Lockets are small ornamental jewellery piece worn on the neck on a chain usually made of gold, silver or any other metal. They are also part of the fashion accessory paired with amazing chains. Lockets consist of two parts as in they open to store a photograph, something important attached to you. Lockets are a fashion accessory for both men as well as women in today’s time.

They have lately garnered attention for their new varied designs and different patterns. They are extremely popular among people of all age groups.

Different Types of Gold Locket Designs:

Adding charm to one’s personality, giving that overall confidence, style statement and fashion at its best, one gold locket can do all that! Go get yours and flaunt that look.

1. Heart Shaped Gold Locket:

One of the classic examples and never to go out of style lockets are golden heart lockets. They can be of different sizes maybe small, medium or large etc. and can be solid heart or can be opened up to insert and keep photographs of loved ones.

2. Girls Gold Locket with Stones:

Gold lockets with precious and semi-precious stones look elegant with gold chains. They can be made with pearl red stones, blue stones, green stones etc. These lockets can also be opened as they are made in Victorian style to store photo. Hence these are also known as Victorian style photo lockets. They look royal when worn.

3. Gold Lockets with White Stone Design:

Popular all over the world, these classic lockets are never out of fashion. The white stone in the centre can be of calcite, white stones or white pearls. Calcite as a stone is very much preferred for these gold lockets. The chain can be of white gold or normal gold for that elegant look. These can also be opened  to keep photographs.

4. Gold Locket Set for Women:

Preferred by women all over, golden locket sets with their matching earrings are a hit in parties, offices, formal function or any informal meeting. The designs can be of anything interesting and catchy like hearts, butterflies, stars, etc. The golden lockets can have some white stones also set on it for that extra shine. The lockets set with the earrings can complete the whole look.

5. Gold Locket Necklaces for Teens:

Teens are equally excited to explore new fashion trends. They can experiment with various gold lockets as daily wear, college wear, party wear etc. Teens want something light to carry off with style. These abstract shaped golden lockets can be a hit with both boys as well as girls.

6. Golden Sphere Locket with Gold Chain:

Very much unique in style and fashion are the golden lockets with golden spheres. The locket is a golden sphere with precious stones studded on them along with many small golden spheres on them. They can really stand out when one wears them as the locket itself can speak volumes about the person.

7. Gold Glass Locket with Flowers:

These golden glass lockets have a vintage, old world charm in them. These glass lockets have a beautiful painting in them and hence look stunning. The glass painting gives the lockets a different appeal and can be paired with any outfits.

8. Golden Floral Locket with Photos:

Golden lockets are always a hit with women. When made into a flower or in a floral pattern, these golden floral lockets look even more fabulous. The floral lockets can be made to store photographs of loved ones inside and these have an oval pattern generally.

9. Rose Gold Locket Pendents:

Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper used for jewellery. Rose gold jewellery is becoming very popular and is commonly used for rings, bracelets, earrings, lockets and other expensive jewellery. Also known as red gold and pink gold depending on the copper content in it; these are for luxury and high end people as they are on the expensive side. These look beautiful with that unique shade of gold in the lockets compared to the normal golden lockets.

10. Golden Evil Eye looks Locket:

Hanging or wearing an evil eye is a common thing in today’s times. Evil eye are there as key chains, rings, pendants, lockets etc. Lockets with evil eyes are used to ward off glares from people believed to cause misfortune or ill luck. Lockets with evil eye are very common now.

11. Black Ceramic Golden Lockets:

When class meets class, it can be black with golden. Black with golden is a classic combination and perfect example in clothes, jewellery, bags etc. The black ceramic lockets go very well with gold and with black steel chain can be the perfect gift as well as the perfect locket in one’s collection.

12. Seashell Gold Chain Locket:

Seashells can be a very different design for a locket. People with interest in marine life and aquatics, can experiment with these golden seashell lockets. The golden locket can be opened to store pearls as in the pearls can be fixed inside as in the case of a real seashell.

13. Couple Golden Locket and Chain:

The best gifting option or the best wedding gift for any couple can be these couple golden lockets. The wedding date can the couple photograph can be inserted inside the hearts or circles, etc. as is the design.

14. Golden Lockets with Charms for Women:

Golden lockets with charms can be an instant hot with women of all age groups. The lockets can have a floating charm like a star, key, heart, butterfly etc. The charm can be studded with stones for extra elegant look to the golden locket.

15. White Gold Lockets:

White gold lockets look breathtakingly beautiful on any woman. The white gold locket can have a golden embellishment on them or something engraved on the locket. The white gold lockets and chains are becoming very popular these days.

Everyone is very fashion conscious and wants to keep their style statement updated at all times. Golden lockets can be an all-time hit with men as well as women alike. The various designs, patterns, looks in golden lockets can spoil one for choices and one can choose their own particular look. Jewellery can communicate a lot and hence the ornaments on ones hands, neck, ears, toes etc. can speak for the overall personality of a person.


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