9 Glamorous Off Shoulder Blouse Designs on Trend

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The glamour of off shoulder blouses has been always outstanding. Beautiful ladies with a well groomed figure can look stunning with the off shoulder blouse designs. Even women with a chubby body can look amazing cute with the style of off shoulder blouses. The trendy style of the shoulder off blouses is also not limited to simple blouses but jacketed off shoulder blouse, wrap up off shoulder blouse, turtle neck off shoulder blouse are some amazing ravishing styles that bloom up your attire. Off shoulder blouses look fantastic on choli suits as well as sarees.

Off the Shoulder Blouse Designs:

Here some celebrities have fantastically shown us beautiful collections of off shoulder blouse designs that can make your style be outstanding.

1. A Royal Blue off Shoulder Velvet Blouse:

off shoulder blouse

A royal blue off shoulder blouse elegantly match with golden lehenga or a golden saree will look fantabulous and stunning. A royal touch can be given to the look with a closed neck jewelry set bold enough to be seen from far.

2. Sheer Net Ruffle Off Shoulder Blouse:

Sheer Net Ruffle Off Shoulder Blouse

A frill making the blouse look more stunning can be worn on a sheer saree. A sheer net frill off shoulder blouse will fantastically rule your look with a similar net saree. The golden color makes sit complete even without jewelry.

3. Silver Boat Neck Cut Work Blouse:

Silver Boat Neck Cut Work Blouse

A silver cut work blouse off the shoulders can be perfect for a carpet event or celebrations like receptions or anniversaries. A royal and elegant look with a plain saree with silver border accomplishes the attire.

4. An Off Shoulder Designer Blouse:

An Off Shoulder Designer Blouse

An off the shoulder blouse with plain silk material and a unique design of belt on the top will simply out stand the design.

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5. Off Shoulder Webbed Blouse:

Off Shoulder Webbed Blouse

An off shoulder webbed blouse perfectly paired with a net saree looks gorgeous. The drop down webbed pattern of the neck surely turns your eyes toward it. Everyone must have such an elegant designer blouse in her wardrobe.

6. An off Shoulder Wrap Blouse:

An off Shoulder Wrap Blouse

What a designer piece off the shoulder blouse, a wrap around pattern will look. A, eye turner design of wrap up blouse off shoulder will suit with lehenga as well as saree with full awesomeness.

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7. A Bright Yellow off Shoulder Blouse:

A Bright Yellow off Shoulder Blouse

A bright yellow off shoulder blouse will look amazing with sheer sarees that give full importance to the design of the blouse. The nude saree can be of any color giving a complementary look to your blouse.

8. Off Shoulder Turtle Neck Blouse:

Off shoulder Turtle Neck Blouse

A turtle neck women off shoulder blouse is one outstanding design to stardust your image. A glamorous look of a dark red maroon blouse turtle necks and of course the gorgeous off shoulder look will swag your attire.

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9. Lace off  the Shoulder White Blouse:

Lace off Shoulder white Blouse

A lace off shoulder blouse is also one of the latest designer blouses that can glam up your image. Your dressing sense can be admired with a designer lace off shoulder blouse with any designer saree or even a plain saree.

Blouses make a huge difference in the in dressing even with the out fashioned saree designs. A mix and match with the colors and designs of the blouse can give you an entirely stunning and trendy look. Women have good knowledge upon how to dress gorgeous with different outfits. Even the way of draping your saree can also give full emphasis to your blouse design. The more you bring a bold look to your dressing the more3 your etiquette s get a higher standard. An off shoulder blouse is surely going to give a rise to your beauty and appearance.