10 Beautiful Pictures of Deepika Padukone In Saree

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This leggy bombshell from her very first appearance to the movie world decided to dazzle us with her on and off ethnic and western look. Deepika has always been one of those actresses who would completely sweep you off your feet with her beauty and when all that is added along with a suave piece of saree, you can easily imagine the heads turning as she walks by. Saree is one of the most ethnic cultural pieces of clothing an Indian wears and here is a collection of all the times Deepika has been seen waltzing in a saree.

Top 10 Traditional Looks of Deepika Padukone In Saree with Photos:

1. The Starter:


Now before we venture into Deepika’s world of color filled sarees, we top the main dishes off with this starter saree which looks absolutely gorgeous in nude colors. During one of her promotions for her movie, Chennai Express, Deepika was dressed in a million dollar in this nude gold color. The saree is sober and soft with a wide matte gold borderline making her look absolutely awesome.

2. The Glitter Mania:

The glitter mania

We all know about the glimmering star that she is but when you put one star into yet another glimmering attire and wrap her up in a pretty little package, you will see how both these dazzlers simply blow your mind off. In this ravishingly beautiful saree, Deepika has a coral orange sequined look that sparkles all the way. The outer line is mirrored in rectangular patterns adding to the sparkle.

3. The Million Dollar Look:

The million dollar look

Stars are always dressed to their best and when you mention saree in the attire, be rest assured you can imagine this leggy beauty to shine like a million stars. In this awesome designer patterned saree, Deepika sat gracefully while the olive and yellow did its doing. The smooth silver borderline was then accentuated by black out line.

4. The Safe Place:

The safe place

For every person who walked those red carpets, by now you should know black is the safest color to embrace when in doubt and therefore for every actress worried about their look for the night, you can rest your head on this wonderful black saree with extensive beautiful white floral designs. Towards the end the sun flared golden spots arranged strategically makes the saree look beautiful.

5. The Angelic White:

The angelic white

Like black is the safest color to play with, white is the most dangerous color to flaunt in the carpets and since she could pull it off so well, here is an insight into her wardrobe for that night. Whilst she looked perfectly heavenly, her saree was no less than her. With illustrated lace work surrounding the borders she was awesome and so was the saree.

6. The Royal Blue:

The royal blue

Remember the movie scene during her best friend’s wedding when Deepika would liven up the eve with her royal beautiful saree wrapped around her tall statuesque as she looked her elegant self singing and merry making. Even though that was just a movie scene, it is undeniable how Deepika in that royal blue saree stole the show.

7. The Nude Gold:

The nude gold

Once again we see Deepika in a nude gold saree this time with a lot more shimmer factor. The saree in matte gold here portrays a deep luster and then there is the obvious heavily ornamented zari outer line.

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8. The Satin Pink:

The satin pink

Yet once again Deepika simply makes a statement of herself in this orange and coral satin silk saree. The best part about the saree is the minimum artwork in itself and yet the satin texture does not make it look bland. Embellished and ornamented borderline makes the twist.

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9. The Nude Flowers:

The nude flowers

In a nude beige color, Deepika here wears a beautiful chiffon and net texture saree. Towards the end the saree is filled with a slightly lighter faded and solid shade of floral antics which continues throughout the saree slowly dispensing the density.

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10. The Milk White:

The milk white

Here is an authenticate keralan saree with a borderline of solid gold outline that Deepika sported during one of her red carpet moments and there she looked ridiculously wonderful.

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