Does Running Increase Height?

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Running plays a very important role in maintaining the health and fitness of your body. This exercise is started when we learn how to walk that is from childhood. Children use to run after puppies and cats and also run to hide away from mummy and unwanted food items.

running increases height

Running helps you a lot to be in a good shape and later on helps to maintain it. It also keeps you away from much kind of diseases related to digestive problems. Besides keeping you fit it has many more benefits also. So today I will let you know how it helps you in increasing your height.

How And In Which Ways Running Helps Us To Increase Our Height:

1. Weight Loss:

• Running does not let the body to increase weight.
• It burns extra calories which makes you obese and inactive.
• By losing weight it makes you slim and thinner and a tall appearance.
• So in both ways directly or indirectly running helps you look taller.

2. Maintains Health:

• Your complete health will be maintained by a single exercise known as running.
• Running daily on a regular basis will help the body to increase the immunity and will prevent your body from the attack of various kind of disease.
• Muscles of the body gets stretched and relaxed while running.
• Muscle fatigue is also prevented and muscles get toned and in return your body also gets toned with the help of running.
• Chances of getting heart attack at an early stage are also reduced.
• Running also keeps a check on the levels of sugar and thus prevents us from the chances of getting diabetic. Now at a very small age children suffered from diabetes.
• So when our health will be maintained only then we will be able to grow and our height will be increased.

3. Relieves Stress:

  • Running helps in stabilizing the mental status of any individual.
  • It eliminates depression, relieves stress and helps in preventing headaches and tensions.
  • Some hormones are released in the area of brain which helps in elevating the mood and keeps you fresh through whole day.
  • When you are away from all stress then you eat well which in turn increase your height.

4. Controls Blood Pressure:

• Running daily for a half mile helps you a lot in controlling blood pressure.
• It also helps in maintaining the elasticity of arteries.
• Arteries expand and contract harder while running than the normal one.
• It decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke.
• It will help in increasing the metabolism and in turn helps you in growing taller.

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5. Controls Respiratory Problems:

• Respiratory problems make the person ill and lean. They stop all kind of development directly and indirectly.
• Running increases the activity of lungs by increasing the count of exhalation and inhalation.
• Risk of getting asthma attack and bronchitis related problems are reduced.
• Running makes your respiration healthy and blood flow increases. Thus helping you indirectly to increase your height.

6. High Speed:

• Running speed also matters a lot in increasing the height.
• To grow taller run at a high speed with a great intensity. Take a look on the athletes who participate in tiring marathons are tall and long.
• This is only due to running which helps you in releasing the hormone which controls growth and height factors in sufficient amount.
• Normally the effect of growth hormone stays for 24 hours.
• Thus running with a high speed helps you a lot in growing taller.

So keep running and grow taller and enhance your personality.

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