We should not blindly trust beard vitamins, thinking they might help our beard grow overnight or fill in the hairless patches in our beard, as they are not any magic-bearing products. Vitamins for beard hair growth are currently the best alternative for promoting natural beard growth on our face. They don’t have any side effects and provide natural nourishment to our facial hair through the required nutrients.

Best Beard Vitamins:

Here are the top 9 beard vitamins that help with facial hair growth,

1. Vita Beard Facial Hair Support Formula:

Being one of the first few beard vitamin brands in the industry, Vita Beard is thus one of the best beard vitamins. This beard growth multivitamin consists of vitamin D3 plus zinc, preventing hair loss. But while doing so, it ensures regulation of sebum production in the skin below your beard to avoid acne. There are no GMO additives or artificial fertilizing ingredients for thicker hair.

2. Hair Anew:

Hair Anew is a relatively new brand to the beard vitamins industry. Its composition includes a massive amount of biotin at 5000 mcg in every capsule. Hair Anew replenishes your beard hair with its pro-biotin composition if you have hair loss, weak hair, or thin hair due to biotin deficiency. This product has been subjected to independent lab testing, so you are assured of no toxins or heavy metals being applied to your face. This makes Hair Anew one of the best vitamins for beard growth.

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3. Vimulti Beard Growth and Hair Loss:

Vimulti is also a relatively experienced player in the market. Its composition consists of high biotin, fruit extracts, anti-oxidants, Indian Gooseberry or Amla and a secret formula it hasn’t revealed to the market. Biotin promotes hair growth and thickness, while anti-oxidants and fruit extracts enrich your skin with essential nutrients and strengthen the hair follicle roots. Amla has anti-ageing properties. While this secret formula has helped it to maintain itself as the best multivitamin for beard growth.

4. Beard Grow XL:

Beard Grow XL is also a new entrant in the market but has already become a popular multivitamin for beard growth. This is mainly because of its complex compositions consisting of Biotin, Vitamins A, C, and E and loads of variants of Vitamin B, especially Vitamin B12. Vitamins maintain a perfect skin condition for hair growth, while B vitamins and biotin promote speedy hair growth. Along with that, it also has horsetail extract, which ensures fluid regulation in your facial skin. It also has Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), known for its magical ability to grow hair quickly while ensuring hair quality and thickness.

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5. Chuck Essentials Bearded Man Multivitamin:

Almost all the vitamins that help beard growth are aggressively priced in the market as they are relatively new to the beauty products industry. However, despite that, it isn’t easy to find a more cost-effective alternative than Chuck Essentials multivitamin. It is packed with all the vitamins, minerals and biotin essential for thick and healthy hair growth. It also has Omega-3 and Folic acid, which help in the natural hair growth with cleansing of annoying patches on your face.

6. Wild Willies Beard Growth Supplement For Men:

Like all the other vitamins that promote beard growth, this too consists of all the essential vitamins, minerals, biotin, fruit extracts, anti-oxidants, etc. But the quantities have been formulated and lab tested so that it has been the most favourite beard vitamin among the youth with the best customer reviews and ratings.

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7. Virilitas:

One of the important factors in determining what vitamins help beard growth is the effects the product shows within a period of its use. This product has a lot of biotin, vitamins and minerals, but what makes it unique is its no-nonsense, quick results, which appear within 1 or 2 weeks of use.

8. Beardilizer Facial Hair and Beard Growth Complex for Men:

This new entrant in the beard vitamins market also has similar elements like biotin, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, etc. But it has all non-hormonal ingredients, which make sure there are assured results without any side effects.

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9. Smooth Viking Hair & Beard Growth Support:

It mainly has biotin in a heavy quantity at 5000 mcg, many variants of B vitamins, L-cysteine, PABA and Choline. You already know that Biotin and vitamin B promote hair growth with thickness, but apart from that, L-cysteine is an amino acid that is a result of protein. So this amino acid helps as a building block for strong, thick beard hair. Choline is a folic acid that strengthens your hair follicles and avoids breakage or roughness.

Thus, you might’ve observed that the modern invention in beauty products range in beard vitamins is instrumental in enhancing beard hair growth and maintaining thickness and root strength. However, not all beard vitamins are reliable; you must ensure that the beard has essential elements like biotin, vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts, anti-oxidants, etc., before selecting any particular beard vitamin brand.


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