Facial hair is equally prominent to make up a fancy and stylish look for any man. Among the several known and popular looks, we have compiled the celebrity beard styles for those men who loves smart, contemporary, and bold appearances. From the world-famous goatees and stubble beards to the bold and stylish van dyes and mutton chops, the actors’ beard styles have significantly evolved across different regions.

60 Famous Actors Beard Styles Images 2023:

Let us check out all about these trending Hollywood and Bollywood actors beard styles.

1. Johnny Depp Beard Styles:

Johnny Depp is an internationally acclaimed star, not just for his acting skills but also for fashion sense and style. He has sported a range of bold looks all across the time and has regularly changed his style statement. Among the popular beard looks and style for Johnny Depp, the famous ones include the following. We love how he effortlessly carries all of them in a jiffy. From Van Dyke to chin beard, he has nailed them all.

Jack Sparrow Look-

Van Dyke-

Chin Beard, Soul Patch And Moustache-

2. Harry Styles Beard Styles:

Harry Styles almost always has amazed his audience whenever he grows a moustache and beard. He is often seen clean shaved or with very lighter thin beard appearances that his facial hair often became the popular talk in the fashion town. However, in recent days, Harry has managed to sport some easy and casual looks that we have come across.

Clean Shaven Beard And Moustache-

Trimmed And Faded Beard-

3. Robert Downey Jr Beard Styles:

Robert Downey Jr is the most famous on the list for his goatee and other facial hair. In the global opinion poll on celebrities and actors with goatee beards, Robert Downey Jr never missed his top place on the list. He is the famous youthful fashion statement icon and always remains cool and smart, super stylish and contemporary with his appearances. Here we go with his most famous beard styles and looks.

Classic Goatee-

Stubble Beard-

Chinstrap Beard Style-

4. David Beckham Beard Styles:

The famous football player David Beckham is also known for his transformations and makeovers. His beard and hairstyles are quite prominent all across. We have collected this all-time classic and timeless beard style from David Beckham, and they still stand tall as inspiration. Check these David Beckham beard styles and goatee out.

Full Beard-

Hipster Beard-

Extended Goatee-

5. Danish Taimoor Beard Styles:

Danish Taimoor is among the latest trending Pakistani actor and models. This actor’s beard style is famous for its neat and dignified look, and it ever remains a classic. While he may not heavily experiment with his facial hair and beard styles, he looks charming with the present look, and we can’t overlook his overall smart appearance. What do you think?

Hipster Trimmed Beard-

Classic Beard-

6. George Clooney Beard Styles:

As they say, old is gold. The American actor and producer George Clooney are constantly and often appreciated for his elegant, everlasting classic style statements and the actors beard styles are no exception. His recent salt and pepper beard and grey beards received quite a lot of attention, and most of his followers can’t keep calm of the awe in looks. He never fails to impress us, and that is a matter of fact by now. Please have a glimpse of his ever-trending beard styles and looks.

Full Beard-

Gray Goatee-

Salt And Pepper Full Chin Strap-

7. Chris Evans Beard Styles:

The Avengers superhero and star Chris Evans is also known for his mild, subtle yet statement looks. Chris Evan’s beard styles may not look too bold for the contemporary world, but they are always straightforward and classic. Whatever he has tried, from full thick beards to stubble, he never failed to impress us.

Full Beard-


Light Beard With Disconnected Moustache-

8. Keanu Reeves Beard Styles:

The Canadian actor, Keanu Reeves, is another celebrity we must not miss. He is known to create unique and distinct looks with the most simple and easy grooming techniques. Men who have an eye and sense for fashion, prefer to look super stylish and modern with the least effort, one can blindly follow the Keanu Reeve’s hairstyles and facial hairs. We love how he nails all of the beard styles with his statement long hair.

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Patchy Beard-

Light Stubble-

9. Leonardo Di Caprio Beard Styles:

The Oscar winner and talented actor celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio is well known to everyone across the globe. His signature styles are well-guessed by now, and the actor seems to nail those appearances without fail repeatedly. Whether it is his famous goatee variation or lightly trimmed neat beard style, DiCaprio looks stunning and handsome. What do you think?


Ducktail Beard-

Short And Light Beard-

10. Brad Pitt Beard Styles:

Brad Pitt never fails to steal our hearts with his looks and handsome appearances. He is voted one of the hottest celebrities across the world several times. Brad Pitt’s hairstyles and beard look always make it into the news, and no doubt – they are seamless, perfect, super-hot, and classic. Either it is the always trending goatee or bold hipster and long beard styles and looks, one must never miss following his regular fashion updates.

Long Hipster Beard-

Light Goatee-

Moustache With Clean Shaven-

11. Zayn Malik Beard Styles:

The songwriter and singer Zayn Malik, also known for his current status and phenomenon in the fashion world. Zayn’s hairstyles and beard and moustache looks have entirely made in to headlines, and we are not shocked. If you are someone among his age groups and love to try something stylish in an appearance, his full beard look indeed can make a good choice. Check out Zayn Malikgoatee and other beard styles out.

Full Beard-

Chinstrap Beard-

Wispy Goatee-

12. Pierce Brosnan Beard Styles:

The popular Irish actor, producer and activist, Pierce Brosnan has always caught attention in the media for his most stylish and youthful looks, despite his middle age group. In fact, we too, are pretty interested in knowing how he manages to look so sharp and hot, no matter where and when. One of the top-secret is to maintain a sexy and edgy beard style. His facial hairstyles indeed need a lot of attention given the way he charms us with trending as well as fashionable statement looks.

Van Dyke Beard-

Full Beard-

13. Zac Efron Beard Styles:

The American actor and singer Zac Efron’s looks are not to be missed. He has successfully made the most casual and straightforward beard styles and appears super fashionable and easy with effortless style. Look at these latest clicks from the actor. We are definitely impressed!

Patchy Beard-

Lighter Trim-

14. Ranbir Kapoor Beard Styles:

The Indian superstar and heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor has himself experimented with a handful of looks in the Bollywood movie industry. He is known for his French-cut moustache with a goatee beard style and fancy and thick full beard. Surprisingly, he has nailed all the looks he tried out. Want some inspiration? Here we go with these timeless and classic beard styles.

French Goatee-

Patchy Beard-

Full Beard-

15. Tiger Shroff Beard Styles:

Tiger Shroff, the action and dancing king of Bollywood, may not have ventured too much into hairstyles and iconic fashion looks; however, his simple and straightforward beard style definitely quite suit him. If you are searching for something super simple, his beard styles can indeed be tried out.

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Strappy Beard-

16. Abhishek Bachchan Beard Styles:

Abhishek Bachchan never leaves his dignified and clean, neat looks from his style statement. He manages to thrill us often with the manly and handsome hot Indian avatars. We love the junior Bachchan’s full beard style quite often, and no matter whatever styles come across newly, this never ticks out from our list.

French And Full Beard Combo-


17. Arjun Kapoor Beard Styles:

Arjun Kapoor has indeed evolved a lot from the time he entered the Indian movie industry. Arjun never failed to step forward from the novice clean and simple looks and beard styles to trying out some bold statement styles and fashion looks. In a very few and a handful of men who tried out bold looks in Indian Bollywood actors and the movie industry, Arjun is definitely among the one.

Light Trim-

Circle Beard-

18. Ranveer Singh Beard Styles:

Ranveer Singh never leaves out without creating a roar of his looks and fashion sense. Well, we got to applaud his energy after all – the bold looks as well as outfits! His recent beard styles and looks are talk of the fashion town, and we too are here to give a glimpse of them to you. Along with his new projects, Ranveer always makes sure to try out something new in his beards too. We love his vibe and dense, thick beard styles, nevertheless. Which is your favourite one in his recent looks?

Ducktail Beard-


Handlebar Moustache With Scruff-

19. Shahid Kapoor Beard Styles:

Shahid Kapoor has tried out all of the beards looks – from Kabir Singh’s bushy heavy and long thick beard style looks to simple stubble and clean shave. No matter whatever his length of the beard is, Shahid always looks super-hot and stunning in our actors. Our favourite three of his bearded styles in Bollywood are here. Check these out.

Bushy Heavy Beard-

Heavy Stubble-

Heavy Chin Strap-

20. Aamir Khan Beard Styles:

There are always men who continue to look hot and young with their increasing age. Aamir Khan definitely is among the one. Aamir has tried them all in – right from goatee to thick dense and long hobo look and beard style, he definitely has won over them. We love his transition all across the movies and his bold sense of style statement and experimental mind. It is indeed definitely worth praise.

Small Goatee-

Patchy Beard-

French Moustache With Goatee And Thin Chin Strap-

Hobo Style Beard-

21. Hugh Jackman Beard Styles:

Hugh Jackman is a not-to-miss celebrity in our list of beard styles. His talented and experimental vintage old-school looks are always treat to our eyes. Right from trying the mainstream popular and famous looks such as goatee and scruffs stubbles to the bold chops beard look, Hugh Jackman has tried them all across in his movie career, and he looks super stylish without any doubt.

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Mutton Chops-


Light Stubble-

22. Riteish Deshmukh Beard Styles:

Another Bollywood celebrity, Riteish Deshmukh’s beard styles, although less attention given from media, deserve applause. He may never have tried out versatile appearances, but he quite managed to nail the regular and common styles in the seamlessly youthful and effortless fashion.

Strappy Thick Beard-

Full Long Beard-

23. Sidharth Malhotra Beard Styles:

Siddharth Malhotra is defitnely a youth icon and inspiration for several men out there, and he never fails to impress us too. His most common strappy beard style and stubble are the most-watched looks all across to date in his career. They suit him the best, and he always manages to look super-hot and handsome in these ones. What do you think?

Strappy Beard-

Light Stubble-

24. Ayushmann Khurrana Beard Styles:

Ayushmann Khurrana’s neat goatee, trimmed chin strap, and trimmed looks are quite famous out of all his appearances. Just like Siddharth Malhotra, Ayushmann sticks to what suits him the most in several of his movies and looks. These do appear stylish and classic on him.

Extended Goatee-

Clean Trim-

25. Vicky Kaushal Beard Styles:

Vicky’s stubble is the most common and talked about topic in B-town movie industry. No one nails the stubble in Bollywood like Vicky. His charming and trending looks indeed deserve attention and mention. Besides stubble, Vicky is also seen in lighter, thin, and trimmed beard looks and style, and no matter what he tries, he never fails to impress us.


Light Trimmed Beard-

Celebrities never fail to impress us with their exquisite and lovely beard styles. These celebrity beard styles always are an inspiration for us to try out something new, intelligent, and cool. Whose actor beard styles do you love the most? Let us know too!


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