How to Measure Height?

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Height has always been an important factor that has ruled or ruined lives. Height is very important and natural parts of a person while their growing up. From when you’re one year old to when you touch the age of 21 your body is constantly going through changes both mental and physical. Growing in height is a very necessary physical attribute that differs from person to person. Height is influenced by many factors which include hereditary height which is the height attributes that run in the family, surrounding influences which may include environmental changes, physical exertion when growing up and so on. Since there are so many dominating factors that influence your height there is no specific height that a person can have. Height is very easily measured and a great variety of methods can be used.

Wall measurement

Height measurement is usually done to keep check as to whether you are growing at a normal speed. To successfully measure height there are a few great methods given in details that can make your job easy:

Wall Measurement:

This is usually seen when a child is growing up and is quite an efficient way to measure your height at all times. To carry out this method successfully first find a clear wall that you can rest your back against, then with your back aligned with the wall stand straight with your face facing forward. Now with the help of a chalk mark the area of the wall that is aligned with the top of your head. After successfully marking the wall move away. Now use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the marking and the ground to get an accurate height measurement.

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Direct Measuring Tape:

Another very accurate method to get a good height measurement is to direct place the two ends of a measuring tape both below your feet and on the top part of your head. Hold the top part with your fingers and the bottom part with your toes. Keep a tab on the area of the measuring tape that combines both points and you will get an accurate height measurement.

Height Measurement Board:

The height measurement board is a very complete height measurement method. This board is available at almost any market and is very necessary to have if you have a child at home that is growing up. This board can be stuck to your wall permanently so that your child can get an accurate height reading whenever they want. The board has is lined with an accurate measurement of up to 7 feet normally along with individual inches below each foot.

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Weight and Height Calculation:

This is a much more difficult and less accurate process but at the end of the day it gives the results you require. The process is only carried out if you do not have any other way to measure your height. It is a summarizing process that requires you to first calculate your weight and then compare it to your age. One compared your height will be 2 inches less or more than your weight and height which is a comparative study in regards to whether you are more or less the weight you are required to be at your age.

These are the most effective ways you can measure your height but keep in mind that you do not grow further after you have reached the age of 21 because at this point in time your body has fully matured. As mentioned above there is no accurate height a person should be because there are many factors that can influence your height but necessarily here is an average height which you will need to be after going through all the required changes.

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