Often described as the commercial capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is a hub of all sorts of commercial activities. Though not extremely famous as a tourist destination, it still has several interesting places to be visited. It is located close to the Malwa plateau and thus has rocky terrain in some regions. The population here is high and that accounts for much of the hustle bustle seen here. There are a number of zoological parks, gardens and so on in this city.

Beautiful Parks in Indore with Images:

Here is a list of a few of them.

1. Pipliyapala Regional Park:

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Developed by the Indore Development Authority (IDA), this park is also known as the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Park. It covers an area of around 120 acres of land which includes an artificial pond. A canal spreads throughout the park starting from one point of the pond and meeting it at the opposite end. The park also sports a number of different kinds of fountains. The artists’ village here is an amazing visit too! the French gardens, biodiversity garden and the boating area are the added benefits.

2. Safari Adventure Park:

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This is a regular park with a number of adventurous rides in its vicinity. It is frequently used by schools for planning excursions and other committees and clubs. It’s the perfect place to go for a picnic with your children. The rides keep them occupied and the scenic beauty allows you to relax and enjoy the time too.

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3. Kamla Nehru Park:

This is a zoological park and is often called the Indore Zoo. Entry here is paid though the fee isn’t too high. The park serves an educational purpose for the kids of the city and recreational for their parents and tourists. It also proves to be a good picnic spot if you’re an animal lover. Some of the wild animals that can be found here include the white tigress. The park offers not just spectacular views of these wild animals in their native habitat but other recreational activities like buggy rides, pony rides, elephant rides and even camel rides! All in all, it’s an interesting place to visit.

4. Meghdoot Upvan:

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Meghdoot Upvan is one of the most beautiful gardens of this city. It is located close to the amusement park, Mangal Merry Land. It has dancing fountains, beautifully landscaped gardens, flowers, lawns and fascinating lighting for the evening. Its a good place to go for a morning walk or to take your children to just relax.

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5. Chhatri Bagh:

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Chhatri is the Indian word for the canopies that were used as shaded for nobles and members of royalty when they chose to travel outside their palatial houses. Chhatri bagh is as the name suggests filled with such canopies. It was built in the remembrance of the Holkar Dynasty. Each chhatri in the park marks the burial site of a Holkar king or queen. In the evening all the canopies are lit and a beautiful fountain is set in motion. This is a common tourist destination.

6. Somanipuram Adventure Park:

This park has a large variety of recreational activities. It has a cricket ground, a volleyball court, a mini jumping pad, a camping area known as the tent city, a lake with a waterfall and many more such attractions! It even offers indoor sports like table tennis and pool. It’s an excellent place to spend your weekend at. you can do wall climbing, rappelling, water zorbing, bungee jumping, boating or even play paint ball! The park offers instructors and has professionals at hand so there is no danger to your safety at any time.

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7. Tafreeh Agro Park:

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This park is located amidst a farm spanning an area of 40 acres. It provides a soothing natural setting to help you relax and calm down, as you leave the hustle of the city behind for just one day.


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