15 Latest and Best Net Sarees With Pictures

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The net sarees are one of the trendy sarees in to days world. This type of saree is popular and is accepted widely in different parts of the world. The net sarees maintain your traditional look with a modern touch to it. These sarees have an appealing look and makes women to choose these sarees over the other counterparts available in the market. Presently it has a high market value and is of high demand. Special touch is provided to the traditional outfits along with this stylish netted texture.

Beautiful and Attractive Net Sarees for Ladies in Fashion:

Here are top 15 indian net sarees with images which are recently available in markets.

1. Dazzling Yellow And Off-White Net Saree:

net sarees

This saree can be worn in any special events to make you look elegant. The lemon yellow netted portion along with circular golden patterns enhances the beauty of this saree. It has a wide and colorful border. This portion makes it look magnificent. This saree as a whole gives you a complete look to your attire.

2. Red And Magenta Net Saree:

2. Red and magenta net saree

The wide floral border is the specialty of this saree. If you are comfortable in a transparent netted texture, then you can absolutely don this piece of net saree. The multi colored border provide a contrasting feature to this red and pink combined saree. This is paired up with contrasting green blouse. If you like to prefer this blue shade, then it you can worn this saree with the blue designed blouse.

3. Green-Cream Coloured Half And Half Net Saree:

3. Green-cream coloured half and half net saree

This half net green and half cream colored saree has a magnificent effect o you. It only have some intricate works along the borders with a shimmering effect to it. The main attraction is the simplicity of this net saree. You must pair up with a shimmering golden blouse to enhance your beauty quotient. This trendy outfit is paired up with perfect accessories.

4. Off-White Net Saree With Red Velvet Border:

4. Off-white net saree with red velvet border

This net saree is a combination of silver glittering portions with red velvet borders on both the sides. This looks simple but provides a chic look. The transparent effect and the velvet borders makes this different from other sarees. Try this outfit if you are at ease with transparent netted texture. Surely you will be in the focus in any party.

5. Cream Designer Net Saree Embroidery Stone Work:

5. Cream designer net saree embroidery stone work

Netted saree is blended with embroidery work to maintain the traditional feature to your outfit. This cream based netted saree only has little floral works along the golden-black borders. You must pair up with an elegant black designer full sleeve blouse and this has some intricate design along the high neck portion.

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6. Unique Violet Net Saree With Stone Work:

6. Unique violet net saree with stone work

The simple net saree can be highlighted with some stone works on it. In this saree the stone works are done in contrasting manner with the simple violet netted saree. Matching colored accessories go with your outfits. Violet can be contrasted with pink hue, so add this color to your outfit by wearing a pink colored blouse.

7. Red Designer Pure Net Bridal Saree:

7. Red designer pure net bridal saree

Traditional Bridal sarees are blended with modern styles. This looks elegant. Simply the red color is apt for a bridal outfit. Thus a pure net saree is combined designer outlook to make it look different. This designer saree has heavy designed works to the lower half in shiny golden color to enhance its bridal look. You feel comfortable wearing this piece due to the texture though it has heavy designer works.

8. Blue And Off-White Embroidered Designer Net Saree:

8. Blue and off-white embroidered designer net saree

This piece of designer saree perfectly suits women of all ages. It has a glimmering effect to the white and royal blue segments of this saree. This designer saree also has a traditional touch and also you look fashionable in this stuff.

9. Cream Colored Net Saree With Mono Colored Border:

9. Cream coloured net saree with mono coloured border

Pure cream colored saree is the main attraction of this saree. This purely has a divine look and maintains the tradition. Mono colored border with intricate designs looks unusual. A vibrant blouse is apt if you like to add some contrasting feature to your outfit.

10. Stone Worked Beige Colored Net Bridal Saree:

10. Stone worked beige coloured net bridal saree

Pink and beige itself looks vibrant. The stone works just amplify your beauty with black border. This saree has half glittering effect on the lower portion along with the pink upper portion which has golden dotted designs throughout. Black designer short sleeve blouse is paired up with this.

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11. Green Velvet Net Butterfly Sari:

11. Green velvet net butterfly sari

The specialty of this saree is that lower green portion look fluffier which spread all over the floor. This does not make you look skinny as it is a butterfly type netted saree. The black pallu is of velvet which quantifies the beauty of this saree. The border do have an intricate golden designs.

12. Turquoise And Blue Net And Satin Border Work Designer Saree:

12. Turquoise and blue net and satin border work designer saree

Simplicity is the main attraction of this saree. Turquoise blue id paired up with a different shade of blue. Some portion has floral works done on it. The satin borders of this designer saree is simply eye catching.

13. Pink Coloured Designer Chiffon And Net Saree:

13. Pink coloured designer chiffon and net saree

This saree is an amalgamation of chiffon and netted texture. It consists of wider golden borders in the lower portion and sleek plain golden border in the upper part of this saree. This pink does not have transparent effect, so you must be comfortable in this.

14. Turquoise Net Saree With Golden Border:

14. Turquoise net saree with golden border

This saree has self coloured patch works throughout this saree. Simple golden border amplify the looks of this brilliant netted saree. You can wear a vibrant pink colored blouse with this saree.

15. Yellow Silk And Net Saree With Heavy Embroidery Stone Work:

15. Yellow silk and net saree with heavy embroidery stone work

Silk is also blended with netted texture. This type is experimented nowadays. This absolutely looks brilliant with the shiny yellow silky texture with off white netted pallu. Multi colored effects are given on the borders.

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The above netted sarees are the latest designs in netted texture which are mixed with other fabrics. You can easily opt for any one of this in any wedding party or reception to look beautiful.