Styling the beard is one thing that most men love to do. It is found to be a passion among some. There are many beard styles but, one has to choose one that best matches the face structure. There are many factors in considering the best beard that will rightly match your features. Long beards often require to be maintained as if they will make you look unkempt while they grow. So, choosing small and short beard styles are the best option rather than long beards, especially for men who have short hair.

15 Small and Short Beard Styles for Men:

Here are a few trendy short and small beard styles for men that are oomph-adding ones.

1. Balbo:

The Balbo style is one of the top-most trending styles of short/small beard. This style looks best when you have a narrow chin. It makes you look dashing and this style is also easy to maintain. The only hitch is when you have to grow ample hair for shaping this kind of beard.

To get this kind of a beard, don’t shave until your beard is fully grown. Along with the beard also grow a moustache. Then using a disposable or electric razor take off the hair on both the sides. Now use a straight razor to shape the hair on your chin to get your Balbo style appropriately.

2. Circle Beard:

The Circle Beard is best suited for men with oval or round shaped faces. It is a combination of a rounded goatee and a moustache. This kind of beard is very presentable and a better option for men who can’t let go of their beard.

For having a circle beard, grow a reasonable amount of hair. This kind of beard can be the best cut in a salon. Trying to get this style at home is difficult and fussy. But after getting the first trim in the salon it can be then kept in shape by trimming at home.

3. Simple Short Beard:

This kind of beard creates a shadow look. The beard is full but closely shaved. On the neck, it can be left to grow naturally. It has an elegant look.

To have a simple short beard, let your beard grow to a considerable length. Then trim it off with trimmers neatly along the cheek and chin starting from the sideburns. The moustache is also trimmed to the same length as the beard.

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4. Short and Shaggy Beard:

The Short and Shaggy beard generally looks good on college kids. It gives them a rugged and carefree look. The beard is not trimmed but left to grow a little more. It looks best on guys with a long and oval face.

Let your beard and moustache grow. Leave it a little dense at the chin and sparse on the cheeks.

5. Short Stubble Beard:

The Short Stubble Beard will never go out of style. It is one of the most popular styles amongst young men. It makes you look rough and tough. However, with the right kind of dressing style, it will also make you look very smart and formal.

There is no particular way of growing this kind of beard as the stubble grows in around 4 – 5 days. Just make sure to keep it trim and neat.

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6. Box Fade Short Beard Style:

The Box Fade Short Beard Style is one of the most stylish beards that you can exhibit. This style tends to highlight particular sections of your face. Grow the hair thicker in your chin area – this will give you a powerful look.

7. Short Boxed Beard:

This is one of the most desired styles by people who do not like a full beard. It will put you in a spotlight as it is one of the best professional look. It is also suitable for your workplace.

The box style looks good for heart-shaped and round or oval face shapes. For a heart-shaped face, this kind of beard balances the lower half of the face. The oval or round face gets an added neat line with hard angles. It does not suit a square face.

8. Mini Triangle Beard:

This mini triangle beard looks good for small beard styles. It gives you a charming look. To achieve this kind of beard, grow the beard to a considerable length. Then trim the sides and the chin. With a razor, clear off a part of the beard near the chin, leaving a small triangle that is facing downwards. This makes you look highly sophisticated. You can wear this look to the office and be the centre of attraction.

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9. Classic Goatee Beard:

The Goatee beard is one of the best beard styles for short hair. It suits both teenagers and adults. It is both stylish as well as masculine. The Classic Goatee can be considered as one of the best short beard style. It is actually a chin beard and is just below the bottom lip. There is not a moustache and the neck and cheeks are cleanly shaven. This style is very easy to get and also to maintain.

10. The Extended Goatee Style:

This is another classic small beard style. The Extended Goatee style also goes with the name of Tailback. In this style, the goatee is combined with a moustache. The moustache looks as if it is connected to the beard. Here the sideburns are removed. This kind looks good on middle-aged men.

11. The Anchor Beard:

The Anchor Beard is quite an English Style of beard. This style was one of the short beard styles of 2018 and it makes you look very adventurous and gives you a great look. The moustache is pyramid style and defines together with the jawline and chin region. The Anchor beard is very easy to grow as well as to maintain.

12. Mutton Chop with Long Side Burns:

This style is very exciting. It also has names like – pork chops or lamb chops. It connects the hair from the jawline to the sideburns. This kind of beard is very easy to maintain – be it shaving, trimming or grooming. The Mutton Chops style has been well admired for a long time as it gives a masculine look.

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13. Thick Side Burn Style:

The Thick Side Burn Style is another evolution of the Mutton Chops style. In this style, only the sideburns and the beard on the chin is kept. This style does not have a moustache and even the beard on the chin is absent. It is very easy to shave and easy to maintain as well. It gives a rough masculine look.

14. French Beard Style:

This is one of the most popular and well-liked beard styles. This style is much on the go. It is very simple to achieve the French Beard Style. Grow the beard till you get the raw look, grow it a little stubble. Then just shave around to get the French look and define the lines to make it perfect.

15. Batman Beard Style:

This is a funky and weird looking hairstyle. The beard is actually trimmed to look just like the Batman logo. This looks good for fancy dress shows or carnival parties. Even college guys can attempt this look to make them look different from others. However, you have to be very careful while shaving and trimming as one wrong cut can make the shape go weird.

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Short beards are truly stylish and neat. The beard has to be taken care of properly. Proper trimming and shaping is to be done regularly so that you don’t look untidy. Wash your beard regularly and also condition it with a good conditioner so that it is soft and clean.