Coming to the origin of saree floral designs, the sarees were first found to be worn in the 15th century. This type of saree is known by different names in different states of India like Jamdani sarees, Phulkari sarees, tercha work sarees, Patola, etc. Priory, the floral art in sarees, was introduced on cotton sarees where the print was carried out by natural dyes, while for marriages, the same was prepared by kumkum. On the other hand, in Bengal, the floral pattern saree was handwoven from various Muslin in the Mughal times.

Traditionally, the Indian floral saree was only given floral art on the saree’s pallu as that was the only part of the saree that was popularly seen. However, with the change in time, this was carried out in the complete saree, and today, various motifs, pearls, diamonds, etc., are added for a designer touch to the saree.

Importance of Floral Sarees:

Have you ever gone through any floral sarees images? Each saree would give you a different look with some different energy levels in it. According to the Hindu Dharma, the floral print sarees are important for nurturing and conserving the Hindu culture. The saree symbolizes deity, self-confidence, kshatravrutti, modesty, maternity and much more that reveal the strength of women. The saree teaches women to remain strong, spiritual, and replenish in any situation, distressing the surroundings’ negativity and reducing extroversion.

Features of Floral Sarees:

Nature provides us with various gifts, and flowers are among the most important and life-supporting gifts on the earth. Even the latest floral sarees would come up with features like.

  • The best design to carry out festivals like Pethar Amavasya, Durgashtami, Mahalaya Amavasya, etc. praying for happiness and well-being
  • The saree reduces the disinformation of humility.
  • The floral work sarees often help in increasing mind stability and concentrating the Chitta.
  • Apart from all these, the floral print saris are connected with various religious and modernized features.

Latest and Stylish Floral Sarees for Women with Images:

Flourish yourself with the latest floral print sarees for a glorious look.

1. Floral Print Saree:

Want to add a stylish look to your flower print saree? Here is a different design combining two materials and fine prints in off white colour. This lovely saree is made with satin and net fabric and designed with lace border work and embroidery. The saree is given a pallu with colourful floral prints, while the patli is given net fabric with a floral embossed design. The white floral saree is also given a golden border and laces for an enhanced look.

  • Design: Off White and Pink Flower Work Saree with Lace Border
  • Fabric: Satin and Net
  • Occasions to Wear: Party Wear, Weddings

2. Designer Floral Saree:

Designer flower saris are trending these days. Popular for the different designs they carry, the designer sarees add a new touch to the occasion you are thinking to wear them. This Kalamkari print saree is designed in silk material with beige or mustard colour. The plain mustard sari is further given floral prints border on both ends. Again, the pallu is also given floral prints in Kalamkari design. The blouse of the saree is also designed similar to the pallu.

  • Design: Mussard and Beige Kalamkari Saree with Flower Prints
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasions to Wear: Pre-wedding Functions, Small Parties

3. Floral Chiffon Saree:

The floral chiffon sarees have been much in demand, giving out awesome combinations, fine prints, and vibrant colours to add some grace to your attitude. This lovely orange colour saree in chiffon fabric. The complete sari is given floral prints in pink and green, while the entire pallu is left plain. The saree is also given a border in golden with pink piping on it. For contrast, the blouse is given a contrast dark orange cotton silk fabric.

  • Design: Orange Floral Printed Chiffon Saree
  • Fabric: Chiffon
  • Occasions to Wear: Parties and Day Events

4. Floral Georgette Sari:

Are you looking for a simple yet fashionable saree to gift yourself an adorable look? Why not select the best from the collection of floral georgette sarees? This design is considered to be the most admired floral-print saris. This saree prints big and small flowers in a light colour. With no extra piping, designer borders, etc., this simple saree adds a different elegance to your look.

  • Design: Yellow Big Flower Print Saree
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions to Wear: kitty Parties and Small Gatherings

5. Floral Net Saree:

Net sarees have always been the favourite for every girl for every occasion. With no additional decoration, the floral net saree gives a chic and appealing look. This black floral sari made from net fabric is designed with embroidery to enhance its look. Again, the saree is also given a polka-dotted border that adds to its look. Apart from the border, the embossed embroidered florals are also given diamond in between for a designer touch.

  • Design: Black Floral Embroidered Sari with Embellished Border
  • Fabric: Net
  • Occasions to Wear: Weddings, Cocktail Parties

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6. Sabyasachi Floral Saree:

Are you looking for a branded look to carry out at the wedding? Why not try a Sabyasachi saree collection? Sabyasachi has remained popular in giving simple yet fashioner sarees that combine simplicity in designer designs. This pink floral saree is created with a combination of net and velvet material. The saree is given a net bottom with small embossed flowers, while the pallu is made from velvet material, giving a heavy look with embroidered floral patterns.

  • Design: Light Pink and Wine Colour Floral Half and Half Saree
  • Fabric: Net and Velvet
  • Occasions to Wear: Weddings, Award Functions, Fashion Shows

7. Floral Kota Saree:

Are you a fan of Kota sarees? What if the saree is given a floral design touch? Yes, in the range of simple yet classic the Floral Kota Saris have their place. Made out of fine silk material, this readymade saree is given an artwork of woven zari, resham and zari work crafted to increase the saree’s beauty in floral designs. The saree is also given a thick golden border with Kota art design in the dark shade for increasing its beauty.

  • Design: Peach Colour Floral Zari Work Saree
  • Fabric: Kota Silk
  • Occasions to Wear: Functions, Festivals, Parties

8. Floral Cotton Sarees:

Cotton sarees and floral prints give an amazing design to carry out no matter what opportunity it is. The cotton sarees are well carried during Summers for giving the women some space to enjoy the functions instead of sweating. This yellow saree with fine floral prints is made from pure cotton material. The saree is given light-coloured floral prints. And to add to its beauty, the saree is also given a golden border with proper thickness.

  • Design: Yellow Flower Print Sari with Golden Border
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasions to Wear: Pre Wedding Functions, Parties, Religious Functions

9. Floral Half Saree:

Mirror work, floral designs, and a heavy border. Combine all these, and you are sure to receive one of the best floral half sarees with an authentic appearance. This amazing blue floral saree has a dual look with a plain simple pallu and lower patli with floral designs in orange. Made out of georgette material, the saree is also given a mirror work border along with a golden end border. Combining the saree with a golden blouse enhances its look too.

  • Design: Blue Floral Saree with Mirror Work Border
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions to Wear: Parties and Day Events

10. Floral Print Silk Saree:

Want to have a sophisticated look with a beautifully designed saree? Floral print silk sarees have always provided a unique style to be carried out for essential occasions. This green floral saree is made with silk material which is given floral designs in various colours. Again, the saree is given a rough golden border with a different plain border to increase the look. The border of the saree is given dark green piping at the end.

  • Design: Green and Beige Floral Work Saree
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasions to Wear: Festivals, Weddings

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11. Floral Crepe Sarees:

Want to go trending with bright colours and the latest designs? Try the floral crepe sarees with different shades and fine prints for an elementary and fashionable look. This slick design saree is made using faux crepe material. The saree is given a bright royal blue colour which includes different shades of blue. The saree also contains floral prints in it with different light colours. The complete saree is given a similar design throughout.

  • Design: Blue Floral Printed Crepe Sari
  • Fabric: Crepe
  • Occasions to Wear: Regular wear, Small Gatherings

12. Satin Floral Saree:

Beautiful, lovely, chic. This is what you would listen to when you would be wearing a satin floral sari. This is a perfect saree for women with any figure or body shape. Made out of satin material, this saree is given colours like rose pink and purplish at the border side. The phenomena’s sari is given floral prints along with birds that give it a garden-like look. With prints in various colours, the saree is given a similar blouse too.

  • Design: Rose Pink and Purple Floral Printed Saree
  • Fabric: Satin
  • Occasions to Wear: Parties, Events, Functions

13. Floral Embroidery Saree:

Want to wear something fashionable, ethnic yet sober for weddings? Try a heavy saree with traditional work on it along with trio colours. This traditional floral embroidery saree is made from crape silk and georgette material in bright colours like yellow, bottle green and pink. The saree is given a traditional touch with lace border work, embroidery in resham and stone zari work. The saree is also given a floral border which enhances its look.

  • Design: Yellow and Green Floral Embroidered Saree
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions to Wear: Wedding Functions, Festivals

14. Rose Flower Saree:

Is rose your favourite flower? Why not carry the same in your favourite saree? Yes, the rose flower saree with various colours is quite a in demand these days. Here is one such design highly demanded. This black floral saree is made out of nylon net fabric. The saree is given black colour with red roses and a golden border and embroidery. The saree pallu is designed with lovely red roses in embroidery form, while the saree front is given golden horizontal lines.

  • Design: Black Saree with Red Rose Embroidered Work
  • Fabric: Net
  • Occasions to Wear: Weddings, Party Wear

15. Floral Lehenga Saree:

Want to look different at your wedding? Try a designer floral lehenga saree that would give you a different and ravishing look. This heart-throbbing pink floral saree lehenga is made out of silk, georgette, and net material. The dupatta in pink is given a floral border similar to the lehenga, with a thick grey border, while the lehenga in grey is designed with an off-white portion with floral embroidery, golden lacework, pearl border, etc. to make it look dazzling.

  • Design: Grey and Pink Floral Print Lehenga Saree
  • Fabric: Silk, Georgette, Net
  • Occasions to Wear: Weddings, Religious Functions, Sangeet

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How to Style Floral Sarees?

  • The Indian floral saree can be worn in a number of styles. It can be worn in Kanjivaram style, Bengali style, Gujarati pallu style, and many more.
  • The traditional sarees in floral designs came with pallu prints, and hence, wore them in a way like open pallu, Gujarati style etc., in which the pallu was visible.
  • However, today can carry out the designer saree flower designs in various ways to get a stylish look allowing the designer blouses to show out.

Floral saree designs have always remained in trend. With changing styles, designs, and work, the sarees have always captured the hearts. Whether you are looking for some regular wear or something heavy for important functions, the latest floral design sarees provide you with a wide range of designs to select from. Often assembled with light colours, the floral designs are also carried out on bright colours that give a unique appearance. So, are you looking to add something refreshing and evergreen to wear for any season, any occasion? Try any of the above designs and beautify yourself.

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