White color and sarees come up with the longest and strongest bond since the sarees came into existence. Initially, the sarees were made out of only one material, cotton, and cotton was formed in white color only. Just have a look at the ancient pictures of women and you would have a glance of the journey of white saree since its origin. Again, the white sari also comes with a traditional or ritual connection in India. Where at some places it is considered to be a holy color during good festivals and occasions, at some, it is worn during bad times too.

No matter, today the fashions vend has thousands of designs and colours; the white saree collection still has its unique place with various designs.

Importance of White Sarees:

White is a color that is linked with elements like purity, simplicity, and peace. Again, it also represents new beginnings and cleansing. Wearing a white color saree would help you fight against disappointments and evils. Along with this, the beautiful white saree is also carried by women in India during occasions like festivals, pujas, and marriages, etc. That being said to bring peace, wealth and prosperity to the family and the husband. Similarly, during sad occasions, the color helps in calming the minds of the women wearing it. Hence, white color and a saree in any fabric have great importance in the Indian culture.

Features of White Sarees:

No doubt, the pure white saree has always been the centre of attraction, there are certain features of the saree that make it popular. Some of them are:

  • Check out the white saree images and you would come to know it gives the best combination with any other color for a gorgeous look.
  • Can go well with both golden and silver thread work design to make it one of the best white saree.
  • Even a simple white saree would give you the best classic look with a small border and no prints or heavy work on it.

The white sari models hence are much adorable with a variety of designs.

Which Fabric is Mostly Used to Make White Saree?

At the time of its origin, the white saris were made using only one material, cotton. Later, as years passed and different materials were introduced, it was also found in different materials like silk, chiffon, polyester, net, velvet, etc. Along with the variety of materials, the sarees are also available in different shades like pure white, off-white, cream white, etc. To make the saree more appealing. Again, to boost the flash of the saree, different colourful, golden and even silver designs or thread works make the white sarees more capturing. Are you looking for one such design? Check out the latest white saree designs.

What is The Significance of The Color of The Saree?

White color represents elements like purity, wealth, peace, simplicity, goodness, innocence and purity

  • Due to its symbolic elements, the white gorgeous saree is worn for occasions like weddings, festivals, pujas, etc.
  • Wearing white sarees with golden jewellery is a tradition in Kerala as it is believed to bring prosperity, good luck and wealth to the family.
  • Similarly, wearing white saree over warm colours adds some negative impact too.
  • The widows earlier in India were forced to wear plain white sari so that it would bring peace and spirituality in their life and calm their minds.
  • According to many traditions, the bride wears white color saree symbolises good luck for her new life.

Beautiful and Fashionable White Color Saris for Traditional Women:

Here are the Top 20 White Saris with images.

1. Black and White Saree:

Want to go with prints, yet with a designer touch? Here is a black and white color designer saree with prints in a unique way.

Saree Design and Fabric: This black and white saree is made with chiffon material with two different designs. The saree is given a pallu with checks print in black, while the lower patli is given the symmetrical design in black for a glorified look. The saree can be worn with both white and black color for a complete look.

Occasions to Wear: Best for any occasion, this saree is popular for parties, personal and corporate events, as well as other small occasions.

2. White and Gold Saree:

Fan of wearing white and golden combination sarees? Let’s take it to something different with off-white saree design with a different look.

Saree Design and Fabric: This saree with golden work is made out of georgette fabric. The off-white saree is given white embossed dots in the complete saree, while the border in golden is given a rough outlook. Again, the top border of the saree is given a designer touch with embroidery. The saree suits the best with a golden embroidered blouse for a chic look.

Occasions to Wear: This saree with golden border is favourite for weddings, festivals, religious days, and many more similar occasions.

3. Blue and White Saree:

Thinking to try something new this wedding season? How about trying the blue and white saree collection with various designs and appealing patterns?

Saree Design and Fabric: This slick blue and white saree are made out of a combination of net and velvet fabric. The saree is given a net outlook in the bottom while the pallu is made in velvet material with a white floral border. The complete saree is also given a similar border for a groovy look.

Occasions to Wear: Perfect for a wedding, this saree is also the best for receptions, parties, and other similar traditional functions.

4. White and Pink Saree:

Want to carry a white saree with a silver border? Sounds something new? Yes, this appealing look is obtained with a pink and white saree combination that would surely still your heart.

Saree Design and Fabric: This saree is given a half saree look with overall white saree and pink pallu. The pallu of the saree is also given a border in white net design and silver border that enhances the look of the saree. The lower portion of the saree is also given pink woven flowers.

Occasions to Wear: This white and silver saree can be carried in parties and other similar functions.

5. White Saree with Red Border:

Looking for a traditional look for this Durga Pooja? Why not try the popular Bengali white saree with a red border, with a different designer touch that would enhance your enthusiasm and purity levels for the festival.

Saree Design and Fabric: The pure white sari is given a red border that is further decorated with golden thread work forming small designs. The saree is carried out with designer blouses in red.

Occasions to Wear: Famous for Durga Pooja, this saree can also be worn on wedding functions and other festivals for an ethnic look along with golden ornaments.

6. White Designer Sari:

Want to give a designer touch to your personality this time for some special occasion? Here is the best white designer saree that would surely grab your breath.

Saree Design and Fabric: Trending among the latest white saris, this design is made using art silk material. With a pure white base, the saree is given a designer touch with golden zari and embroidery work in the whole saree. The saree is also given a border work with peacock designs. Again, the whole saree is also given golden thread work dots to increase its beauty.

Occasions to Wear: Can be worn in parties, weddings or receptions.

7. White Silk Saree:

Want to add some extra beauty to the off white saree? Just take a glance of the silk Kanjivaram style saree in white and red combination. You are sure to fall for it.

Saree Design and Fabric: This white silk saree is made out of silk material with an off-white base. Also, the saree is given a red pallu with tiny mango print designs in golden thread work. The patli of the saree is also divided into two colours, off-white and red which gives it a unique look.

Occasions to Wear: Best suited for weddings, this South Indian white saree is also carried during festivals and poojas.

8. White Saree for Wedding:

Wedding means an occasion to wear green, red and importantly white for the bride. But are you looking for a combination of all these? You are sure to love this new design of white sari for the wedding.

Saree Design and Fabric: This bridal off white saree is designed in georgette material. The complete saree is given a white base, while the pallu is given red color bandhani look with big checks. Again, the border is also given a beautiful look with the green and red combination.

Occasions to Wear: Perfect for a bridal look, this white silk saree with a red border is also worn for Karva Chauth and other essential poojas.

9. White Cotton Sari:

Want to go simple yet sophisticated to add purity in your appearance? Women amazingly like this collection of white saree with a pink border for any occasion.

Saree Design and Fabric: This lovely white cotton sari is given quite a simple look with pink pallu and border. The saree is given geometrical designs in floral looks while the complete saree is also given a similar floral design. The saree is also given a border matching blouse that gives the saree a perfect look.

Occasions to Wear: This cotton saree can be carried out for any small occasions like picnics, kitties, etc.

10. White Net Saree:

White and Net give a dashing combination to the wearer. And this combination is well admired in a white net saree. With a border matching blouse, this is sure to catch the eyes of everyone wherever worn.

Saree Design and Fabric: This saree with a black border and made out of net fabric. The complete saree is left with black thread work embroidery, while the border is designed with black waves throughout the saree. With a similar black designer blouse, it gives a beautifying look.

Occasions to Wear: The saree is the best for a party look, yet it can also be worn other small events.

11. Plain White Sari:

Want to add some style in a sober way to the plain white saree? Just check out any of the sarees designed with Jamdani designs woven with Resham for a unique look.

Saree Design and Fabric: This off white color saree is made out of cotton silk material which is further given an embossed look with resham and zari patterns in Jamdani style. The saree is given the designs in an embossed look with similar work border too.

Occasions to Wear: This lovely design can be worn in parties, cocktail parties, receptions, weddings, and any such similar occasion for a simple yet appealing look.

12. White Pattu Saree:

Looking for the latest design in white pattu sari? Why not carry a design that is much natural yet comes with a swank? It is among the trendiest pattu sarees these days.

Saree Design and Fabric: This off white saree with a red border is made out of raw silk material. The complete saree is given off white texture, while the border includes a thick and broad golden layer. Finally, the saree is bounded with a red border that increases the clarity of the saree.

Occasions to Wear: This saree is best worn in weddings, parties, festivals, religious occasions, and many similar occasions.

13. White Fancy Saree:

White, off-white, brown, grey, black… Oh my god! What shades are mentioned in this amazing white fancy saree? Just with a single glance, any woman would surely fall for this design.

Saree Design and Fabric: This saree with the border is quite uniquely made out of georgette material. The complete saree is given a shaded look with off white color, white color, grey and black color to increase its look. The saree is also given a different designer border with floral designs and bind designs too in embroidery.

Occasions to Wear: This beautiful design can be carried in cocktail parties, receptions, pre-wedding functions, etc.

14. White Embroidered Saree:

Looking for an off white silk sari that is inspired by floral designs? Here is one such dazzling design giving a modish look in a sober way.

Saree Design and Fabric: Made out of chanderi silk material, this white embroidered saree is given a refreshing floral border pattern. The saree is given a simple pink border, while the complete saree border is designed with colourful flowers in embroidery. The saree can be given a blouse with a designer touch or a simple silk blouse too according to your choice.

Occasions to Wear: Giving you a dignified look, this saree can be carried out in parties, receptions, weddings, etc.

15. Half White Sari:

Half sarees are quite in demand these days combining the look of a saree and lehenga. A similar design can also be carried in off white saree with golden border giving a voguish look.

Saree Design and Fabric: Made out of chiffon material, this half white sari is designed in the style popular in the Southern side of India. The saree is given a plain texture, while the border is given a thick gold belt. Again, the pallu of the saree is given golden dotted embroidery work.

Occasions to Wear: Popular for marriages or receptions, this kind of saree is also worn for religious festivals and poojas in Kerala.

16. White Printed Saree:

Want to go in prints? Looking for a design to express your love? Here is a design made with a combination of red and white sari for a separate look.

Saree Design and Fabric: Made out of georgette, this white printed saree is given a floral look. The complete saree in white is given a polka design look in black while the saree also comes with roses printed on the saree border and pallu.

Occasions to Wear: This black and white sari can be worn for routine wear or small occasions and events like kitties, get-togethers, picnics, and many more.

17. White Party Wear Saree:

Want to carry something light and elementary to a party? Why not try the off white saree with a pink border for adding some difference to your look?

Saree Design and Fabric: This white party wear saree is made with chiffon material while it is given a smooth look with a small embroidered border. The saree is given a small border with floral designs in embroidery. The saree is given an embroidered blouse with silver work in pink and silver threads.

Occasions to Wear: This white and pink saree is perfect for any parties, receptions, festivals or even poojas.

18. White Chiffon Saree:

Looking for a classic look this season? Just check out the collection of white chiffon sari that has included a number of amazing designs in it to add additional beauty to it.

Saree Design and Fabric: This white sari with the blue border is made out of chiffon material. The saree is also given a golden border along with embossed floral designs that make the saree lively. The saree border and the lower patli of the saree are given light blue shades.

Occasions to Wear: Perfect for parties, this saree can also be worn in events, get-togethers, small occasions, etc.

19. White Kanchipuram Saree:

Are you a big fan of South Indian white saree with a golden border? This is well found in the Kanchipuram style sarees that are popular in South India for an ethnic look.

Saree Design and Fabric: This white Kanchipuram sari is made out of silk material. The complete saree is given a plain white texture, while the border of the saree is given designs in golden color. Additionally, the complete saree is given a golden border too.

Occasions to Wear: This white and gold sari is popular during weddings, festivals and religious occasions in Kerala with golden jewellery.

20. Red and White Saree:

Love that combination of red and white! Why not try it in sarees? Yes, this white sari with red border collection has increased the expectations of the saree lovers with this combination.

Saree Design and Fabric: This red white saree is made out of silk material. Popularly known as the Bhagalpuri art design, the white sari is given a border in red and golden. Again, for an artistic touch, the saree is given Mehendi art designs in the pallu and the patli of the saree.

Occasions to Wear: Popular for pre-wedding functions, this saree can also wear in parties, festivals, and religious events.

Tips and Tricks on How to Style White Saris:

  • The white saree can be worn in various forms, and the popular among all is the left shoulder pallu style where the pallu is either bounded or left open.
  • Again, the South Indians come with different styles of white color saree wearing the like traditional Bengali style saree, Madisar style sarees, pattu style sarees, etc.
  • Similarly, the new white saree collection comes with ready to wear lehenga style half sarees that are simply wrapped and carried out on the left shoulder.

Hence, according to the region one lives in, the white gorgeous saree can be worn accordingly giving an elegant look.

Which Color Blouse Does Best Go With White Saree?

Depending on the saree shade, design and color combination you have selected, the blouse can be chosen accordingly. Like for the white saree with golden border, going with golden embroidery or simple blouse would be best. Similarly, for a contrast look, people also go for the border color blouses in colours like green, red, blue, pink, etc. However, quite trending these days is the Kutch work and the embroidered blouses that are popular on simple white saree. Again, there are people who love to carry the combination of black and white for which they use black blouses too with neck embroidery in golden.

White sarees in India have been attached with a deeply religious and spiritual connection. The purity level the saree contains makes it the best for good occasions. From plain, prints to designer sarees, the sarees in white have the capability to catch the eyes of the viewer at a single glance. Again, the latest white sarees have a great mixture of nifty as well as abstaining look suitable for women of every age.

So, are you also looking for getting a ravishing look for weddings and other religious festivals this year? Try the mind-blowing white saree collection where each saree differs from the other.

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