The month of June is perfect for all occasions. The birthstones for June, too, are very pure and rare. They include pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. Each of these has beautiful colour and clarity. The brilliance of this gemstone is reflected in the jewellery that is created. Pearls give pure white colour, alexandrite gives green and red, and moonstone is opaque.

Latest and Beautiful June Birthstones Designs for Womens:

Let we have to look at the top 9 June Birthstones designs.

1. Alexandrite June Birthstone:

The June birthstone alexandrite is a very rare gemstone. It brings good luck and fortune to those who wear it. It is a gemstone that promotes love and romance. It can change from green to red, which is what is most unique about the gemstone.

2. Pearl June Birthstone:

Pearl is mainly considered to be the birthstone for June. Pearls are symbols of purity and chastity. The wearers are known to increase in integrity and growth. Pearls come in different colours, but the most common and sought-after ones are the white pearls.

3. Moonstone June Birthstone:

Moonstone is the third birthstone for June. It has some healing energies that are loved by many. It has a delicate beauty that is very appealing to moonstruck lovers. The gemstone is considered a crystal of hope and is one of the most sought-after birthstones.

4. Alexandrite June Birthstone Necklace:

This wonderful teardrop shape Alexandrite June birthstone pendant is very popular and romantic. The cut and clarity of the gemstone are very bright and make for a luxurious jewellery item. The pendant is set in gold with a thin gold chain. The pendant can be worn over casual outfits and for special occasions.

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5. Pearl June Birthstone Ring:

An awesome princess crown pattern ring holds a large round pearl in the centre. The ring has a patterned silver band that adds to its charm. The pearl sits beautifully in the cage and makes a gorgeous statement on your finger. This is truly a gift worth giving your loved one.

6. Moonstone June Birthstone Earring:

Get this stunning June birthstone earring made of moonstone. This earring pattern has a teardrop shape moonstone and a round moonstone set in gold wiring. The dangler-shaped earrings are very charming and perfect for all ages. The moonstone shines and lets in light and creates a rainbow of colours that are very attractive.

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7. June Birthstone Bracelet:

Among the June birthstone jewellery items is a wonderful bracelet that brings out all the qualities of the alexandrite stone. This dazzling bracelet is made with tiny alexandrite stones set in silver and linked with silver link chains. This bracelet’s appearance is charming, delicate and perfect for any occasion.

8. June Birthstone Ring:

Here is an awesome Alexandrite June birthstone ring that is perfect for gifting your loved one. The gemstone is cut in a square shape and set around tiny silver diamonds. The ring again has diamonds on the sides to add glamour. The ring is luxurious and very rare.

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9. Moonstone June Birthstone Necklace:

Check out this natural moonstone necklace set in sterling silver. This June birthstone jewellery is a gorgeous neckpiece that will go well with formal and office wear. This colour is perfect for pairing with any garment and is thus widely used.

June’s birthstones are vibrant and charming. The three birthstones for June are perfect to be paired with jewellery like earrings, rings, necklaces and even bracelets. The items with pearls and moonstones give out a charming and old-world look. While the alexandrite jewellery items bring out some modern and new age look.


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