Moustache styles! Tell us one man who isn’t interested in trying out a different range of moustache looks! This masculine trend has always been quite there for men across age groups. It is perfect, gives a rough sexy style statement, and indeed enhances one’s appearance seamlessly. Every man absolutely loves it; it just depends on what different types of moustache he likes and suits him!

And here is the best part – growing them is easy and is always in style. So, if you too are willing to explore this realm, our guide today on the best mustache styles can help you out!

Moonch Styles: 25 Trending Mustache Styles with and Without Beard-

Now let us go ahead and explore types of men’s mustache styles that are popular around us globally. From different lengths to styles and looks, these indeed will fit in a range of preferences seamlessly.

1. Pencil Moustache:

The pencil moustache designs are quite trendy and vintage. Especially if you love something subtle, simple, and not bold enough in looks, this is the one for you. It is not hardy, doesn’t look rough and tough, yet seamlessly brings a casual masculine trend. Further, it is super easy to maintain, is comfortable too! Just trim it a bit regularly, and you are good to go. Everyone can try it out quickly for boys in younger age groups to men in middle age groups.

2. Comb Mustache:

This is a trendy mustache style back in the 1980s and 90s and is again back in style. The comb mustache has Roundy look edges and yet is significantly softer in the style statement. It gives on a thicker style and is perfect for men who have a little plump face or rounder face shape. Try it out in older age group brackets.

3. Handlebar Mustache:

The handlebar mustache styles are quite reigning nowadays, especially if you prefer a bold and signature look. It gives a fuller feeling and is perfect when combined with a longer and fuller beard. The vintage style it delivers is also worth trying out. Check this modern moustache styles out if you have a longer or elongated face shape.

4. Chevron Mustache:

Chevron mustache style is a shorter version type, with trimmed facial hair edges and very simple looks. It, in fact, reminds us of Freddie Mercury’s moustache design. Men with thinner and smaller face shapes and facial features are perfect and aptly suitable. So how do you like these small mustache styles?

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5. Horseshoe Moustache:

This mustache shape resembles that of a horseshoe, an inverted U-shaped design, and style. It is perfect for younger men who love a bit of twist and tweaking in the styles and edgy looks. If you have longer and thicker dense texture in mustache hair, try it out. Further, men in long, elongated, and oval face shapes are perfect for this one.

6. Walrus Mustache:

Do you have a full-grown mustache? Wondering how to style the longer facial hair? Then, this one is a perfect choice too. This is a significant lengthy type of mustache, with a thicker and bushier look. In addition, the mustache falls longer compared to the upper mouth line above.

7. English Mustache:

You already may have guessed it right! This is mainly seen in several British and English period dramas and series. The English mustache is quite a classic one and vintage in structure and looks. It is super thin, sleek, and pointy in nature. Men with triangular and long face shapes can try it out.

8. Bushy Mustache:

This is also something that is very predictable – the bushy mustache is very bushy and thicker in nature, looks, and texture. It is pointy, brings on outward direction from the face. So, if you have a chubby face shape and facial appearance, try it out! It is also popular among Indian mustache styles.

9. Petit Handlebars:

This is a combination of two mustaches, petite and handlebar. The mustache comes in a handlebar design and is very petite, as you can guess. It is very short and tiny, neatly trimmed, and doesn’t even heavily cross your mouth corners!

10. Major Mustache:

This kind of major mustache is something that comes with partition from the middle. One can slightly notice the skin patch below this mustache hair, and it is then trimmed and combed on either side. Generally, the major moustache is not accompanied by any beard. It is famous among Asian mustache styles. Further, this is also similar among army military mustache styles.

11. Light Stubble Mustache:

This type of mustache hardly can be seen; it is almost invisible and very light in nature. It is simple, perfect for men who want unnoticed mustache looks and vibes. However, men in the younger age group and those from any facial shape and features can try it out. This is an excellent light classic mustache styles to check out.

12. Natural Beard And Mustache:

This is not much of a stylized mustache look and appearance. It is natural and is just trimmed a bit for a neater appearance and texture. This kind of style and design is particularly suited if you have lesser facial hair growth, as a thicker version doesn’t generally suit very well with the fashion quotient. Men with any face shape can try it out.

13. Edgy Pointed Mustache:

This is almost a skinny line pointy type of mustache design in an edgy look. It reminds us similar to the almost no mustache category. However, it isn’t easy to maintain as it should be trimmed frequently. Nevertheless, men with round and square face shapes can try it out ideally.

14. Waxed Sideways Mustache Styles:

The sideways mustache style seems similar to the English style and design. However, it is much pointier and neater in style. The wax is used to tame it and style it beautifully, and a longer pointy, sideways trimmed look instead appears.

15. Lampshade Mustache:

This lampshade mustache is a very ancient design and style and is perfect if you love being experimental. It is a cropped shorter design that comes above the lips. As a result, the mustache hair doesn’t cross more than lips length. If you love the unique appearance, this can be a good trial for those across age groups.

16. Fu Manchu Mustache Styles:

The Fu Manchu mustache is something that is quite trendy and very unique, and rarely spotted. Here, the full mustache hair is neatly combed and goes very long down the chin, straightly. The strip design indeed is eye-catchy and very bold to try. If you have a longer face shape, then this is good to check out.

17. Dali Mustache Style:

We all by now have heard the name Dali. The Dali mustache is inspired by Dali’s character and is among the most popular trending designs and styles in the contemporary era. It is attractive and perfect for men who love to try out, but it also requires the patience and wits to carry it well!

18. Curly Mustache:

Do you want to twist the regular mustache looks a bit? If so, check this one out! This one comes in upward pointed look outwards in a curly manner, and hence the name. It is stylish, perfect, and manly in looks and appearance, ideal for younger age groups. Try it out if you have a longer, triangular, and oval face shape.

19. Ginger Mustache Style:

Well, ginger mustache definitely is among the hotter and sexiest looks trending around the men’s fashion world. However, it is not easy to achieve, as most times it is due to the difference in genes that delivers the color and appearance for several men. We do have specific artificial processes to achieve ginger mustache, but challenging to maintain.

20. General Ambrose Burnside Mustache:

The name definitely may look funny, but it came into existence after General Ambrose flaunting the design right after the civil war. This one requires quite a lot of maintenance, heavy growth in mustache hair too. So, it is perfect only for few handfuls of men who can style it right.

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21. Shadow Moustache Fashion:

This is among the most common and easy styles to create. All that you need to get is this one in few days. This one appears like a shadow, very mild and less, with a lighter tint of mustache design. Very few men can pull this one out very well! However, if you have younger age groups or thinner and shorter face structures, this can be well suited for you.

22. Celtic Mustache:

This cool version of the mustache type comes in medium length and dense texture. It is bristly in nature, rough, and is brushed up well. Generally, the Celtic cool mustache is perfect if you have blonde or similar color facial hair. How do you like these cool mustache styles?

23. Imperial Mustache:

As the name suggests, the kind of mustache is inspired from the old age European Imperial times. Henceforth, it also resembles a bit of plush and neater wealthier elite looks and design. This imperial mustache is perfect for men in triangular and oval face shapes. This is a good one to try among different kinds of old mustache styles if you love the classic ancient look.

24. Thick Sloping Mustache:

Do you want to make use of your excessive facial hair? Are you a fan of carrying a more extended mustache? If so, this thick sloping mustache is ideal. It gives a manly rugged, and smart appearance, with thicker existence and longer length. Men with chubbier and longer face shapes can try this stylish mustache out.

25. Toothbrush Mustache Style:

This is a significantly smaller and shorter-length mustache design. If you have less facial hair, on the contrary, this style can suit you very well. The toothbrush mustache looks cuter and smarter. However, it brings on contemporary, vibrant hues and a very new modern style statement. We love this one among modern mustache trims and styles.

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We hope you enjoyed exploring these different new moustache styles and designs looks. These are perfect according to your taste and preferences, face shape, and features. From modern and contemporary looks to ancient vintage and classic styles, we have covered them all. So, which is your favorite one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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