Blessed with abundance of natural scenic beauty, Dadra and Nagar Haveli is a major tourist hotspot on the west coast of India. Swift flowing rivers, exotic hills and wide variety of flora and fauna represents the beautiful landscapes of this region. Here are the major spots at this union territory.

Famous Parks in Dadra and Nagar Haveli with Pictures:

1. Vanganga Lake Garden:

Sprawling amidst the spectacle of nature rests the exquisite Vanganga Lake Garden, a beautifully maintained garden, strategically located at a mere 5kms from Silvassa. This exotic garden is a photographers’ paradise. Every shot will be worth a million with such resplendent scenery as surrounds this garden. Picture perfect lawns with wooden bridges, lined by charming blossoms make it a perfect setting for a tranquil evening by the lake. Add to that the old school thatched huts it is a classic recreation of a Japanese style garden with gorgeous vistas.

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2. Tapovan Tourist Complex:

The amusement park in Tapovan Tourist Complex is an ideal way to spend sometime in a thrilling way. Situated in Bindrabin in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, it is well connected with the other important cities of India. It is surrounded by a well-maintained garden decorated with many varieties of ornamental and flowering plants. The numerous fountains in this well laid garden add to its beauty.

3. Hirwa Van Garden:

Cascading waterfalls around luxuriant green gardens and breathtaking landscape summarizes the epic Hirwa Van gardens. A treat to tourists and localities alike, it offers serene and calm away from the maddening city crowd. The swift flowing waterfalls and blooming fragrance of seasonal flowers add to the aura of the place.

4. Island Garden:

Set against the backdrop of the pristine waters of Vanganga Lake, this celestial Island Garden is a pure treat to weary travelers. Endowed with serenity and tranquility, the Island Garden draws out the poets from within its audience, mesmerized by its ample natural beauty. The long winding lane along the blue waters magnifies the brilliance of this sylvan island. The beautiful place offers a range of recreational activities along with boating in the Vanganga Lake.

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5. Mini Zoo and Bal Udyan Park:

An important landmark at Silvassa and a roaring hit amongst children are the Mini Zoo and Bal Udyan. It is a fun and learning experience for kids who get to see the animals live out of their textbooks in person. With help of a picturesque backdrop children can get an environment to play in the lap of nature just like their parents in their childhood when there were no restrictions on parks. The star attractions are pythons, monkeys and giant sized crocodiles which never fail to amaze children.

6. Vandhara Udyan:

The capital Silvassa proudly features this beautiful garden that is a sheer testimony to the brilliance of nature. It is a well-laid garden on the banks of the river and a welcome break from routine monotony of life. The velvet soft grass, the ornate boulevards decorated with delectable plants make walking a delightful experience. Feeling the cool breeze and hearing the soft flowing water of the river helps heal the tired minda of city dwellers.

7. Van vihar Tourist Complex:

Breaking free from the monotony of routine life is this picturesque landscape of Van vihar Tourist Complex. Laden with excellent tourist accommodations, it spoils you rotten with the exotic mountains, mesmerizing green pastures and the busy River Sakartod. There are activities to suit every taste. The Deer Park has some endangered species along with being the children’s favorite haunt. For the peace loving tired minds, the calm and serene surroundings provide a much needed reprise.

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8. Water Sports Centre, Dudhani:

Perfect for an adrenaline junkie, it is downstream the Damanganga River near the Madhuban Dam.Close to Silvassa, it has speed boats, water scooties, boats, canoes and kayaks, along with the acqua bikes are pure indulgence for the adventure loving water babies.

Enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous union territory before you head back to your boring city life.


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