9 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Chest Acne

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Acne are a pain whether they appear on your chest or your face or any other part of your skin. However, chest acne are more irritating because they chafe against the material of your t shirt and thus, keep getting worse instead of better. Also, wearing low neck dresses become quite problematic as you don’t want to put off anyone you’re meeting by exposing so much of your inflamed skin!

chest acne

But then again, wearing high neck tops is annoying because the material causes more abrasions. What’s the solution for chest acne? – cure it.

Ways To Get Rid Of Chest Acne:

Here are 9 ways to treat your chest acne. Use any one or more to achieve the best results.

1. Topical Acne Creams:

apply cream (2)

Use an efficient cleanser to maintain high quality of hygiene. Next use over the counter topical ointments to help reduce acne. These concoction, though fraught with harmful chemicals, are quite effective in achieving swift results. They may harm your skin in the long run but work beautifully in the short run.

2. Benzoyl Peroxide:

Benzoyl peroxide is the most recommended and commonly used chemical for treating of acne. Many people feel sceptical about this form of acne treatment because benzoyl peroxide is a strong chemical. Well, not to sound rude, but the fact that it is a strong chemical is what makes it a useful cure!

3. Aspirin Paste:


Aspirins are basically salicylic acid. For those of you, who haven’t heard of salicylic acid before, it is quite helpful in reducing inflammation and also has anti-bacterial properties. Thus, aspirins are of a great help in combating acne. All you need to do is crush it and add some water to make it a thick smooth paste and then apply it on your chest.

4. Skin Needling:

Skin Needling

Coming to the more medical treatments, skin needling is an excellent way of getting rid of acne, especially if you’ve tried all ayurvedic and other herbal treatments, only to realize that your acne problem is chronic. In skin needling, the doctors make the affected areas worse off. This helps make your body aware of damage in that area and it begins to heal itself by growing new skin!

5. Laser Surgery:

You can get all your acne lasered! In this technique, the doctor uses a laser to remove the affected layers of your skin. The effectiveness of this surgery has been proven to be quite high. However, this process is quite expensive and can thus, not be afforded by everyone.

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6. Exfoliation:

Exfoliating Skin

Exfoliation with the help of concentrated chemicals helps reduce acne a lot! The exfoliators you use in daily life are milder forms of these more concentrated chemicals. So you have to be careful to use them only upon the affected areas and follow the instructions carefully, as you might end up causing more damage than help. Also, this method is not that helpful in case of chronic or extensively spread acne.

7. Dermabrasion:

Dermabrasion acne

In this method too, the doctor basically removes the top layer of your skin. Here he/she uses special tools such as a spinning blade with diamond tips or a metal brush.

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8. Steroid Injection:

Steroid Injection acne

As the name suggests this technique involves use of steroids. Steroids get rid of the acne and their scars and waken the body to healing the affected areas by growing new skin. This is an effective form of treatment.

9. Subcision:


In this technique also the doctor basically removes the affected skin cells. Here he/she cuts into your acne and removes it physically. It then allows the skin to grow back and heal itself.

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