How To Avoid Pimples On Face Naturally?

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Pimples are a very aggravating thing which can spread though touching or through popping these. These can lead to more acne. These can also result from certain factor which a person should be careful about. There are a variety of causes for which these can happen. It can also be due to an unhealthy diet or even a very stressful work schedule. There can be other factors as well like unhygienic conditions or wearing unclean clothes. If these are carefully analyzed then also some other factors like hormonal or other indigestion related can be there which can cause these.

how to avoid pimples

How To Avoid Pimples Quickly:

Below are the top 15 most popular natural tips that a person should know to avoid pimples.

1. Using Anti-Acne Face Wash:

People often use the same soap that they use on their body also on their face. Beauty soaps do not have extreme effect on the bacterial problems. Therefore it is important to buy cleansers that are medicated. Even using an ointment can become more effective if a person first cleanses with a medicated soap or cleansing foam.

2. Exfoliation:

This is often done in a wrong method which can lead to excessive problems. This can be done with home methods like using whole wheat. A person can also make neem paste and massage that gently to get the dead cells to remove them. These can be done with medicated scrubs if those are available.

3. Cleanliness:

This is often something that people do not give enough attention to. This is very important to control the spread of the bacterial infection. Regularly the pillow covers should be changed and hand towels and other things that a person uses on the face should be cleansed and washed regularly. A person should wear clean clothes. Cleanliness also should be done for the head as well. Often people do not realise but there can be flakes on the scalp which can fall on the face when a person is brushing and this can lead to bacterial infection.

4. Using Medications:

Often people avoid using medications like medicated ointments. These should be consulted and brought from the skin specialists and then used regularly on washed face as directed by the physician.

5. Taking Required Medicines:

If a doctor suggests that to control the aggravation of the rashes, the person needs to take some medications like vitamins or other dietary medications, then these should be taken as prescribed. It is often said that these should not be done on a self medicated method. That can be quite dangerous.

6. Using Moisturizer:

When exfoliation is done, often moisturising is skipped. That should be done to prevent the surface from getting excessively dry. If a person is facing further due to usage of moisturizer and they are very oily then they can avoid this. However, it is advisable that a good moisturizer should be used. A person can buy products like natural Aloe Vera gels which do not aggravate the surface.

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7. Having A Healthy Diet:

Balanced diet can be helpful to treat pimples. Diet should consist of fruits, vegetables and enough amounts of vegetable and chicken proteins.

8. Having Enough Water:

Having sufficient water helps to digest food easily. Taking plenty of water makes very happy with result of curing pimples.

9. Doing Meditation And Yoga:

These are often very helpful. Doing meditation in the meditative posture of padmasana is said to be helpful. Pranayam are also quite helpful. Doing brisk walking or other yoga asanas can also be good. Skipping and squats are also quite good.

10. Having Hormonal Check Up With Doctors:

If natural home remedies and other procedures are not very helpful, then these can be due to hormonal causes. The regular check will surely avoid pimples from your face permanently.

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11. Keep Your Face Clean:

One of the best tips to avoid pimples naturally is by keeping your face clean. It’s important to wash your face twice every day, as it helps remove excess oil, cleans out the impurities and wipes away the dead cells. However, washing more than twice a day will give you no benefit.

12. Keep Eyes On Your Hair:

Watch your hair! Do not mess with your hair, keep it clean. Have your hair free of excess oil as it clogs your skin pores, shampooing regularly is the remedy. Also, refrain your hair from falling over your face a lot. That’s what to do, to avoid pimples.

13. Do Not Keep Touching It With Your Hand:

How to avoid pimples naturally? It’s simple, keep your hands off them. When a pimple is disturbing you, you tend to touch it. When you keep touching your pimple you might accidentally pick it, which would only spread the germs. Restrict your hands from touching your face often.

14. Apply Honey To Your Face:

Honey masks act as acne treatment. They heal your skin in very tender way and eventually make it free from pimples. Do you know how to avoid pimples on face by using honey? Here is the process that Apply some honey on your face for about 30 minutes and then, wash it off and dry your face with a clean cloth. This is an effective way to avoid pimples on face.

15. Apply Ice:

Ice acts its cool on your skin and opens up your skin pores by removing the oil and dirt. Rather than applying ice directly to your skin it’s better to use a cloth as a contact medium between your skin and the ice. So ice! Yes! That’s another top tip to avoid pimples naturally.

So stop your search on how to avoid pimples on face, because these top tips are sure to help you out. try any one them regularly to get ultimate desirable results about acnes.

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