Who does not wish to have a beautiful and spotless face? We would all love to have flawless skin without blemishes. Pimples often tend to mar the beauty of our faces. Most of us often wonder about what causes pimples and how to avoid pimples. There are several causes for pimples and acne as per the skin type, genes, hormones, and external factors. The cause and prevention often vary from person to person. To avoid and prevent pimples, one must first understand what is causing them in the first place.

This guide will answer all your doubts and queries on how to prevent and avoid acne effectively with more manageable steps and tips. Know all about the causes, prevention, and suggestions here.

What Causes Acne?

Most of us often wonder how to avoid and prevent pimples naturally. We do not want to begin by using harsh chemicals and artificial products on our faces. In order to know how to treat or prevent pimples, it is quite essential to understand what acne is and to find out what causes acne and pimple spots.

Acne and pimples are caused when the skin’s oil glands get plugged and end up causing different types of pimples. These pores are often swollen, tender, and inflamed. These eruptions may or may not be painful, depending on the type of pimple it is. Before we understand how to avoid these types of acne, we must not fail to find out the causes to prevent the same.

Hormonal Imbalance:

Often it is common to blame hormones for pimples and acne. Apart from the regular menstrual cycle for women, there may be times when the hormones may not be in balance, or there may be excess segregation of androgens. This may be a significant cause of acne in your case!

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Stress and Pressure:

Are you having a stressful life and career with too many deadlines to meet? Well, these triggers are sufficient for your acne! A hectic lifestyle without proper care and sound sleep may also lead to acne and pimples.

Allergic or Use of Non-Suitable Products:

One may never know or realise that your daily use of products like soaps, shampoo, or face wash may also cause allergies and be the culprit for your bad skin. One may begin to notice that these new products may be the trigger. There may be times when a pure mild soap may not be suitable for your particular skin type and give you side effects!

Chemical-Based Products:

Another reason could be the presence of harsh chemicals in skin care products used, which may cause acne or pimples. Watch out for these chemicals hiding in your moisturising lotion, creams, or face washes.

Environmental and Other External Factors:

Climate change is not easy to deal with! Environment changes and harmful pollution may be taking their toll on your skin by causing pimples and acne. Dirt and impurities may be clogging your pores, which may be the reason for eruptions like pimples and acne.

Excessive Consumption of Chocolates or Sugar:

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then this may be the cause of your acne. An increased hike in sugar consumption can cause acne and bad pimples.

How to Prevent Pimples?

Now comes the real question – how to stop getting pimples? Pimples always end up marring your face and beauty. Many of us wonder about ways to treat pimples naturally and prevent getting pimples. Here are some suggestions and tips, and before that, let us all agree; that the key factor is all about maintaining a clean lifestyle. By clean lifestyle, we mean skin, mind, and food. Here we tell you ways how to prevent acne breakouts and avoid pimples naturally.

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1. Good Cleansing and Exfoliation Regularly:

The first thing that can I prevent acne has a clean and well-scrubbed face. By exfoliation, we do not mean overdoing it, but that one’s face should always be clean. Hence, washing the face 2-3 times a day is required, without the use of harsh soaps. Further, one must also regularly exfoliate the face at least twice a week. Make sure that the face is cleansed well, and gently scrubbed every week to avoid acne and skin issues. This can ensure the prevention of acne and pimples effectively. Pimple marks can be reduced gradually with regular exfoliation.

2. Know Your Skin Type and Act Accordingly:

Another best way of avoiding pimples is to find out what your skin type is. For instance, oily skin is more prone to acne issues; hence, one should use only suitable skincare products according to one’s skin type. If you possess dry skin, then you should make sure your skin receives the required natural oils for nourishment and smoothness. For those with oily skin, sebum production should be controlled to avoid pimples. Hence, know your skin type first and act accordingly. This step is often ignored by many of us who do not know the right way how to go about it!

3. Moisturise Regularly:

You may not have guessed this answer! Well, a moisturised face can avoid pimples to a large extent. In case you are wondering how to avoid having pimples, even on an oily face, well moisturisation is the answer to this. Many assume that having an oily face means one can skip moisturising. Despite the face and skin type, one must have a well-nourished and hydrated face. Depending on the skin type, you can go ahead and choose the most suitable moisturiser for yourself and your skin type. Never miss out on moisturising your face twice a day without fail!

4. Do Not Use Harsh Chemical-Based Products:

Small pimples can also take a toll on the skin. Preventing and avoiding them is not as easy as you may think. One must maintain good skin care and less use of chemical-based products for reducing smaller and tiny pimples. If you are overdoing your skincare and using too many products, you may be suffering from having small pimples or acne regularly. While primary and necessary skincare for moisturising and cleansing is recommended, never overdo anything.

5. Feed for Your Skin:

One of the most natural answers for avoiding to get acne is to eat well. A healthy diet can treat pimples and skin. Having clear skin is the result of having healthy food. The abundance of fruits and vegetables in your diet will make sure your body and skin receive the much-needed minerals, required vitamins, and antioxidants, which can help keep the skin and face clear. This will reduce and lessen your chances of having skin blemishes, pimples, and acne. Hence, the overall body and skin can be maintained well by having a good and healthy diet.

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6. Exercise and Have an Active Lifestyle:

One best advice for preventing pimples on the face is through regular exercise and having an active lifestyle. Having regular exercise and an active lifestyle with a minimum of 40 minutes of activity, five days a week is recommended by all health experts. This has a positive effect not just on overall health and body but also results in having clear and good skin with a healthy glow.

7. Have a Peaceful Mind:

Life has been quite stressful these days for all millennials in this generation. If you are wondering about the best way to avoid pimples on the face, despite keeping yourself clean and healthy, it is through having good peace of mind. It is essential to maintain a balanced lifestyle. The stressed mind results in side effects on the skin in the form of pimple eruptions. A peaceful mind hence is always recommended by all health experts.

8. Stay Hydrated Always:

Drinking water is another plus. There is no maximum limit one can ever think of in getting hydrated. In case you are struggling to fight and avoid acne, then drinking water is the best solution. These small tiny pimple eruptions on the face and body are mostly due to dehydration. Proper hydration hence will always aid towards keeping the look clean, fair, and glowing. All you need to do for getting radiant skin without pimples or acne is consume an adequate amount of water daily.

9. Limit Makeup:

Who does not love to get a makeover and look stylish? But that does not mean you can go ahead and use lots of chemical-based makeup on your face. Always limit makeup use, except for special occasions. Skin requires time to breathe. Hence, if you are suffering from acne on the forehead and are having regular eruptions of pimples on the forehead, then most probably, you should be limiting your application of makeup. The second step, which is vital for those who use makeup regularly, is not to forget to remove makeup. Always ensure to remove the makeup before going to bed and keep the face clean. This will go a long way to avoid acne and also give time for the skin to breathe.

10. Limit Pollution and Sun Exposure:

Another reason for pimples on the forehead may be due to extreme sun exposure and pollutants like dirt, impurities, and dust. One needs to step out every day to get to work, etc. Hence, pollution takes a negative toll on our faces. Ensure that you always apply sunscreen after moisturising your face well and limit your sun and pollution exposure. This will aid you in having clear skin without pimples or acne.

11. Keep Your Hair Clean and Fresh:

It is difficult to believe that dirty hair may also cause pimples. If your question is about pimples on the forehead and nose, then most probably you are having a bad hair day or a greasy scalp. Having dandruff or an unclean scalp can cause blisters and acne eruptions, especially near the nose and forehead. Hence, always keep your hair clean. Wash your hair twice a week, or at least once in three days.

12. Check on Your Health and Medications:

In case you are suffering from health conditions like PCOD or thyroid or even have anaemia or other disorders, then you may suffer from pimples. The remedy is to take the required medication without fail. Hence, always take your medicines on time and go for your regular health check-up every six months, especially if you are above 25 years of age. This is mandatory to keep the body and face healthy.

13. Avoid Junk and Processed Food:

Just like having healthy food, the other side of the coin is to avoid unhealthy and processed food. All of us like to treat ourselves once in a way, but that does not mean eating junk or unhealthy processed food now and then. Mostly in case, you are looking for ways in avoiding chin pimples, then the reason behind this is an unhealthy and unclean diet. Hence, always make sure to have healthy food.

14. Maintain a Clean Environment Around You:

If you have unclean surroundings where you live, then pimples may be a cause for concern again. This is especially if you have oily skin and are struggling to prevent pimples, staying clean, and hygienic is the only way. The dust on the bed sheet or your workplace table can cause pimples through bacteria getting onto your face. Hence, make sure to have clean surroundings.

15. Never Pop a Pimple:

The most common and last tip we are all guilty of is that one must never pop a pimple. There can be nothing worse than popping a pimple as that may leave a black spot or blemish behind. A pimple, in most cases, will fade away by itself. Hence do not pop a pimple, but allow it to fade away.

#Additional Tips:

After understanding the in-depth tips and reasons for avoiding and preventing pimples, here are some extra suggestions from our side.

  • If you have dry skin, then probably your acne may be due to a lack of moisturising or not having proper hydration. Take care and do them both in a balanced way
  • Oily skin may be, in most cases, prone to pimple eruptions and acne. Hence, take good care of your skin, keep your face clean, and exfoliate regularly.
  • Sensitive skin may require treatment in case acne does not fade away for long. However, prevention is better than cure.
  • There is nothing like a healthier lifestyle to cure acne and make sure it does not come back.
  • In case pimples occur on the forehead, make sure you maintain a clean environment around you and have mental peace without any stress.
  • If you are suffering from blackheads or whiteheads near the nose, then you are suffering from clogged pores. Hence, make sure your skin is healthy and hydrated. Exfoliation is required in this case.
  • In case you have pimples near the lips and are wondering how to prevent lip pimples then most probably you have a hormonal imbalance. It may also be due to the cosmetics that are applied to the lips.


Given the comprehensive guide on how to avoid pimples, we hope you have a clearer picture of what steps to take and how to maintain a healthy and clear face. Treating pimples and preventing pimples cannot be done overnight. Hence, the steps and tips mentioned above must be adhered to regarding skincare without fail. We hope you enjoyed reading this guide. Please let us know if you need any further information from us. We would love to hear from you with your feedback.


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