How to Increase Height After 20 Years

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Growth in height is necessary for all individuals. These days, teenagers are very particular about their height among the peers. There are various reasons why one is not able to achieve a normal height. Like, if your parents are short heighted, it is normal for you to remain short; there also are cases where the bones cease to grow after a certain age, thus causing one to remain short heighted.

If you know you might remain short because of any reason there are ample of natural ways and worth making an effort to increase height.

Best ways to Increase Height After 20 Years
Best ways to Increase Height After 20 Years:

1. Increase Calcium Intake:

Calcium is essential to keep the bones healthy and active. It is seen that those who decrease calcium intake during their teenage, have less chances of getting a normal height. The phase is that of growth and the bones being made of calcium make it necessity nutrition in the food. Foods containing high calcium content are milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese & green and leafy vegetables etc. these need to be consumed regularly in all possible forms to keep the bones active.

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2. Stretching Exercises:

There are various exercises like jumping, cycling, skipping, swimming that involve a lot of stretching of the bones and muscles and help the body grow. Besides, there are also indoor exercises in yoga that help the ankle and twist muscles stretch and increase height. Acupuncture is another way to hit the right pressure points on the body and prevent any blockages that may be a hindrance to growing height in individuals.

3. Take Care of Sitting and Sleeping Postures:

Sloughing postures prevent proper growth. If you hunch your back while sitting or sleep with the hands and feel coiled together for most of the time, the backbone presses against the veins that prevent proper flow of blood to the body. This can also be amongst the reasons of short height. Thus it is a necessity to sleep and sit in proper posture so that blood flow to essential parts of the body is normal and the height is proper.

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4. Be Active:

Laziness is the primary cause for the body to become flabby. This flesh also causes one to remain short-heighted. If your height does not compliment your body weight, it might cause obesity and hinder proper height growth. Thus, be active and prevent accumulation of unnecessary fats in the body. Energy is essential to burn the fats and keeps the body growing, thus, improving the chances of height increase.

5. Keep Bad Habits at Bay:

Drugs, smoking & drinking are a deterrent to both physical and mental growth of an individual. With so much exposure to the world, these habits are easy to catch and keep. But if you seriously want an increase in your current height, you have to consider leaving these habits. They cause reduced metabolism in the body and also prevent its growth. For that matter, too much of tea and coffee is also harmful for the growth period.

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6. Give the Body Rest:

Like food, sleep and exercise rest is also essential for the body. It helps rejuvenate the system and prepares the body and brain for better functioning and growth. An exhausted mind and body is of no use, so give the body at least 8 hours of proper sleep so that it is ready for the upcoming activities. Moreover, your efforts will show results only when they are given time to be absorbed by the body which is done only during sleep.

There also are medical processes which can help you gain height, but are very expensive and can involve multiple series of treatments. Therefore it is advisable to try these before opting for medical help.