When we talk of pristine beaches, breath taking panorama, clear blue waters and exotic ambience, the only place that successfully captures it all is the archipelago of the Indian subcontinent called Lakshadweep. While people escape to parks and greenery to escape the pent state of city life, the people in this exotic union territory of India will probably do the reverse, just to eliminate the monotony.

Wonderful Parks in Lakshadweep with Pictures:


This beautiful place is made of small islands each fitting to be the perfect recluse you need to recharge your mind. Geographically it can be summarized into:

  • 36 islands
  • 12 atolls
  • 3 reefs and
  • 5 submerged banks

The place is very small to involve too many vehicles hence it is best travelled on foot and with bicycles.

The beauty of this archipelago is 50% made of its flora. Like most islands the typical vegetation comprises of:

  • Banana
  • Colocasia
  • Coconut
  • Drumsticks
  • Bread-fruit
  • Jack fruit.

At night, the phosphorescent planktons washed over coral sands exude a celestial blue glow to the beach.
The remaining beauty lies underwater, with marine life that will make you think of colors in a very different way. The school of fishes swimming through the gorgeous coral reefs just shows off nature’s artistic best in the clear blue waters surrounding the archipelago. Common residents of these waters are:

  • Skipjack
  • Yellowfin
  • Rainbow fish
  • Kingfish

With exotic fishes along the numerous lagoons, one can also spot some colorful and exotic species of birds as well. The main island of Bangaram gets the maximum attendance of avifauna in the territory. The regulars include:

  • Sandpiper
  • Golden plover
  • Green and Redshanks.

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Places to Visit:

Everywhere you see, there is beauty spreading wings in the form of birds, enchanting lagoons and laid back tranquillity. Different parts of the territory are known for different reasons. Here is a round-up on where to go.


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The southernmost Island is Minicoy: a crescent shaped island with the largest lagoon in Lakshadweep. It is also described as a female island, with the northern end tapering as a thin ribbon of land hardly tens meters across. Indulge in coral reefs and innumerable coconut plantations. Famous for tuna fishing and canning and an iconic 300ft lighthouse, the island has a heavy influence from the Maldives.


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This is the most exotic island but without a beach. The shallow lagoons which surround the islands are perfect for every kind of water sport.


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The largest island of this territory, it is surrounded by dense coconut plantations all around. Most water transports make a stoppage here before setting off to their destinations.


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Agatti is the gateway to Lakshadweep since it is the only island with an airport. The waters here are perfect for fishing and water sports. So there is snorkeling and waterskiing in the day and fishing trips at night. Along with that, there are amazing excursions to nearing islands. Such as the tear drop shaped Bangaram and exotic Kalpitty.

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Adventure Sports:

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The Laccadive Sea will lure you into deep sea fishing, yachting and diving. This place has the best swimming spots in the world and the most sought after diving schools where certified instructors guide you at every step.

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Indulge in

  • Short distance kayaking
  • Snorkel trips to nearby island reefs
  • Waterskiing for all ages
  • Scuba Diving to experience underwater magic
  • Fishing and sailing for those who like the wind in their sails.

Vacations spent at Lakshadweep involve a full frontal experience with aquatic flora and fauna and some beautiful virgin beaches that are so perfect that you might end up looking like a beach model at a foreign location fashion shoot. This place is well connected via Kerala through various flights and shipping services.


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