The GM diet plan or the General Motor Diet Plan is a 7-day diet program. It focuses on healthy and clean eating to enable natural weight loss. Unlike the other programs which involve a lot of meat or pure starvation, the GM diet Vegetarian plan can balance them both. It prescribes a generous portion of fresh fruits, vegetables, brown rice and other healthy options to offer a wide variety of options for Vegetarians. In fact, it is a veggie lovers delight, with each day focussing on different foods from the vegetarian meal plan. In this article, we shall learn more about the GM diet Veg in detail!

What Is Veg Gm Diet Plan?

The GM diet plan vegetarian is a 7-day challenge, in which one can binge on different foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy and brown rice. It is an Indian friendly diet program, which allows replacement of beef, originally prescribed in the main GM diet plan. Many plant-based protein sources like Soya act as a perfect replacement to meat, making it ideal for vegetarians.

Is GM Diet Veg Plan Healthy?

The Veg GM diet plan is considered to be one of the healthiest ways to lose weight fast. As per the plan, relying on an exclusive diet of fruits, raw or cooked veggies can cleanse the internal system and flush out toxins. It can also improve digestion and metabolic rate, thanks to the high amounts of dietary fibre in these foods. The diet also brings a natural glow on your skin, along with a slimmer waste at the end of the challenge.

How Does Veg GM Diet Plan Work?

The Veggie GM diet works by supplying the body with low-calorie, low-carbohydrate foods like fruits and vegetables. This enables the body to use stored fats and carbohydrates to generate energy. It also minimises your food cravings due to the high amounts of natural sugars in fruits, which indirectly aids in weight loss.

GM Diet Plan Vegetarian:

The normal GM Diet requires the consumption of meat on several days as part of the regular diet plan. But this is obviously not a viable option for those who are strict vegetarians and vegans. This GM diet Indian veg plan is, therefore, a modified version of the regular one- it is a purely vegetarian version of the original GM Diet.

The Daily Schedule for GM Diet Plan Vegetarian Indian Version:

Like the normal GM Diet, the vegetarian version of the original GM diet has a seven-day schedule that you need to follow in order to lose weight. Given below is the GM diet chat veg, that you must strictly adhere to for each day:

#Day 1:

You can eat only fruits. This is similar to the normal GM diet only fruits are allowed to be eaten by you on the first day. All types of fruits can be eaten in all quantities. All fruits except bananas are allowed. This is because they are high in potassium and carbohydrates. Your daily water intake should normally be around 10 or 12 glasses throughout the whole day.

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#Day 2:

For the second day, you can eat potato and all kinds of vegetables. For the main meal of the day, you must eat one cup of baked. This will give you enough energy for the whole day. You must add side dishes of vegetables for lunch and dinner. Vegetables are good for this option, as this provides the body with a lot of energy to function.

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#Day 3:

For the third day, you can eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables could be eaten throughout the day, whenever you are hungry, and this includes midday snacks. You can eat these from breakfast to dinner. Fruit juice is also optional, apart from water. All vegetables are allowed, except potatoes. Bananas are not allowed yet.

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#Day 4:

For this day, you can eat bananas and milk. Banana milkshake or some variation of bananas and milk are allowed to be consumed throughout the day. For lunch and dinner, you can have vegetable soup in servings. Banana shakes are a good option for breakfast and midday snacks.

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#Day 5:

For this day, you can eat brown rice and tomatoes. Since this is a vegetarian diet, you cannot eat meat on this day so you are given brown rice as a substitute. For this, you can boil one cup of brown rice and consume it with eight to ten tomatoes throughout the day.

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#Day 6:

For this day, you can eat sprouts, brown rice and tomatoes. For this, you can boil one cup of brown rice and consume it with eight to ten tomatoes throughout the day. Vegetables are also allowed for consumption on this day, in soup or any other dish form.

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#Day 7:

On this day, you are allowed to consume two cups of brown rice. With this, you can have all kinds of fruits and vegetables. By the end of this weekly schedule of the GM diet, you should have lost 2-3 kgs. Your skin would be glowing and you would feel detox, healthy and fresh. You can repeat this diet as often as needed.

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How To Maintain Weight After 7 Days Of Veg GM Diet Plan?

Post-diet weight maintenance is a big challenge to many. Lack of awareness on the dietary guidelines can reverse all the hard work you have done over the last 7 days. Here is what you need to do after the GM Veg Diet Plan for weight loss:

After finishing the GM diet, you need to measure your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate value and calculate the required calories accordingly. Based on that you can choose a suitable non-vegetarian meal plan to cater to your requirements. For example, if your BMR is low, you can go for a 1200 Calorie plan. If it is higher than 2000 calories, you can opt for a 1500 calorie plan.

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Tips To Avoid Weight Gain After Veg GM Diet Plan:

Just because your diet plan is over, your food restrictions have not come to an end yet. To keep your weight steady and reap the “fruits” of your labour, follow these tips:

  • After the strict diet period, don’t jump to your previous routine abruptly.
  • Slowly introduce “new” foods to your diet.
  • Avoid high-calorie foods like fried junk, processed or starchy food.
  • Decrease your carbs and work on your protein intake.
  • Switch to healthy foods like green tea, instead of coffee, tea or sugar foods.
  • Say no to Alcohol.
  • Drink at least 3-4 litres of water per day.
  • Don’t skip your exercises.

The GM Vegetarian diet is designed to bring a positive change in the way you eat! It helps you recognise the goodness of natural foods like fruits and veggies, which are sufficient to keep you going. Even after the diet, it is recommended to cut down on your carbohydrates and focus more on eating a fresh and raw diet to keep your system clean. Not only does it help in maintaining weight, but also improve your overall well-being!


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