18 Best Foods And Diet For Increasing Height Rapidly

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Food can be used to increase weight; in fact food is one of the primary reasons why we gain weight. There are different kinds of food catering to different needs of the body. While the healthy ones can make us strong, the unhealthy ones make us big and not in a good way. With a big tummy, there are some foods that can be used to reduce the pot belly and similarly there are certain food types that would help you increase your height. We know how much you have always wanted to be among the tallest of guys and girls and it is finally now that you can give your dreams a shape.

foods to increase height

Top 18 Foods To Increase Height:

Given below the best foods that increase height along with healthy nutrients and proteins which are helpful to strong body and muscles strength.

1. Tofu:

Diet Foods to Increase height

Tofu is the best perfect height increase food. All this while you have heard how meat and egg and proteins and vitamins and then some more meat is required for you to grow tall. Here is a fact that would satisfy the inner vegetarian in you. Tofu, mainly a dairy product which we also call paneer is known to increase your height as much as meat or egg would because the primary constituent in it is calcium.

2. Milk:

Food For Height Milk

No doubt milk is the best height increasing food for children. There’s a reason why there would often be an episode in your childhood when you would find yourself being chased by your mother holding a glass of milk that you so much abhorred back then. Milk is the primary source of calcium which is the bone building element for your body. Along with the essential proteins, milk also helps to bind the bones making them stronger for growth.

3. Chicken:

Foods To Increase Height - Chicken

Your parents were right when they said meat will give you the meat for your body. It has been voted as one of the primary animal food that can help you grow not only in height but also in mass. Chicken more than any other animal meat can provide you with the best of the proteins and body building elements as researchers say. It is easily available food to increase height.

4. Egg:


The next best thing to your chicken is her egg which too will help your grow tall and strong. There is often a common saying that a boiled egg with a glass of milk will account for the best breakfast. Rich in vitamins and proteins you can always rely on eggs to ensure you grow tall. Eggs are the best and most powerful foods to increase height.

5. Beef:

Beef for height

Beef is also another well known height increase food. Next to chicken, the other meat that can help you in your growth is beef. Usually red meat helps you gain body mass not body fat. Beef is enriched in the essential body building components and nutrients which would make it a lovely item not only for cooking but also the essential body growth.

6. Soy Protein:

Soy Protein

Soy is one another food to increase height naturally with strongest muscles. Usually you can find the soy protein in the soy milk or soy beans which are meaty little pieces cut and cooked in a curry. Not only does it taste good, but soy along with calcium contains within itself a whole range of body building vitamins too. You can use flour and gram along with the soy beans to fry it or boil and curry it.

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7. Eat Your Greens:

Greens to grow taller

Your mother always forced you to eat your greens before that juicy steak and it’s simply because greeneries like the broccoli that you so much hate and the green beans or the spinach leaves- all of them are classic sources for vitamins and nutrients which you can have for your height growth increase. Green food is the ideal height increasing food.

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8. Banana:

Banana to grow tall

Here’s a fun fruit that can stock you up potassium which is important for bone strength and binding and without a strong bone, growth will not be possible. The richest source of vitamin K is in banana. This one occupies prominent place in the list of best foods that increase height.

9. Bok Choy:

Bok Choy Foods That Promote Height Growth

Bok choy is another top most height increase food. The last to the list is the Chinese cabbage that is mineral loaded and is known to stimulate the growth glands in your body. As a result, you can get a surety of height growth down the years.

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10. Yogurt:

Foods To Increase Height - Yogurt

Did you know that yogurt can affect your height? It has been proven to increase height quite effectively and it is one of the best thing out there that can actually assist your growth. This comes with the goodness of milk and many other vitamins as well. It is good for the stomach as well. The food can be said to be one of the best edible things that we can consume for keeping our body fit. People who consume yogurt after a meal will have zero indigestion issues. According to nutritional experts, the nutritional value of yogurt is quite high and matches the nutritional value of some of the best foods available to us. Thus, it can be said that, if you’re looking for a height increase food, the yogurt will be the perfect one for you.

11. Grains:

Foods To Increase Height - Grains

Grains along with some starches can be one of the best foods that will allow gaining height. If you want to increase your height quite fast, then start having foods that contain starch. For example, brown rice comes with good proportions of starch and this can be said to be one of the finest things that will allow one to gain height. For increasing height, you need to feed the body with the right stuff, that will further strengthen the back lengthening muscles and will allow one to gain height the fastest way possible. People tend to avoid foods with starch for losing fat and that is why a lot of them have height issues.

12. Ashwagandha:

Foods To Increase Height - Ashwagandha

The Indian ginseng is one of the best foods that we can avail that will further assist in increasing height. It can be easily availed from any kind of herbal store and there more than one ways to have it. For example, if you are willing to increase height you will have to drink it with milk and add some sugar with it. This is one of the best herbs out there and you will be able to eat at almost anytime of the day. This process of increasing height is being followed by the Indian from a long time and history tells us that this is so far, one of the most successful natural ways to increase height.

13. Oatmeal:

Foods That Increase Height In Teenagers Oatmeal

It doesn’t taste that good but can increase height quite successfully. People who are increasing height at a fast pace are surely consuming proper amounts of oatmeal per day. The best way to increase height is to have proper amounts of oatmeal on a daily basis. People should be consuming oatmeal at a small age so that they can boost their height during the growth years. The another name for oatmeal is height increasing food.

14. Coral Calcium:

Foods To Increase Height - Coral Calcium

Want to increase your height fast by eating food? This will help you. Coral calcium is basically derived from sea corals and thus boost the bone strength and adds some extra proportions of mass to the body. The best way to add some extra mass to the body is to have coral calcium. But before having it, consult the experts for the process of consumption. This is one of the extraordinary foods to increase height in natural way at home.

15. Fish:

Foods That Increase Height Rapidly Fish

Fish is one of the most tastiest and healthy foods to increase height in teenagers. You will be able to increase your height by taking proper proportions of salmon, tuna, etc and other fishes. Whether you just fry and eat it or make it like an exotic dish, you will be able to get the proper proportions of fish. Instead of being tasty, this sea food is quite healthy as well and it has been proven that fish flesh does assist in promoting proper height growth.

16. Proteins:

  • Being the building blocks in our body, consuming proteins is the best way to increase height naturally.
  • The amino acids in proteins assist the growth hormone and are important for maintaining healthy organs, muscles, bones, tissues, teeth and skin.
  • A diet rich in protein helps in building and repairing body tissues that result in height gain.
  • The recommended dose of protein in the diet is 45-55 grams daily.
  • Some of the protein rich foods that must form a part of your diet are milk, green beans, oatmeal, pulses, lentils, lean meat, fish and seeds.

17. Vitamin A:

  • Vitamins are essential for normal body functioning and growth.
  • Of these Vitamin A plays a crucial role in enhancing height and healthy functioning of body organs.
  • Besides it also required to maintain the vision process, skin and mucous membrane.
  • Vitamin A also preserves calcium in our bones and keeps them healthy and strong.
  • In order to promote height growth it is necessary to consume 4000-5000 IU Vitamin A in your diet.
  • Green vegetables, cantaloupe, papaya, spinach, tomatoes, beetroot, peas, chicken and apricot are good sources of Vitamin A.

18. Vitamin D:

  • Just like Vitamin A, it is also important to consume a diet rich in Vitamin D to witness substantial height increase.
  • Vitamin D plays an important role in the formation of strong and healthy bones.
  • It also aids absorption of calcium and boosts the immune system.
  • The minimum daily dose of Vitamin D in the diet should be 400 IU.
  • UV radiations are the natural source of Vitamin D while good dietary sources are cereals, tofu, soy beans, mushrooms, egg yolk, liver and fish.

In this article, you are provided with authentic information about some of the best foods that increase height successfully. These foods are prescribed by most physique building experts and are actually some of the best foods out there that can assist in stretching the muscles and thus causing height gain.