A perfect ensemble for style depends on an ideal outfit and clothing and accessories and footwear. Shoes play a large part in the contemporary era in making new trends and styles. They are comfortable, convenient, and are stylish with cool and elevated appearances of style. Today, we are looking into the most celebrated shoe brands in India. These branded shoes for men and women are pretty popular globally and, in our country, and are known to make new trends and hot looks very often.

Shoes are indeed a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe, given their versatile use and occasion. If you are searching to buy a perfect pair for yourself, this guide on shoe brands in India is a must check for you. Explore this guide with us today!

Which Brand Shoes are Popular in India?

There are infinite names in shoe brands for ladies and gents. Not one Brand or company is perfect for everyone and suited for their preferences. We have a range of these names buzzing in the fashion market and industry often, and according to your choice and needs, you can fit in and pick the perfect one for yourself. However, when we talk about the brands, the most common and famous ones in everyone’s minds are Nike, Adidas, Sketchers, Puma, Reebok, Sparx, HRX, Fila, Superdry, Calvin Klein, Levis, Crocs and so on! Let us explore them more in the next section.

Popular and Top Shoe Brands in India with Images:

Here is the list of famous shoe brands in India.

1. Puma Shoes:


Puma is another German Brand famous for apparel, accessories, and footwear. The Brand, too, was founded around a similar time as Adidas, around 1948. Puma focuses on manufacturing perfectly designed products to match the preferences of the current population, youngsters, men, and women. They have both casual wear shoes and accessories, along with formal-looking variants.

  • Key Features: The Puma shoes are affordable, chic, chunky, and vintage, colourful with vibrant looks and different patterns with colours.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Hiking shoes, sneakers, base layered shoes, training, retro-looking shoes.

2. Levis Shoes:


Levis! Tell us one person who doesn’t know this brand and company. Levi Strauss and Co. is an American company founded in 1853. They specialize in casual wear inspired by western world trends, especially America. Their products are accessible, classic, vintage, and stylish. Levis have products specializing in footwear, accessories, and apparel.

  • Key Features: Levis branded products are long-lasting, durable, premium in sleek design and plush looks, and high quality.
  • Types of Shoes Available: They have different shoes in the Brand, the most popular being casuals, sports, walking, running, training, and sneakers.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Shoes:


The Tommy Hilfiger brand is an American-originated brand situated mainly in the Netherlands. It was founded way back in 1985; it is a leading company that houses modern and contemporary wear, apparel, footwear, and accessories. Tommy Hilfiger is famous for the youthful and sleek looks that are versatile, unique, and elegant.

  • Key Features: Tommy Hilfiger shoes follow their signature tastes that are premium in looks, plush in quality, durable, versatile, and sophisticated.
  • Types of Shoes Available: The Brand’s sneakers and casual shoes are most popular and significant in their designs.

4. Jordan Shoes:


The Jordan shoes or Air Jordan are exclusive shoes of American manufacturing produced by Nike. Initially, the shoes were made only for Micheal Jordan, designed for him in 1985. However, they later got extended to bring their new range into the market. The Jordan shoes are all classic, casual, and eye-catchy with contemporary designs.

  • Key Features: The Jordan shoes come in colour with their signature casual and stylish appearance. They look contemporary, classic, and elegant with top-notch designs.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Their basketball shoes, casual shoes, and other gaming and sports shoes are popular in the segment.

5. Reebok Shoes:


Reebok brand was recently founded around 2005. It is an American and English manufacturing company focusing on apparel and sportswear, especially fitness, sports, and casual looks. The Reebok brand quickly became internationally famous, given the simple and elegant, classy looks with formal-looking patterns and designs.

  • Key Features: Reebok shoes use quality fabric, leather, and materials to manufacture their shoes and accessories. The shoes are classic and challenging, giving a rugged look with comfy wear.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Leather shoes, training shoes, workout shoes, tennis shoes, walking shoes, hiking shoes, sneakers, and more.

6. Woodland Shoes:


Woodland shoes are particularly very popular in India. It was founded in the 1980s in Canada, is now a globally leading brand for stylish and premium footwear. They mainly manufacture daily casual wear with modern features, bright colours, and contemporary vibes. This is among the popular ones among different shoe brands list.

  • Key Features: The Woodland shoes come in various designs and colours, with a designer look and eye-catchy contemporary hues. The shoes mostly revolve around casual and outdoor bases.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Outdoor shoes, sneakers for different kinds, casual shoes, and boots.

7. Sparx Shoes:


Sparx! This famous Indian Brand was founded in the mid-1970s in New Delhi, India. The Sparx company manufacturing footwear and shoes is a leading brand in India for its premium and affordable shoes and products. They fit the perfect preferences of men and women across age groups and bring on comfortable variants with classic, elegant, and mesmerizing designs. From casual and formal-looking footwear and shoes to the dressy and fancy designer styles, we can see them all in Sparx.

  • Key Features: The Sparxisa leading footwear and shoes manufacturing Brand in India, famous for its eye-catchy and elegant designs.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, casuals, running shoes, walking shoes, fitness shoes, hiking shoes are famous.

8. Red Chief Shoes:


Are you looking for classy and formal-looking shoes in an affordable range? The Red Chief shoes in India are a perfect match for you. The shoe manufacturing Brand was founded in 1997, mainly to aim class of men looking for quality leather products and footwear at premium looks yet affordable range.

  • Key Features: Red Chief shoes focus mainly on promoting quality and durable footwear and shoes for men, mostly in leather material at affordable prices. The shoes look elegant, formal, and classic.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Formal shoes, casual sneakers, lace-up shoes, sandal shoes, and more in different colours and designs.

9. Versace Shoes:


Who doesn’t know the famous Brand Versace? The Versace brand, founded by world-famous Gianni Versace in 1978, stood the test of time and was lauded as one of the best premium brands the world has ever seen. Versace products, right from footwear to accessories, are famous for intricate detailing, lovely looks, and premium luxury-defined designs.

  • Key Features: Versace shoes come in striking colours, different ranges of designs and forms, and are glitzy and designer-inspired.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Versace shoes, trainers, sandal shoes, and sneakers are popular.

10. Steve Madden Shoes:


Steve Madden is a luxury brand from America, founded in 1990. It specializes in footwear and accessories, famous for its elite, sophisticated, and plush looks and designs. The intricate designs, metallic detailing, eye-catchy looks, and mesmerizing patterns and colours often make fashion lovers gaga over the company.

  • Key Features: Steve Madden serves different age groups with their range of collections and designs. They have vibrant, elegant looks and also statement styles on the other side.
  • Types of Shoes Available: The Brand’s sports shoes, casuals, and sneakers are the most popular in their range.

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11. Diesel Shoes:


Diesel is an Italian brand founded in the mid-1980s. The company is famous for the simple and everyday casual styles that blend with contemporary looks, fashion appearance, and youthful designs. Diesel specializes in apparel, accessories, and footwear.

  • Key Features: The Diesel brand has contemporary designs, with chic and youthful looks and style statements. These come in a range of bright colours with vibrant hues.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Boots, sneakers, sports shoes, casuals, are the most popular.

12. Calvin Klein Shoes:


CK! The Calvin Klein brand is a leading American fashion brand founded in 1968. The founder Calvin Klein began the company with apparel and clothing and later extended to accessories. The CK manufactures unique leather accessories and products, besides the others. This is a perfect one to look for someone who loves sleek and chic looks, casual designs and minimalistic features.

  • Key Features: Calvin Klein brand comes up with elegant and edgy designs in their products, with various colours and versatile, timeless styles.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Athletic shoes, dress shoes, oxfords, sneakers, and boots are the most famous brand.

13. Hugo Boss Shoes:


The famous German Brand Hugo Boss was established in 1924 and has been among the most famous apparel brand line ever since. The manufacturing company specializes in fashion apparel, clothing, accessories, and footwear. Their style statement is inspired by high-end looks, elite and bold style statements, and versatile, unique appearances and patterns.

  • Key Features: Hugo Boss focuses on creating high-end designer style statement looks. Their clothing and footwear options are plush and elegant, sophisticated lifestyle designs and patterns to match men’s preferences in the new millennial generation.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sports shoes, casuals, sneakers, formals, oxfords, derby shoes are popular.

14. Champions Shoes:


The Champion is an American sportswear brand specializing in athletic and sports branded products and accessories. Their signature styles focus on bold and bright colours, everlasting timeless trends, and designs. They have a footwear line for men and women, and champion shoes are quite popular back in the United States.

  • Key Features: You can look for colourful, contemporary, and stylish footwear and shoes from this Brand, all in yet affordable price range and yet long-lasting.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Casuals, shorts, running, hiking, training, and sneakers are the most famous shoes in this company.

15. Ferrari Shoes:


Puma Ferrari! Yes, you heard it right. The Ferrari popular shoes are a segment from Puma, and this line is quite famous for its eye-catchy and popping designs and styles. Their signature style and patterns are inspired by bright colours, bold hues, and fashion statements. If you think of having many casual and funky looks, the Ferrari shoes will give you great looks.

  • Key Features: Casual, eye-poppy, easy-going, and funky! This is what defines the trends that follow the Ferrari shoes. They are easy to play with, style, and carry.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Casuals and sneakers are the most famous Ferarri shoe line.

16. US Polo Shoes:


The US Polo Assn. The brand was founded way back in 1890 and still stands among the leading brands in America and other western countries. The US Polo specializes in casual and sportswear, apparel, accessories, and footwear. They create a sleek and edgy design with minimalistic trends, simple looks, and an elegant statement.

  • Key Features: The US Polo footwear is perfect if you want affordable, good-looking shoes with a sleek casual appearance. Their colours are moderate and give you a sense of sophisticated minimal looks.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Casuals, sports, loafer shoes, formals, and sneakers are most popular in this company.

17. Superdry Shoes:


How can we forget the famous Superdry shoes? The UK-based company is a popular choice right now that is trending in sports apparel and footwear. Recently, Superdry have entered the Indian market with their range of sleek and bright designs, and we can’t take our eyes off them. Their designs come with flashy and chunky looks, detailing, and a striking, trendy appearance.

  • Key Features: The signature Superdry products have flashy and colourful designs with vibrant hues. They are comfortable, sleek, and contemporary with bold fashion trends!
  • Types of Shoes Available: Casuals, running, sneakers, and retro shoes are most popular.

18. Balenciaga Shoes:


Cristóbal Balenciaga founded the Balenciaga brand in the year 1917 in Spain. It is now located in Paris and is famous for its luxury wear looks and style. The authentic luxury brand is popular for the fascinating and eye-catchy premium plush-looking products in outfits, clothing, accessories, and footwear.

  • Key Features: The Balenciaga shoes for men and women are all about recreating and redefining the existing trends with an eye for uniqueness and authenticity.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, formal shoes, leather shoes, casuals, and dressy shoes are popular.

19. Fila Shoes:


The popular Fila brand in India and World is originated in 1911 from South Korea. The country, known as the land for chunky and funky fashion, has this Brand manufacturing stylish apparel, footwear, and accessories in the world of sportswear and fitness. Fila is famous for the contemporary styles to match the preferences of today’s consumer society yet are affordable with minimal-looking edgy appearances.

  • Key Features: The Brand is long-lasting, famous for quality and durable, sustainable products that are comfortable, edgy, simple, and yet very classic.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Almost every shoe is available in Fila, given the sportswear brand. The popular ones include sports shoes, walking shoes, jogging shoes, training shoes, sneakers, and more.

20. New Balance Shoes:


Most of us haven’t heard about the New Balance manufacturing company and Brand. The American sportswear brand was founded way back in 1906, and to date, it only focuses on specializing in sportswear apparel and footwear. The shoes are famous for their realistic and straightforward design with everyday purpose and usage.

  • Key Features: The New Balance shoes and Brand is stylish, casual, and straightforward. If you are looking for dressy designs, do not expect them from the Brand. The style they follow is minimalistic and signature classic-oriented looks.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, casual shoes, formals, running shoes, and walking shoes are popular.

21. Sketchers Shoes:


Sketchers lifestyle and manufacturing Brand is a focused footwear company founded in 1992. Sketchers ever since have got a popular and famous brand for their supreme quality and edgy-looking shoes and products. Their handpicked collections are innovative, advanced with designs and elegance, and ideal for various occasions, from casual to occasional special wear.

  • Key Features: Sketchers brand is premium durable and comfortable shoes with a wide range of products. They have various looks and designs to match the preferences and requirements of versatile people and occasions. Their signature designs focus on modern-day style and funky elements.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, running shoes, walking shoes, and training are popular. However, other shoes are also available.

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22. Under Armour Shoes:


Under Armour is another American multinational manufacturing company that is a leading producer of footwear and sports products. The Brand focuses on lifestyle products, apparel, and footwear, especially for training purposes. They specialize in lightweight and comfortable elements with a range of products with signature style and personalized features.

  • Key Features: The Under Armour brand is still a leading company globally for its signature products in footwear and apparel. Mainly, coming to shoes and footwear, the Brand focuses on creating elegant and straightforward shoes that work conveniently and focus on utility and everyday basis. In addition, they work on contemporary themes, creating products that serve the millennials.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Running, sneakers, walking, hiking, athletic, and sports shoes are popular.

23. Crocs Shoes:


Crocs is a very recent brand founded in 2002 in the USA. The leading footwear brand is globally famous for its unique and lightweight footwear and shoe products that are innovative and technologically advanced. They are highly durable, high in quality, and bring comfort and innovation that match the new day personalities and personal styles.

  • Key Features: Crocs brand focuses on the personalized element in creating uniqueness, authenticity in looks, and carefree contemporary lifestyles.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, casual shoes, swimming shoes, yoga shoes, clogs, and more.

24. Timberland Shoes:


If you haven’t heard about the Timberland shoe brand, you must! This leading American lifestyle brand was founded in 1952 in Boston, United States. The Brand ever since serves its customers with its innovative products in lifestyle and footwear, accessories. Timberland shoes are popular to have innovative technologies and products that are way ahead of time.

  • Key Features: The Timberland shoes are stylish, sleek, and innovative with mesmerizing and funky designs. Their waterproof collection is the most popular one globally.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Waterproof boots, casuals, sneaker boots, leather shoes are the most popular in their range of products in footwear.

25. Clark Shoes:


C & J Clark international limited is one of the oldest brands manufacturing shoes to date. It was founded way back in 1985 in London and still is famous as one of the market leaders in footwear products. The Brand reflects the tastes and preferences of modern contemporary men and women, with excellent quality and designs.

  • Key Features: The Clark Shoes are famous for their lightweight texture, leading to innovative, unique looks and breathable textures and fabrics.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sports shoes, casuals, slip-on shoes, oxfords, loafer shoes, boots are the most popular ones.

26. Red Tape Shoes:


The Redtape is a leading Indian footwear brand that was founded in 1996. The Brand has product manufacturing in apparel, footwear, and other accessories segments too. The company focuses on contemporary style and creating signature products that are fine in nature, intricate and artistic, and have vibrant looks.

  • Key Features: Redtape brand is famous for its fine craftsmanship, quality, premium design, and bright styles.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Popular informal shoes, canvas shoes, boots, and sports shoes.

27. Lotto Shoes:


Lotto is an Italian brand founded in 1939. It started as a sports equipment and footwear manufacturer, later expanding its realm to the apparel segment. If you like both durable and quality shoes with looks and stunning designs, the Lotto shoes can quite serve your preferences. The sportswear brand specializes in good innovative designs and styles, with premium plush appearance and comfortable, lightweight products.

  • Key Features: Elegant, classic, stylish, and designer: The Lotto shoes perfectly blend modern preferences and styles with elegant and straightforward sports looks.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, casuals, boots, sports shoes, and more.

28. Lee Cooper Shoes:


The Lee Cooper is an acclaimed globally famous brand that has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. The Brand works with classic and vintage looks with style and plush designs effortlessly. The Lee Cooper brand specializes in footwear and accessories segments and has classic appearing products in elegant and mesmerizing appeal.

  • Key Features: The Lee Cooper footwear symbolizes their motto and signature styles of classic, vintage, and antique looks.
  • Types of Shoes Available: outdoor shoes, casuals, boots, slip-on shoes, loafers, formals, and more.

29. Hrx Shoes:


This famous Brand, HRX, is co-owned by our celebrity, Hrithik Roshan. The leading Brand in India is famous for its new lifestyle-designed products, accessories, apparel, and footwear. The Brand focuses on retro styles, funky looks, and unique appearances.

  • Key Features: The HRX brand shoes are all affordable range of footwear yet with premium looks. The designs are modern, sleek, and youthful, with versatile designs and elegant styles.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Casual shoes, running shoes, walking, sneakers and training models.

30. Kalenji Shoes:


Kalenji is a part of the Decathlon brand founded in 2004. The Decathlon, as we know, is a leading global brand in lifestyle products, footwear, apparel, sports, and fitness equipment. As one can guess, the Kalenji shoes are premium-looking comfortable products that are lightweight, affordable, simple, and innovative.

  • Key Features: Kalenji shoes come in classic designs, looks, and styles. They are simple, comfortable, durable, and convenient. They have a wide range of products suitable to match different lifestyles.
  • Types of Shoes Available: You can find a range of shoes in this Brand, from casuals to sportswear, fitness shoes, training wear, running, walking, and others.

31. Hushpuppy Shoes:


Hush Puppies is a premium brand for footwear found in 1958. It is a classic American design variant globally popular for its simplistic design, minimal yet edgy looks, and elegant style statement. The Hush Puppies are lightweight, comfortable, and edgy and often are lauded as those that come with timeless designs.

  • Key Features: The Hush Puppies shoes are lightweight, comfortable, formal, and very elegant.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Formal shoes, oxfords, loafer shoes, casuals, and more.

32. Lacoste Shoes:


The Lacoste is a France originated luxury premium brand found by the Tennis player Rene Lacoste way back in 1933. The Brand specializes in apparel, manufacturing luxury accessories, and footwear. Lacoste is a classic brand that thrives on its signature designs based on iconic evergreen looks, timeless styles, and comfort.

  • Key Features: Lacoste shoes are popularly known for being comfortable, edgy, and elegant with timeless designs and styles.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Slip-on shoes, loafers, casuals, sneaker shoes are popular ones in this Brand.

33. Airwalk Shoes:


Airwalk brand was founded in 1986 and later emerged as one of the leading brands for footwear and shoe manufacturing. Airwalk is famous for its easy and everyday designs, with comfort and simplistic minimal looks.

  • Key Features: The airwalk brand is stylish, simple, and perfect for casual and youthful style statements. Their shoes are all-weather proof and versatile.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, boots, casual shoes, sports shoes, and more are prevalent.

34. Bugatti Shoes:


Bugatti is an Italian brand founded in 1988. It is among the market leader in the footwear industry in Europe and specializes in dressy and formal looks and elegant styles. You can find the signature styles much simpler yet with sophisticated and elite looks.

  • Key Features: The Bugatti shoes come in neutral colours, with formalized elements in an exquisite style statement.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Formals, oxfords, casuals, sneakers, semi-formals are popular.

35. Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes:


The Ferragamo shoes come from the luxury Italian designer brand Salvatore Ferragmo. The Brand was founded in 1928, famous for its exquisite designs, sophisticated, intricate detailing, and refined products. They are leading producers in accessories and footwear and feature stylish and sleek designs perfect for those who prefer minimal style standards.

  • Key Features: Sleek, vintage, and elegant footwear designs with nude and neutral colours and sophisticated style options.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Monk straps, sneakers, slip-on shoes, oxfords, formals, boots are the most popular.

36. Jimmy Choo Shoes:


Jimmy Choo shoes are the globally most renowned designer wear footwear products all across. Their women’s shoe collection has gained popularity over decades and now stands as one of the fashion industry’s most coveted and wanted designs. Jimmy Choo was founded in the early 1990s, and the fashion house specializes in footwear, accessories.

  • Key Features: Jimmy Choo is for those women who love contemporary, classic, and brightful looks with bold, edgy style statements.
  • Types of Shoes Available: They are popular in women’s stylish footwear such as stilettos, pumps, and otherwise fashion boots.

37. Gucci Shoes:


Gucci is a famous Italian brand most of us already know. It was founded in 1920 by Guccio Gucci, and it has been successfully into several outfit, accessories, and footwear products ever since. While Gucci began with luxury travel and luggage products, we now have the Brand in several other segments. Gucci is famous for creating fashion statements, styles, and designer wear looks.

  • Key Features: The signature Gucci style shoes are always dressy, a designer style statement, and popular.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, leather shoes, loafer shoes, dressy shoes, formal shoes, and more.

38. Nike Shoes:


We all have heard about the Brand Nike! The American sports brand is among the world’s largest and leading brands for athletic and sports accessories, outfits, and footwear. The Nike footwear and shoes brands are among the well-known choice for durability, quality, and looks. The Brand is famous for its signature and classic designs, you cannot think of getting a designer wear with it, of course, but it seems pretty formal and straightforward designs with sporty looks.

  • Key Features: Nike brand is known for its quality and durability with resistance and toughness. Right from any sports to regular wear, you can find different Nike shoes according to your requirement.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Running shoes, jogging shoes, hiking shoes, casual shoes, training, sneakers, and more.

39. Burberry Shoes:


Burberry! The famous British brand is the name and go-to option for luxury and premium accessories and apparel, including footwear. They are among the market leaders in creating luxury fashion designer products that include high-end formal statement styles and casual chic and youthful looks.

  • Key Features: Burberry is famous for textured style statements, vibrant designer colours, metallic statement looks, and more.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, slides, and casual shoes are the most popular ones in their footwear segment.

40. Adidas Shoes:


Another common and well-known company for shoes is Adidas. The German-based manufacturing company Adidas was founded way back in 1949. The company is famous for its athletic and sports variants of clothing and shoes. Adidas has its signature products with its brand typographic logo and is famous for simple and classy designs. They are found everywhere globally and are durable, with a different sense of eye-catchy colours and looks.

  • Key Features: The Adidas shoes focus on bringing contemporary and eye-catchy mesmerizing designs with quality and sustainability. The Brand has different designs and uses to match the requirements of different populations.
  • Types of Shoes Available: Sneakers, training shoes, walking shoes, sports shoes, hiking shoes, and more.

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Branded shoes are available in the market but check the quality first to purchase good luxuries and branded shoes. Remember, branded shoes are available in your budget from low to high, so research well. Branded shoes are known for their quality; that’s the main reason for their brand. You will get good satisfaction after the purchase of branded shoes. Grab it.

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