A perfect ensemble for style depends not only on an ideal outfit and clothing but also on accessories and footwear. Shoes play a large part in the contemporary era in making new trends and styles. They are comfortable, convenient, and are stylish with cool and elevated appearances of style. Today, we are looking into the most celebrated shoe brands in India. These branded shoes for men and women are pretty popular globally and, in our country, and are known to make new trends and hot looks very often.

Shoes are indeed a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe, given their versatile use and occasion. If you are searching to buy a perfect pair for yourself, this guide on shoe brands in India is a must check for you. Explore this guide with us today!

Which Brand Shoes are Popular in India?

There are infinite names in shoe brands for ladies and gents. Not one Brand or company is perfect for everyone and suited for their preferences. We have a range of these names buzzing in the fashion market and industry often, and according to your choice and needs, you can fit in and pick the perfect one for yourself. However, when we talk about the brands, the most common and famous ones in everyone’s minds are Nike, Adidas, Sketchers, Puma, Reebok, Sparx, HRX, Fila, Superdry, Calvin Klein, Levis, Crocs and so on! Let us explore them more in the next section.

Popular and Top shoe Brands in India with Images:

Here is the list of famous shoe brands in India.

1. Salvatore Ferragamo:


The Ferragamo shoes come from the luxury Italian designer brand Salvatore Ferragmo. The Brand is found in 1928, famous for its exquisite designs, sophisticated, intricate detailing, and refined products. They are leading producers in accessories and footwear and feature stylish and sleek designs perfect for those who prefer minimal style standards.

  • Key Features: Sleek, vintage, and elegant footwear designs with nude and neutral colours and sophisticated style options.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Monk straps, sneakers, slip-on shoes, oxfords, formals, boots are the most popular.

2. Christian Louboutin Shoes for Women:

The top quoted and the most wanted shoe brand is Christian Louboutins. The patented red-bottomed, beautifully crafted women’s shoes are every women dream.

3. Allen Edmonds Shoes for Men:

This brand of men’s shoes is known for its sturdy design and the shoes’ capability to withstand any weather. The intricate pattern is just a bonus for your style statement.

4. Aldo Shoes for Women:

Aldo is generally the brand name heard when one is talking about customized bags. However, it is not only bags that are beautifully made at Aldo. The shoes are definitely to die for.

5. Men’s Brand Aldo Shoes:

As stated above, although Aldo is a name generally heard when women’s bags are concerned, the Men’s shoe designs of Aldo are one of the top-ranked ones. Be it formal shoes or sneakers- Aldo is one brand to look out for.

6. Dior Shoes for Women:

Christian Dior is another of the top most ranked brands of shoes for women. Be it pumps, ballet flats or boots, if it is Christian Dior, it is absolutely beautiful and a must-have for you ladies!

7. Bruno Magli Shoes for Men:

This is one of the Manly shoe brands. The quality brand is always the choice of men’s. If you plan for an outing at wedding parties or receptions, these brand shoes are the best choice for men. The sturdy, beautiful leather shoe designs are one of a kind. If you’re a formal shoe kind of guy, then this is definitely your kind of brand.

8. Jimmy Choo:


Jimmy Choo shoes are the globally most renowned designer wear footwear products all across. Their women’s shoe collection has gained popularity over decades and now stands as one of the most coveted and wanted designs in the fashion industry. Jimmy Choo is found in the early 1990s, and the fashion house specializes in footwear, accessories.

  • Key Features: Jimmy Choo is for those women who love contemporary, classic, and brightful looks with bold, edgy style statements.
  • Types of Shoes Available: They are popular in women’s stylish footwear such as stilettos, pumps, and otherwise fashion boots.

9. Berluti Shoes for Men:

Another very well-known brand, but this one is for men. The Berluti shoes are known not only for their sturdiness but for their sexiness! The beautifully crafted shoes are a definite buy for men who like their formal shoes branded.

10. Manolo Blahnik Shoes for Women:

Manolo Blahniks have become a style statement for working women everywhere. Cosy yet sexy pumps and flats will not only keep your feet happy but also beautiful! Wear them to work, to parties, anywhere and everywhere is a Manolo approved place!

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11. Kenneth Cole Shoes for Men:

Black leather, pointed toes men’s shoes are the style statement that you want to make? Kenneth Cole is your brand of shoes, then. The amazing make and the comfortable design make this brand of men’s shoes one of the topmost.

12. Chanel Shoes for Women:

Usually known for their fragrances and cosmetic products, Chanel is also a top brand in women’s shoes and bags. The shoes are sleek and pretty, but there are definitely no compromises where comfort is concerned- you gotta keep your feet happy!

13. John Varvatos Shoes for Men:

Although known mainly for their vintage male fragrances, John Varvatos has a variety to offer when it comes to men’s shoes as well. The leather crafted, sturdy designed pieces are manly and beautiful all at the same time. Get a pair, guys!

14. Women’s Special Prada Shoes:

Prada is one of the top brands and has been for quite a long time when it comes to women’s clothes and fragrances, but did you know that it is just as highly recommended for women’s shoes? No? Well, now you do! Sleek and sexy designs are not only the order of the day when it is the clothing we are talking about, but Prada also makes sexy shoes too!

15. Prada Shoes for Men:

Prada is not only for women’s clothes anymore as we found out above- but it isn’t only just for women either! Prada men’s shoes are just as handsomely crafted as the men wearing them!

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16. Gucci:


Gucci is a famous Italian brand most of us already know. It is found in the year 1920 by Guccio Gucci, and it is successfully into several outfit, accessories, and footwear products ever since. While Gucci began with luxury travel and luggage products, we now have the Brand in several other segments. Gucci is famous for creating fashion statements, styles, and designer wear looks.

  • Key Features: The signature Gucci style shoes are always dressy, a designer style statement, and popular.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, leather shoes, loafer shoes, dressy shoes, formal shoes, and more.

18. Louis Vuitton Shoes for Women:

Louis Vuitton is again a widely known brand- not only for bags but shoes as well. In the market, this brand is known for its trend, and this brand won the prize of the luxury brand between 2006 to 2012. This is known for the expensive shoe brand. Sexy boots are the order is LV is what you’re trying out. Look and Love, Ladies!

19. Dolce & Gabbana Shoes for Men:

Dolce & Gabbana are one of those household names that no one can forget. The reasonably priced yet handsomely designed shoes are not only good to look at but better to wear. Men, this one is for you!

20. Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes for Women:

Another Paris brand that makes you wants to spend all your money on shoes! These designer shoes are beautiful, pretty and amazingly well-priced. You want to grab on with both hands, ladies; these are going to wander on your feet!

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21. Nike:


We all have heard about the Brand Nike! The American sports brand is among the world’s largest and leading brands for athletic and sports accessories, outfits, and footwear. The Nike footwear and shoes brands are among the well-known choice for durability, quality, and looks. The Brand is famous for its signature and classic designs, you cannot think of getting a designer wear with it, of course, but it seems pretty formal and straightforward designs with sporty looks.

  • Key Features: Nike brand is known for its quality and durability with resistance and toughness. Right from any sports to regular wear, you can find different Nike shoes according to your requirement.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Running shoes, jogging shoes, hiking shoes, casual shoes, training, sneakers, and more.

22. Burberry:


Burberry! The famous British brand is the name and go-to option for luxury and premium accessories and apparel, including footwear. They are among the market leaders in creating luxury fashion designer products that include high-end formal statement styles and casual chic and youthful looks.

  • Key Features: Burberry is famous for textured style statements, vibrant designer colours, metallic statement looks, and more.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, slides, and casual shoes are the most popular ones in their footwear segment.

23. Adidas:


Another common and well-known company for shoes is Adidas. The German-based manufacturing company Adidas is found way back in 1949. The company is famous for its athletic and sports variants of clothing and shoes. Adidas has its signature products with its brand typographic logo and is famous for simple and classy designs. They are found everywhere globally and are durable, with a different sense of eye-catchy colours and looks.

  • Key Features: The Adidas shoes focus and concentrate on bringing contemporary and eye-catchy mesmerizing designs with quality and sustainability. The Brand has different designs and uses to match the requirements of different populations.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, training shoes, walking shoes, sports shoes, hiking shoes, and more.

24. Michael Kors Shoes for Women:

Known widely for their bags, Michael Kors is a custom designer for women’s shoes too. You will receive a lot of attention and compliments from your friends. This one is the correct choice for any special outing. You will get in different colours for this pair in the market as per your choice.

25. Hugo Boss Shoes for Men:

Hugo Boss is one of the world’s topmost makers of Men’s wallets, perfumes, and leather shoes. Be it Boots, or Formal shoes- or even sneakers. Men, you want to look like the Boss? Then Get Hugo Boss! When you buy these shoes, try good size because these shoes are a little big. If your size for shoes is 8, then buy 7. The element of the design is perfect.

Branded shoes are available in the market, but check the quality first when you want to purchase good luxuries and branded shoes. Remember, branded shoes are available in your budget from low to high, so research well. Branded shoes are known for their quality; that’s the main reason for their brand. You will get good satisfaction after the purchase of branded shoes. Grab it.

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