Top 5 Vitamins For Acne Treatment

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Acne is a perpetual problem faced mostly by people between the ages of 15-21 after which it subsides slowly. But for some people this problem is a constant worry because it lasts longer than required and appears in massive quantities which cannot be removed as easily. Though a few very well known vitamins for acne treatment are available, these vitamins are very adept in helping you fight acne from the inside.  So that you can easily get rid of this problem in long run.

Top 5 Vitamins to Heal your Acne

Vitamins can be found in a large variety of foods as well making it a very versatile solution to your acne problem. Many a time people find it difficult to go out in public due to acne which persists even after constant treatment.

Vitamins For Acne Treatment :

Given below are a few well known vitamins for acne treatment as follows.

1. Vitamin A:

Eat good vitamin foods

Vitamin A is well known to treat acne and has been prescribed by many dermatologists throughout the years for the fight against this persistent skin problem. Acne is caused by a deficiency of a certain amount of minerals on your skin and in your body and vitamin A helps to prevent his by increasing the durability of your skin cells and by also cooling the body which if heated up also causes acne. Vitamin A can be ingested directly with the help of doctor prescribed medication or can be consumed via fruits and vegetables. A very well known fruit rich in vitamin A are apples thus consuming apples daily will help in your fight against acne. It is one of the best vitamins to heal acne.

2. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C

The citrus acid which is also known as vitamin C is another great vitamin to help in the fight against acne. Vitamin C has active oxidising agents which when consumed increase the breathing space of your skin so that it is more active than before. Secondly acne is caused by the build up of acids and bacteria on the skin which vitamin C effectively works to kill slowly but steadily. Vitamin C can yet again be found as doctor prescribed medication but can also be found in a large variety of fruits including oranges and lemons. It is one of the best vitamins for acne treatment.

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3. Vitamin D:


It is widely known that vitamin D is absorbed by the skin via the rays of the sun but deficient amount o vitamin D levels in your body means that your skin is not absorbing and does not contain enough vitamin D. Due to these low levels of this necessary vitamin acne starts to form. Try and get as much sunlight as you can in a day to help prevent this problem from occurring and visit a doctor if the problem persists. It is one of the best vitamins that prevent acne.

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4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

sources of omega 3

Omega 3 which is primarily found in sea food is known as the best anti inflammatory vitamin that nature has to offer. Yet again if it is really required omega 3 is found as a medication prescribed by a medical professional but it is always great if you steadily decrease your acne by consuming a daily moderate amount of sea food which is rich with this incredulous vitamin. It is one of the best vitamins to treat acne.

5. Selenium:


Selenium is a very powerful antioxidant that helps to protect other antioxidants. It is found primarily in nuts and seeds and is a great way to treat your acne effectively. The more nuts you eat in a day the more anti oxidising factors spread through your body increasing the body’s immunity against acne and other inflammatory skin problems. Selenium is a very effective mineral and is found easily though there are direct medicines that provide a controlled dose of selenium to people suffering from immense amounts of acne. This is one of the best vitamins for acne treatment.

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