden zari border. The pallu has gorgeous works depicting different styles and figures.

2. Yellow Kancheepuram Silk With Red Designs:

silk sarees

This silk saree is of magnificent yellow color. The texture of this silk saree is very silky and for this reason it does not comes in reasonable price. Same red colored patterned designs are all over the saree. This saree has a traditional look and is popular for ages. This Kancheepuram silk saree has golden zari borders with self works done on it. This can be worn in any special occasion.

3. Black-Red Kancheepuram Silk saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 3

Black is the color of elegance and with this silky textured saree you absolutely look attractive for any particular event. This black and red combination kancheepuram silk saree has zari works within the saree in circular patterns and also along the borders. The specialty of South Indian sarees are their wider borders. The red and golden borders run Parallelly all over the saree. Simply pure red blouse can be paired with this silk saree.

4. Pink And White Kancheepuram Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 4

This differently designed silk saree has pink and white colors. The main base of this kancheepuram silk is light shaded pink. The soft and silky texture makes you love this saree. This saree does not have any intricate works, yet it looks stylish. Circular patterned golden and white colors run all over the saree.

5. Black Kancheepuram Party Wear Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 5

This kancheepuram silk also known as kanjeevaram silk is for casual wear. It does not have designer works. Black colored saree is combined with multi colored vertical strips. This traditional saree has a modern touch with a designer look. Red, green and orange colors are combined with black that makes it look contrasting. The other black portion has golden works done. You can wear this saree during the day time as well as during night in an occasion.

6. Pure Maroon Mysore Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 6

This Mysore silk saree has a dark colored effect. A dark shade of green is combined with maroon. In this Mysore silk the pallu portion is of dark shaded maroon having zari strips in similar patterns. The green portion of the saree is just simple only having golden zari border. This is paired up with maroon short sleeve blouse with zari border.

7. Yellow Bengali-Baluchari Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 7

Baluchari silk saree from West Bengal depicts some epic stories and situations. This saree mainly consists of figures of humans and animals that highlight the stories in the form of designs. The pallu and the border of this yellow baluchari saree reflect this mentioned pattern. This saree looks really gorgeous with this style of designs.

8. Pink Crape Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 8

This baluchari saree also has intricate works done all over the pallu depicting some designs and stories. This Bengal based silk saree is very popular among the Bengali’s and also in other parts. The above saree has a dark shade of pink with designs done in black and white.

9. Grey Sambalpuri Silk Saree Bomkai Designs:

Silk Sarees Collections 9

This Orissa based silk saree has unique color combinations. Sambalpuri silk saree are the fine textured saree mainly available in Orissa. This grey silky textured saree reflects most of the light falls on it. The borders and pallu is of dark reddish and golden zari works are done over these portions. Bomkai designs are being done on this sambalpuri saree.

10. Neon Green Pure Pochampally Handloom Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 10

Pochampally silk sarees are another type of South Indian silk saree. Here in this silk saree color combination is the main attraction. This neon green pochampally silk saree has wider dark pink border above it is a yellow border only in the lower portion of this saree. Golden zari works are only in the pink portion of the saree. This handloom silk saree is mostly preferred by young generation due to its magnificent color combinations.

11. Off-White And Pink Combined Ikkat Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 11

This saree is a pink and off-white combined ikkat silk saree. The block designs in this silk saree enhance the outlook of this saree. The squared designed along the border of this saree consists of green, pink and yellow colors. This off-white based saree hence have an appealing factor. The pink colored pallu has triangular wavy patterns done in white.

12. White Assam Silk Saree With Kalki Motifs:

Silk Sarees Collections 12

Assam silk sarees are very popular for its texture and deigns done over the saree. This black and white combined silk saree has a lustrous look. Black motifs are done along the border and some intricate works in the pallu. Assam silk is not available in affordable price, it’s a bit costly. If you like to try an exclusive saree do not need to think twice. Though this black and white combination is common, it is uniquely depicted in this Assam silk.

13. Beige And Multi Colored Tussar Muga Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 13

Muga silk sarees are costly and mainly available in Assam. This silk has a unique texture. This beige colored silk saree has multi colored complex designs done very neatly. If you like heavy work on the pallu, opt for this silk saree. The borders of this muga silk is also designed I the same manner.

14. Vibrant Magenta Assam Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 14

This dark shaded magenta colored saree has contrasting cream colored portions to enhance the beauty of this saree. It looks vibrant and light reflecting feature amplifies its outlook. This Assam silk has designs that are done in typical Assam silk. Small cream and black dotted designs look classy.

15. Pure Golden Assam Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 15

This conventional Assam silk has a shimmering golden effect. The borders have golden touch with self made designs done on it. The body of the saree is of a bit lighter shade seems as of cream base. Some green and red colored small designs with that color effects are thorough out the saree. This golden Assam silk is one of the exclusive silk saree for any reception or wedding party.

16. Hand Woven Black Narayanpet Pure Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 16

Narayanpet in state Telangana is well known for the silk sarees. This narayanpet silk saree has multi striped border. That is the specialty of this type. The borders are of various patterns in different sarees. This black narayanpet saree is a simple looking saree with just multi colored strips. Sleek golden strips over the multi colored borders enhance the beauty of this silk saree. It has yellow pallu with strips in specific intervals.

17. Pure Narayanpet Pure Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 17

This pure silk saree is another variety of narayanpet silk saree. This silky textured saree with pink base is simply appealing in its outlook. Vibrant pink colored saree is contrasted with yellow. Part of the pallu consists of yellow color with shiny golden strips. Also same design is maintained along the border of this silk saree.

18. Check Patterned Mangalgiri Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 18

This patterned silk saree is from a district of Andhra Pradesh. The mangalgiri saree is named after a town in a district of Andhra Pradesh. These saree are famous for its hand woven works and handicraft works. This saree has multi colored checks all over the sarees. Different colored threads are weaved alternatively give this saree different reflective pattern.

19. Wavy Pattern Pink Mangalgiri Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 19

This mangalgiri silk saree has fabric and printed patterns. Pink and violet colors are contrasted. The patterns are done in white and yellow colors. This saree has simple designs with wavy pattern all over the saree in different pattern. Pink borders have yellow and white alternative wavy patterns.

20. Peach Chamundi Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 20

Chamundi is a famous place in Karnataka. This silk saree belongs to that place. The place is well known for silk sarees. This peach chamundi silk has a soothing look. The borders are being highlighted with golden which is the key feature of South sarees.

21. Meganta Bangalore Silk Saree With Zari Border:

Silk Sarees Collections 21

Bangalore silk saree is one of the finest silk saree. This saree consists of vibrant magenta and shimmering green border with golden zari effect. This saree can be paired up with green blouse in an event to enhance your beauty.

22. Red Patola Silk Saree With Zari Border:

Silk Sarees Collections 22

This double woven silk saree is made in Gujarat known as the patola silk saree. Pure red colored silk saree has a golden effect along the border. Golden prints are there with very fine designs. This is one of the best silk sarees.

23. Sea-Green Banarasi Silk With Stone Work:

Silk Sarees Collections 23

Banarasi sarees are well known among sarees and can be worn in different. This finest traditional sarees are also famous for its silk. Here this silk saree has a unique sea-green effect. To highlight this saree golden zari and stone works re provides.

24. Blue Party Wear Banarasi Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 24

Banarasi silk is combined with a modern style which is perfect for party wear. Royal blue with shimmering golden border looks fashionable. Also the texture makes you fall in love with this saree. You look absolutely stunning in this attire. A golden short sleeve blouse looks perfect for this saree.

25. Golden Orange Paithani Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 25

Paithani styled saree are from a town in Maharashtra. These silk sarees have a unique style different from the others. This orange saree with golden border reflects most of the lights make it look gorgeous. Pallu is being designed with various colored threads. This is one of the best silk sarees.

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26. Black Paithani Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 26

This black paithani silk saree has a heavy designed pallu with looks classy that is the specialty of this saree. Borders are of red-golden strips. Circular pattern golden zari work run all over the saree. This is one of the best silk sarees.

27. Pink Printed Venkatagiri Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 27

Venkatagiri sarees are named from a town in Andhra Pradesh. The specialty of this silk saree is that it consists of various hues. This pink-black shaded half saree has printed designs mainly over the pallu section with doubled layered border. This is one of the best silk sarees.

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28. Green Acid Printed Murshidabad Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 28

This silk saree is also from Bengal having a soft textured fiber. This shiny green silk has different designed portion. Designer silk saree has unique acid printed sections over white color and simple black border. Black with other color effects makes this saree look elegant. This is one of the best silk sarees.

29. Rust-Grey Murshidabad Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 29

This murshidabad silk saree is blended with rust and grey colors. The grey colored saree has rust and cream strips. The border has rust effect throughout the saree with sleek cream colored lining. Style coefficient for this murshidabad silk is very high. This is one of the best silk sarees.

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30. Red And Off-White kotki Silk Saree:

Silk Sarees Collections 30

The Kotki styled silk sarees are originally from Orissa. This kotki silk sarees are in demand all over India.This simply designed silk saree is made of off-white and red colors. Similar vertical designs run parallelly throughout this saree. This is one of the best silk sarees.

The above silk saree depicts are collections all over India. Silk sarees are very light weight and can be easily manageable. Silk sarees are very smooth in texture. These silk saree sarees are comfortable to wear and theses traditional sarees makes you look stylish. Silk sarees are must wearing outfit for the special events.

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