15 Main Causes Of Pimples (Acne)

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Pimples or acne ail almost all teenagers. Though not an extremely serious disease pimples can sometimes leave behind horrible skins cars. It can’t be totally avoided as it is a natural reaction of your body to the changes happening in it. However it can always be treated and controlled. It mainly occurs when a substance called sebum clogs the pores or tiny holes that are present all over our skin.


These pores connect the oil glands to the surface of the skin. Follicles or canals are the routes of these connections. Here are a few actions that causes of pimples (acne) or aggravate them.

What Causes For Pimples Or Acne on Face:

Do you want to know what are the essential causes of pimples? Here we give list of causes of pimples or acnes.

1. Blockage Of Pores:

Acne or zits are a simple disease that is caused mainly due to blockage of skin pores. Its main causes have always been an issue of great debate among the world famous skin doctors. The pores connect to oil glands called the sebaceous glands.

What Causes of Pimples

These glands produce a substance called sebum. Now our skin is continuously shedding dead skin cells. Sebum may cause these dead skin cells to get glued together and clog the pore openings.As the glands secrete more of this oily sebum, it gets blocked behind the dry cells. This sebum contains bacteria which causes inflammation and leads to bad cases of pimples and acne.

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2. Hormonal Changes During The Teenage Years:


This disease is more prevalent during the teenage years because as you hit puberty, your skin becomes thicker and makes the clogging of pores easier. Also your body undergoes several hormonal changes that result in secretion of more oil and more pimple causing bacteria. The main hormone affecting growth of pimples is androgen. Androgens increase in both females and males during puberty. This enlarges the sebaceous glands that produce sebum, which is the root cause of all problems.

3. Oil-Based Cosmetics:

Cosmetics are a big causes of pimples too. As has been explained above, pimples or acne are mainly caused by the clogging of pores. Thick creams and foundations used on oily skins aggravate this situation. They clog pores with great ease, leading to blockage of sebum and the collection of bacteria on your skin. Using water-based cosmetic products is thus, greatly helpful in avoiding pimples altogether.

4. Genetics:


Other causes of acne also include genetics. Sometimes it matters whether your parents had bodies that were more prone to acne and whether or not they have passed that particular trait on to you. Everyone’s skin is different and the type of skin you have has a great role to play in determining how serve a bout of acne you can get.

5. Side Effects Of Medication:

Woman medication

Sometimes you can get acne or pimple as a side effect of certain medication too! This is seen mostly in cases of epilepsy medication, prednisone, androgen’s taken as medicine, and lithium. These medications affect the hormonal balance of your body and set into motion some of the pimple causing procedures.

6. Friction Or Pressure Upon The Skin:

There are a host of other causes of pimples too. Too much friction leads to rashes and inflammation that can result in pimples. This friction can be caused by biker helmets, heavy backpacks or even tight collars of starched shirts. Rubbing of skin or scratching of pimples causes the bacteria to spread and the pimples to multiply. This one of the causes of pimples.

7. Stress Or Other Kinds Of Hormonal Dis-Balances:

Sometimes stress can also cause pimples. Stress hampers the working of your body and thus affects the hormonal balance which leads to pimples. Extreme hormonal changes in women just before their menstrual cycles also lead to severe cases of pimples or acne. Pregnancy or birth control pills can also cause these hormonal dis-balances.

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8. Follicle Fallout:

In our skin within the follicle there are dead skin cells. These dead skin cells usually shed naturally and get accumulated on the surface of the skin. This is more dominant among people with overactive sebaceous glands. At this time the dead skins mix along with excess sebum while forming plug in follicle. This prevents the natural renewal process of the skin, thus leading to pimples.

9. Bacteria:

Contact with bacteria is one of the major causes of pimples or zits as it leads to breakouts. In our daily life we come in contact with a number of bacterial components. These are often responsible for causing pimples. This is the reason why it is often recommended to stay away from unhygienic conditions and to stay clean. It is very important to wash your face regularly to avoid such conditions.

10. Spicy/Junk Food:

Spicy food is one of the many reasons for pimples which should be dealt with concern. These food items contain acidic lycopene which disturbs the natural pH level of skin. Spicy food items like hot peppers are hugely responsible for causing acne. It is often said that people perspire during the intake of spicy food and this is the reason for breakouts. This is the bad cases of pimples and acne.

11. Use of Pore-Clogging Ingredients:

There are various lotions available which contain mineral oil. This moisturizing agent is responsible for clogging pores and thus leading to acne. There are many cosmetic products where you would find silicons which is another agent clogging your pores. Thus you need to take proper care while purchasing skin care products. It is best to buy products labelled as non comedogenic.

12. Hair Products Responsible For Pimples:

The hair products have sulphates and silicons which seep inside your pores while you use them. After seeping down they tend to clog your pores. This gives rise to pimples and acne on your skin. These are one of the major reasons for acne and pimples which should be taken care of. Thus it is important to wash your face once you are done using these hair products.

13. Smoking:

The whole process of smoking is injurious in a number of ways, and acne being one of them. When you light up a cigarette, it tends to reduce the amount of oxygen that enters your face. This increases the pore sizes of the skin while letting your skin produce increased amount of oil. The increased amount of oil on face leads to breakouts.

14. When You Scrub Your Skin In A Harsh Manner:

It is a myth that the harder you rub your skin, smoother the skin. In reality it has a different story as excessive scrubbing tends to make things worse. If you are wondering what causes of pimples, then this is one such reason. This is because when you scrub your skin in the presence of acne, the bacteria within tends to spread across the face. This worsens the whole situation and leads to increased breakouts.

15. Less Washing of Face:

It is very important to wash your face regularly to avoid any growth of pimple. When you do not clean your face regularly then it tends to remain in contact of bacteria. Thus being one of the causes for acne which should be dealt with proper care. It is thus essential to wash your face using face wash on a daily basis, rather in intervals to avoid such conditions.

16. Excessive Exposure To Sun:

Another major reason of acne is increased exposure to sun. It is very important to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. These harmful rays are often responsible for excessive breakouts on your skin. Thus it is very essential to use sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun for protection.

Pimples are a big troublemaker. They can ruin your looks as well as your mood. Moreover, they may leave ugly scars. So, the best is to avoid them by avoiding the causes of pimples which will leave you happy forever.