If you love all things vintage, old-world, and traditional ornamental details, you will also fall in love with European-style house plans. The most enticing thing is that no particular kind of European house plan or design exists. Instead, These house plans have a distinguishing look and differ in gorgeous tall windows, stone or brick detailing, decorative woodwork, steeply pitched roofs, arched entries, and balconies. These homes are reminiscent of old-world with splendour, elegance, and grandeur.

Even the modern style European-inspired house plans have similar construction sightings may vary slightly in terms of look. However, if you are in awe of such an alluring architect, these beautiful European home plans will excite you. Let’s check them out today.

Gorgeous Old-world Style European House Plans And Designs:

These lovely and stunning European home plans will indeed mesmerize you just like they did to us. Whether you are looking for French style, Mediterranean house plans, or even the gorgeous Tuscan varieties, we have covered you with them all. We have both the traditional home plans as well as the modern European home plans. Let’s continue reading to explore the unique European house plans today.

1. Luxurious European Home Plan With Architectural Grandeur:

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There is nothing like the charm of old-world homes with vintage structures, grand architectural designs, and an ever-lasting elegant look. This brick and stone-designed European home plan is the hallmark of all things classic and vintage. We can only remember the good old period dramas seeing this home plan. This luxurious home also has a pool area. The steep, gorgeous roof, tall squared windows, and the sloped look give it a stunning grand appearance. The house plan features space for over four bedrooms and 3.5 baths. It has two floors, spacious for large families too. The house also has the advantage of four garages.

2. Royal-inspired European Design House Plan:

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This is yet another perfect plan in terms of European characteristics of residences and living. This home may not be very huge. However, it is not small too, apt to fit in four bedrooms and a spacious living room. The house exteriors are charming and mesmerizing, with the high-end rich and royal look and beautiful open garden area. The house has unique designed windows and panels and the roof is reminiscent of world-world too. Do you agree? The house too has space for over four beds and 4.5 baths. It has two floors and has a perfectly spacious feel to it.

3. Contemporary Modern European Style House Plan:

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If you are looking for a more contemporary and modern edgy chic home design yet having European characteristics and influence in residence design, this is an apt choice. This home has similar features of a lovely steep roof and a modern look in terms of windows, doors and panels. Further, the colour choice of the design of over three floors and exteriors gives us a contemporary feel.

4. Two-storeyed Luxurious European Home Plan:

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This is among the favourite and classic European-style home plans. This is mainly found around Swiss, Spanish, or French regions. The gorgeous home plan features a two-storeyed design with classic windows and doors, a spacious wide balcony, fencing design around, and an overall structured design delivering a beautiful look. The white colour also exudes elegance, charm, and sophistication. Do you agree? The open wide space around also brings up good space to the home. This mansion has space for over ten bedrooms and is the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle.

5. Grand European-style Large Home Plan:

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This home design and appearance is the hallmark of traditional large European-style house plans. This building has two stores and is large, suitable for large families. The home exudes grandeur and sophistication due to the architectural splendour and intricacies in design. The tall arched doors and windows with curvy shapes to the house also bring a unique and vintage element. The house also features a centre courtyard in the house plan, giving the impact of good old-world vibes and the traditional architectural look. If you would like a luxurious grand home structure, this is what you must check out. Do you agree?

6. Small Compact European Style Home Plan:

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We also have the three-floor yet small and compact European-style house plan. If you have limited area, you can still construct a European-inspired house plan and design. You can add more floors yet have an inspiring vintage and elegant home plan. This compact home design right here has a similar beautiful arch design, windows, and ambience. The decorative element with an intricate look adds to the grandeur vibe. The house plan features three bedrooms and 2.5 baths over two floors. Do you agree?

7. European Home Design with Stone Exteriors:

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West and central Europe home designs originally inspired the stone exteriors concept. We have this lovely home with a garden, and this looks enchanting. To the beautiful arches, doors, windows, and balconies, adding a garden look with plans brings on a charming and elegant alluring vibe. This can also be applied to small house designs. What do you think?

8. Large Modern European Country Side Farmhouse Design:

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Suppose you are looking for luxury and European-style home design that is not entirely traditional. In that case, this one right here is an apt fit. The beautiful home is inspired by European home features such as arched hallway entries, a sloped roof, spacious wide balconies, and gorgeous panelled windows. You can recreate a similar design, and this can look amazing as a country farmhouse or residence in the suburbs. This house has amazing exteriors with open wide space layouts. The total house spreads over four thousand sq feet and features four bedrooms with ample closet spaces, laundry and garages.

9. Beautiful Traditional Style European Home Design:

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This is a perfect choice if you wish to look into traditional European home design. The home looks breathtaking with the old-world vibe and the simple characteristics. The sloped roof to the long windows, panels, and wide spacious yard around remind us of traditional countryside living. Although it has one storey, the space accommodates over four bedrooms and three bathrooms. This traditional European-style house design is ideal for residences near the countryside or farms.

10. Small European-style Home:

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We also have this small European-style design home featured in our list. If you prefer a very normal and minimal lifestyle, this is a good choice to check out. The home is compact and small, yet looks beautiful with the greenery surrounding the home. Given its European-inspired design and exteriors, even smaller home does look plush and stunning. The house plan accommodates three bedrooms, living and kitchen spaces and a garage storage area.

11. European Wooden Home Plan:

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Wooden homes are also quite popular and beautiful when it comes to European house style and plans. This wooden home features single-storeyed living, with wide space indoors and outdoors. It has simple windows and doors, however, the intricate architecture surrounding the grills gives you a very old-world feel to it. The house has a good yard around and stunning stone walkways. If you like a simple and basic lifestyle, this home is what you must check out.

12. New Age European Style Home:

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You can also check out the new age European style home, yet with beautiful vintage characteristics. The design is inspired by the good old European style home structures, however, it is modified to suit the current lifestyle of millennials. We see the stunning one-story home with beautiful architectural design and splendour. The wide open space, glass-panelled windows, and arch designs remind us of elegance. The colour choice, however, brings forth the bold modern element too. The house plan features four beds, two baths and two garages.

13. Modern European-style Villa House Plans:

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The all-new and popular European-style villa home plan also is a perfect choice for a sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle. This home gives you a sleek and luxurious look. The wide and long glass panels, modern style fences, balconies and roof design gives us the illusion of a mesmeirzing contemporary look. However, the designs of roof and panels are inspired by European architecture. It features space for five bedrooms and the house plan also has spacious indoors for open kitchen and living. The house also has wide open space around for parking, and a garden.

14. European-style Cottage House Plans:

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This beautiful stone cottage house from a European architect is truly mesmerizing and one-of-a-kind. The lovely home features a beautiful open courtyard and wide open space. The stone and brick house plan exudes traditional vibes with the design inspired by an alluring vintage ambiance, featuring three bedrooms and two baths. The brick-sloped roof, arched windows, and long doors also stand out with an authentic and awe-inspired feel.

15. Traditional European English Mansion-style Home:

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We also have this two-storeyed English mansion home with traditional characteristics. The home features a perfect luxurious and colonial living style with wide space layouts, porch, an open area and an architect. It is a two-storeyed mansion-style home with over five bedrooms and five baths. There is ample space for a foyer, open kitchen, living and sitting space, office and work spaces too.

So, how did you enjoy exploring these beautiful European-style house plans and designs? Suppose you are awestruck by vintage vibes, architectural splendour, authenticity and unique intricate designs. In that case, you will love the good old-world European home designs and plans just like us. Let us know which one of the above did you like the most. We love to hear from you!


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