Pure Silver metal is soft and pliable designers introduced jewellery made from Silver with an alloy combination, which is usually Copper called Sterling Silver. It has a silver content of 92.55 and an alloy percentage of 7.5, making it more easily cast sterling silver into Necklace designs. Here are the top 9 Sterling silver necklace designs which have gained people’s eyes through their fabulous designs. For guys planning to give her a surprise gift which will fit with the thickness of your wallet, it is a silver necklace!!

Latest and Traditional Designs of Sterling Silver Necklaces for Girls in Trend:

Let we have to look at the best Sterling silver necklace designs.

1. Triple Row Sterling Silver Bead Necklace:

Triple row necklace always adds beauty and grace when combined with a Western party-wear outfit. Girls like to showcase their jewellery more than men, who made designers create the three-row silver bead necklace with pearls on each strand.

2. Singapore Design Sterling Silver Chain:

Singapore design is a famous cut given to the chain, which gives a twist to the chain with a shiny finish. Both men and women commonly wear these long twisted chains.

3. Graduated Bead Sterling Silver Necklace:

Graduated silver beads talk about themselves with their amazing design and structure. The beads follow graduation, starting from a thick bead ball from the centre and ending as the smallest silver bead with a hook or string attachment. The silver can be made into a glossy or dull finish.

4. Curb Design Sterling Silver Necklace:

Curb design commonly uses jewel design to make chains, bracelets and anklets. The most popular among men is the curb design necklace pattern with a hook attachment. The chain is made of interlocking, flat, identically designed links. This pattern of the necklace is thick and strong.

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5. Half Moon Pendant Sterling Silver Short Necklace:

In this type of necklace, the pendant runs along with the chain instead of a hanging pendant. The half-moon design is given a thicker shape than the chain, making it outstanding and attractive. This type of jewel piece comes with a short necklace pattern.

6. Hammered Sterling Silver Collar Necklace:

Hammered silver gives a dull finish with indentations on the necklace caused due to the hammering process. This method of hammering makes the metal stronger. This type of collar necklace comes as a self-adjustable jewel piece worn around the neck as a collar necklace.

7. Matte Finish Teardrop Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace:

Matte finish pendant has become common and fashionable nowadays rather than wearing a matte finish chain with a glossy finish pendant. This pendant is made from a solid one-piece metal without any hollow, making it stronger.

8. Vintage Design Locket pendant Sterling Silver Long Chain:

Vintage lockets have also retained their stand in the fashion industry due to their unique look. The front part of the locket can be designed into a geometric or floral pattern with an oxidized silver metal outlook. This type of locket pendant goes well with a simple long sterling silver chain.

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9. Dangling Heart Linked Rolo Sterling Silver Necklace:

A bunch of sterling silver heart necklaces which can be full-shaped silver pendants or middle hollow-shaped heart pendants tagged to a rolo-designed chain at the centre gives a jazzy look which young girls and ladies are huge fans of. The number of links is normally more than 15, which gives a bunch of Grapes designs.

Silver jewellery has always been the most sold jewel than other precious metals due to that fact of its cost and lightweight fancy designs. These two factors have and will make sterling silver jewellery the top in the fashion world. Trying out a new necklace made from Silver is more practical than Gold jewellery.


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