Does Birth Control Help To Reduce Acne?

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Acne has always been a big problem for not only teens but also for the youths or lower adults. Acne are simple blemishes in your skin especially your face that might turn red or swollen for some. There is no fatal reaction for acne but it does play naughty with the appearance of a person. That is exactly why newer inventions and innovations have joined hand to aggressively fight acne and its subsidiary troubles. Amongst the many other solutions, birth control pills have been stated as an aid to cure acne. Recent studies showed that the use of birth control pill might help you ease up on those aggressive red rashes on your face. In this article we discus does birth control help to reduce acne? in below.

Does birth control help acne

What is Birth Control?

For those who don’t yet know, birth control pills are certain pills and tablets or capsules that would help you control your ovulation right after coitus. Usually this is a protection enabled from the female’s side to protect herself from unwanted conceiving. So usually these pills would destroy the egg or not let it get fertilized.

Acne Worry:

Acne in a boy and in a girl is different but the reason stands the same. Usually with puberty the acne troubles set in and not in your childhood. This is primarily because the female estrogen or the male testosterone is at that time suddenly developing or starting to work. As a result, there are these hormonal eruptions in your face which we term the acne. A lot many times, it can be blamed on external matters like an allergy or the sweat and humidity but most of the acne cases deal with women and their womanhood, their woman hormones.

The Primary Cause:

A primary cause for acne in both men and women in their younger age or even in their early adults can be blamed on their hormonal imbalance. At the starting of puberty, both the girl and the boy are slowly walking towards the path of developing. At this time, the hormones are slowly getting activated which sends a message to the brain to comply with these newer changes in your body. Your brain reacts fast to it, the reason why your body is ordered to grow. However, your body is still not used to the changes which come out as an exterior outburst in the largest organ of your body, your skin.

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How Does The Birth Control Help To Reduce Acne?

Birth control in a woman would stop the process of ovulation or egg fertilization in the woman’s body. Usually a girl’s body produces both estrogen and testosterone along with another hormone called the progestin. Too much testosterone in the body increases the oil secretion resulting in a sweaty oily face filled with acne. Usually the birth control pill regulates the process of excess hormone production causing the hormones to balance themselves properly.

However, sometimes birth control pills start with an increase in the acne. This is similar to the calm before the storm scenario where the hormones are first set out and let loose before the birth control pills start working on them. So initial processes may show a hike in the acne but eventually it is bound to decrease.

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Pros And Cons:

While the pros are enlisted above, birth control pills to reduce immense growth of acne especially in your tender years might be bit of a risk. Your hormones are tender and so is your ovulation system. At this time, if the birth controls are taken in an excess amount, your ovulation for the further years might get affected.

Always consult a veteran doctor before you invest in birth control pills. However, in your earlier youth, a pill a day will not be harming you much.

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