Having a beard is nearly the dream of every man. It is carried out since years for to have that standard look. From the teens in the college to the adults, a beard has been important for men to get that stunning look. Hence, how to grow a beard has been a widely asked question. However, the fact is that men can grow a beard in the desired shape or style they want. But not all men are able to grow the beard, which increases the chances of using different things that would help you in growing the beard. Explore this guide for natural beard growth tips.

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Tips to Increase Beard Growth:

Here are some of the beard growth tips that would help you for natural growth.

1. Process of Exfoliation and Face Cleaning:

The prime step for how to grow a beard faster is exfoliation. Make sure you exfoliate your skin once in a week. Get a cleaner that would remove the dead skin cells and help in the growth of new hair. You can also try a veil for peeling the skin, which needs to remain on the skin for 10 – 30 minutes.

Apart from this, you also need to keep your facial skin clean and clear. For this, you can simply use hot water along with other cleaning products like face wash. Make sure you clean the skin a minimum of two times a day that is day and night. The more your skin remains clean, the more growth you would have.

2. Prepare Yourself for the Growing Process:

If you are looking for natural beard growth tips, you also need to be prepared mentally for it. The process is not of a day or two; it takes a month to get your desired beard look. During this period, your skin beneath the hair might also become itchy and you might keep on scratching it every now and then. Instead of doing so, you can look out for ways to keep your reduce the irritation by using any cream or lotion. Also, it takes time to fill the spots on the skin for which one needs to be calm. Getting irritated and shaving it off is definitely not a good choice when looking for how to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally.

3. Use Creams and Lotions and Keep a Watch on the Hair of the Face:

Yes, there are a number of creams and lotions available in the market for increased beard growth. However, among all, the creams and lotions that contain eucalyptus in it are highly recommended. They help the beard to grow fast. Also, make sure you uproot your skin or maintain your dry skin by keeping it hydrated. The more saturated your skin would be, the more are the chance to grow hair. Along with this, keep a watch on the ingrown hair, as it would be a barrier to the beards growing with uniformity.

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4. Develop Some Healthy Habits:

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When you are looking for how to increase beard growth, there are some healthy habits also one needs to develop for natural beard growth. Manage your stress levels, continue with exercises, exercise such positions that would increase the circulation of blood towards your face, have adequate sleep, etc.

This would increase the growth of hair on the face. Intake food items and supplements that are rich in biotin, vitamin B, and proteins. Have fruits and vegetables that have minerals and Vitamins in bulk and other ingredients like nuts, eggs, fish, meat, beans, papayas, lemons, sunflower seeds, Brussels, sprouts, spinach, flax seeds, avocado, pineapple, etc. that promote the growth of hair on the face.

5. Trim Your Beard as it Begins to Grow:

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While thinking about how to grow a beard faster naturally, it is also important to trim the beard. Develop a habit of trimming it or shaping it with the help of whiskers. However, if you are looking for too long beard, allow it to grow for nearly 4 to 6 weeks before you trim it. In such a situation, you need to trim the beard after 4 to 6 weeks when it has grown to its peak. Also, make sure you trim using clean and hygienic tools. Trim the beard in the shape or type you want it to grow. Make a point not to touch your beard in the first month as it may reduce the growth of your beard. Trimming the beard makes it thicker is also a myth, hence, make sure you trim your beard when it is necessary to trim.

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6. Maintaining The Beard:

When the beard has finally grown, your task doesn’t simply end here. You need to learn how to maintain a beard when it has grown as you want. For this, you need to clean the beard and the skin beneath it properly. You can also use beard cleaners, gels, shampoos, conditioners, etc. that are available in the market specially for cleaning the beard. Also, make sure you trim it on a regular intervals to keep it properly shaped. Avoid using regular soaps or face washes for your beard as this may lead to a rough beard. You can also select a beard style which can be trimmed in different shapes while you allow it to grow after trimming.

7. Stay away From Some Myths and Scams for Beard Growing:

As you would start with searching for the best way to grow a beard, you will come across various myths related to it. You would be served with a number of tricks to grow a thick and long beard rapidly, but not all the ways are effective. Apart from this, there are a number of supplements available in the market that help in growing a beard. Make sure you get a recommendation from a doctor before looking for one. You would also be suggested with a number of oils and sprays using which can also be a big failure. So, make sure you don’t believe in the myths and search for facts.

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Hence, it is always recommended to follow the natural ways to grow beard. Nutrition, proper diet, exercises, etc. would surely give you the beard look you are looking for. Also, before you begin with the growing process, decide the look you want to appear in on the basis of which you would have to trim your beard and help it grow.


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