Can you imagine your life without colours? No way! It’s hard to even think of a world in plain black and white! Then, why choose a wardrobe that is dull and lifeless? Time to show your playful side with multi-colour sarees. These unique drapes showcase some of the best colour combinations you could only dream of! The best part of having these sarees in your wardrobe is that they brighten up even the most dampened spirits and dowdiest days. Whether you want to wear them casually at home or dance your way to having fun at a wedding, multi-coloured sarees are always at your rescue. We know you cannot contain your excitement anymore! So, let’s explore some of the best designs in the market, along with a few interesting facts and style tips.

Importance Of Multi-colour Sarees:

Colours play a lot on our body and mind. They also affect our overall emotions and our inner psychology. Wearing a colourful outfit can certainly positively impact our mood and behaviour. That’s not all! Colours also have religious significance. Especially in India, a land of colours, each of these shades has a different meaning and cultural importance. A blend of certain colours, like green, yellow, pink, orange, red, etc., is considered auspicious and hence is widely used in designing multicolour sarees.

Features Of Multi Colour Sarees:

Here are some of the noteworthy characteristics of these dramatic drapes:

  • As the name suggests, multicolour sarees are made with more than two colours, which co-exist in harmony.
  • Most sarees in the market use machine-made fabrics like georgettes and chiffons, on which artificial dyes are printed.
  • Simple colour blends, abstract patterns, and layering of prints are also added for some visual appeal.
  • Hand printed techniques like Bandhani, Leheriya and Azrak are also employed in these sarees to create strikingly beautiful patterns.
  • Colour palates are also chosen with care to produce unique effects. Darker shades like black and brown are used only with a limited set of colours to avoid blurriness.
  • Embellishments like lace borders or simple works are also added to these sarees to lend a grand look.

Attractive Multi Colour Saree Designs For Wedding and Special Occasions:

Let us look at the top and trending designs of multicolour sarees with images.

1. Multi Colour Silk Sarees:

Look resplendent in this multicolour Kanchipuram silk saree! This checkered weave is an eclectic blend of different colours like pink, green and yellow, which are interwoven to create this effect. A Pink pallu is added to the saree, featuring golden mango motifs. Wear this beauty with a pink plain blouse to please everyone!

  • Design: Silk Saree with Checks In Multi-Colour
  • Fabric: Kanchi Silk
  • Occasions: Weddings, Engagements and Festivals
  • Suitable Body Type: Suits everyone

2. Multi Colour Designer Saree:

When you are confused about your colour choice, why not wear everything at once? Yes! This rainbow-hued designer drape makes it possible to let your imaginations run wild! The Pallu part showcases thick strips of different colours, while the part of the pleat is kept in pink and cream using the age-old Leheriya technique.

  • Design: Colorful Designer Saree with Leheriya Print
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions: Festivals, Mehendi and Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Slim Women

3. Multicolor Plain Saree:

For simple events or small gatherings, you can opt for this low key yet vibrant look! The brilliant palette of greens, blues and yellows is used in this saree. It has a certain ombre effect, but with shades of different colours. For some added charm, a bright pink lace and a mirror border are attached to the corners of the saree!

  • Design: Plain Saree in Multi Colours
  • Fabric: Crepe
  • Occasions: Kitty Parties, Get-Togethers
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Slim Women

4. Multi-color Pattu Sarees:

This wedding season, bring out the best in you with this brilliant saree! It is an exquisite weave that features almost every possible shade. Pink, purple, green, peach, blue, violet, green and yellow are effortlessly patched together to bring this stunning output. Go for a simple, plain blouse to elevate the look of this saree!

  • Design: Multi-Colour Pattu Saree
  • Fabric: Uppada Pattu
  • Occasions: Weddings, Festivals
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Slim Women

5. Multi Colour Checks Saree:

The concept of multi colours and checks doesn’t seem to end too soon! Such is the popularity of this trend! This is another design in the checks patterns, which has a simple look on the body. But the pally is kept grand with a rich golden zari weave. Cow and calf motifs are used sparingly on the border of the saree.

  • Design: Checks Saree in Multi Colours
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasions: Weddings and Festivals
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Slim Women

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6. Multi Colour Georgette Sarees:

When life gives you a bunch of roses, wear them! You can get a renewed feel with its bright and bold floral print with this saree. It is a display of colourful patterns, mostly in shades of pink, with hints of green. This easy-peasy saree can be worn without much hassle with a neutral colour blouse like black or red.

  • Design: Multicolored Floral Printed Saree
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions: Casual Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Curvy Women

7. Multi Colour Chiffon Saree:

If you are fond of abstract painting, this saree can fit in with your interests. The lightweight chiffon saree is given an edgy look with modern prints. Although it is multi-hued, the saree doesn’t strain your eyes. Instead, it’s pleasant, beautiful, and practical for everyday wear!

  • Design: Multicolour Abstract Print Chiffon Saree
  • Fabric: Chiffon
  • Occasions: Casual and Everyday Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall and Slim Women

8. Multi Colour Cotton Sarees:

Cotton is your best bet when it comes to choosing a summer wardrobe. Along with beating the heat, this quirky looking saree can also keep you feeling comfortable and stylish. The contrast of a dull grey with the brightness of green, yellow and red leaves us amazement. You can wear it with a plain green or black blouse.

  • Design: Colorful Cotton Printed Saree
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasions: Casual, Everyday and Work Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Slim and Well-built women

9. Multi Colour Bandhani Sarees:

The very mention of Bandhani sarees brings images of vivid colours and earthy tones to our minds. This saree fits the description with the blend of warm colours of maroon, green and yellow. Using a special tie and dye technique, tiny geometric patterns are created, along with colour blocking the entire saree.

  • Design: Multi-Colour Bandhani Saree
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasions: Festive and Everyday Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Slim and Well-built women

10. Multi Colour Net Saree:

All your teens and young girls out there! Are you feeling left out in silks and cotton? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered too! Check out this Bollywood inspired saree in multi-coloured net fabric. The gorgeous piece is heavily decorated with stone and golden threadwork to kick in the celebrations! Go for a retro hair bun and draping style to look like a celeb in the making!

  • Design: Multi-Coloured Net Embroidered Saree
  • Fabric: Net
  • Occasions: Weddings, Sangeeth, Receptions, College Parties
  • Suitable Body Type: Slim and Tall Girls

11. Multi Colour Linen Saree:

Linens are taking the fashion industry by storm. These airy drapes are here to stay for long. So, instead of solid colours, you can stay unique by choosing a colourful design! The entire saree is dyed in different layers of colours for a vibrant look. A simple Zari border is added at the end to give it a traditional touch. You can wear it with a blouse of almost colour.

  • Design: Multi-Coloured Linen Saree
  • Fabric: Linen
  • Occasions: Casual Events, Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall, Curvy Women

12. Multi Colour Banarasi Saree:

This Banarasi silk saree gives a major outfit goal to any bride! Such is its beauty! The fabric is painstakingly woven with different coloured threads into these complex floral patterns. From a distance, you can almost feel them taking life. Also, check out the resham work border lace, which lends a modern touch to this traditional saree!

  • Design: Colorful Banarasi Silk Saree
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasions: Weddings, Festivals
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall, Curvy Women

13. Multi Colour Printed Sarees:

Look straight out of an art gallery with this multicoloured saree. The picture-perfect design makes it look like a piece of artistic genius rather than a simple outfit. The upper part features bright colours like pinks and reds, while the lower part is toned down with shades of blue and grey. Wear this stunner to any party and earn yourself a second glance!

  • Design: Multicolour Printed Saree
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions: Kitty Parties, Day Events
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall, Curvy Women

14. Multi Colour Half Saree:

Get ready to take centre stage with this patchwork lehenga set! The Boho trend heavily inspires the skirt with its colourful assimilation of fabric patches. A plain black blouse and simple dupatta are added to highlight this piece. Bring the hippie in you by accessorizing with some bold, chunky jewellery!

  • Design: Multi-Colour Lehenga and Dupatta
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasions: Themed Events, Festivals
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall, Curvy Women

15. Multi Colour Wedding Saree:

No wedding is complete without the main women decking up in colourful sarees. This handwoven silk saree is one such latest piece. It features a rare combination of mustard yellow, pink and blue, along with different types of patterns woven on each part. Pick it up for the upcoming family event and watch as the other ladies go green with envy.

  • Design: Multi-Colour Wedding Silk Saree
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasions: Weddings
  • Suitable Body Type: Tall, Curvy Women

How To Style Multicolor Sarees?

Check out these expert style tips to know how to carry a colourful saree with grace:

  • Before picking a saree, it is important to analyze the quality of the material and its colours.
  • Avoid cheap-looking fabrics and patchy colour combinations which take away your beauty. Instead, go for quality materials and bright prints.
  • For festivals and celebrations, go for warm colours like oranges and reds to lit up the environment.
  • Experiment with pastels and soothing cool tones like blues and greens to get into a contemporary look.
  • Bring out that beast in you for night parties and cocktail events by going for a combo with blacks, browns and burgundies.
  • You can even try ombre sarees which feature different shades of the same colour.
  • Experiment with quirky blouses and pick jewellery as per the occasion.

We hope you loved this collection of Multi-colour sarees that are currently popular on the internet. These beauties are all different in their way, be it in fabric, print, or choice of colours. Depending on the occasion, you can pick from one of these designs and get set ready to meet the crowd. Add colour to your life with these gorgeous pieces and make every day a reason to celebrate!

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