How To Use Toothpaste For Pimples?

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Pimples are unwanted eruptions caused due to the excess amount of sebum, clogging of pores and ultimately making it bacteria prone. Toothpastes can be irritants to skin and pimples but they definitely act as a quick remedy compared to all the other remedies. You must use the proper technique to have the minimum of irritation on skin.

How To Use Toothpaste For Pimples:

Here are the methods to applying and use toothpaste for pimples.

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Choose The Correct Toothpaste:

Always go for the toothpastes which are completely white and not ones which are striped with blue, green or red. Ingredients of toothpastes like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc. help reduce pimples. These are basically in the white part of the toothpastes, so the colored can be an irritant.

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White But Not Whitening Toothpastes:

White toothpastes is just perfect, but toothpastes which are specifically sold for whitening of teeth should be avoided because they have beaching content and cause patchiness. People with darker skin should avoid it more than people of the fair skin, as the extra melanin in their skin makes it more reactive which takes in the fair skin.

Gel Toothpaste:

Gel type of toothpastes has difference in formulation than the other white toothpastes. It may lack a few important ingredients, for example baking soda. It is better to avoid the gel toothpastes as it will not go any good to your skin, instead it can react like an irritant.

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Toothpaste With Less Fluoride:

Fluoride content is essential for teeth as they remove dental plaque and also doesn’t let gum diseases pile up. But when fluoride comes in contact with skin people might have rashes, irritations, and other harmful problems. It is best to apply the toothpastes which do not have or have very less amount of fluoride content.

Organic Toothpastes:

Organic toothpastes are the best option to treat pimples quickly. They do not have fluoride or any chemicals which could probably harm or irritate the skin. The ingredients like tea tree oil, baking soda, are very much homely and are best to dry out pimples. It feels much more natural and soothing. Some natural toothpaste also has aloe, myrrh and eucalyptus oil which are anti bacterial.

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Directions To Use Toothpaste For Pimples:

Here are the steps to use of toothpaste for pimples as follows.


Any sort of spot treatment needs to be applied in clean and dry skin. So first of all you have to cleanse your face with your regular face wash, to make sure that you don’t have any dirt or excessive oil at that moment on your skin. Rinse the face wash thoroughly and then dab it to dry.

Take Toothpaste on Your Finger:

Let the toothpaste ooze out to your finger. You should be able to figure out how much of toothpaste you would probably need, compared to the number of pimples you have on your face.

Apply Directly on Pimples:

After you have taken the toothpaste on your fingers, you just need to directly apply the paste over the areas you have pimples in. Massage the areas of the pimples slowly and make sure that they on the pimple itself and not on other places which could make those areas irritate. Note that toothpaste should never be used like a face mask and be applied all over. It might make the skin dry and peeling off your beauty.


Toothpaste Should Be Kept Overnight:

If you want quick and proper results you must apply the toothpaste on your pimples, and keep it overnight. But if you have sensitive skin, you must not keep the toothpaste for more than 15 minutes. This might give you delayed result but at least it would save you from further possible damages.

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Wash Off:

Wash off your toothpaste with wet washcloth and make sure you do it gently. After it’s done, splash sufficient water on face. Pimples are stubborn but sensitive; you need to treat them with care.

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