A locket is like a pendant that has space to keep a photograph or a small item. These days many people can be seen wearing heart lockets, be it teenagers or adults. It has become highly popular among all because of its basic implication  love. Gifting your loved one a heart locket is taken as a really appreciable gesture.

So if you are confused about what to gift your loved one this anniversary or on Valentine’s Day, a heart locket might be the perfect thing.

Open and Photo Heart Lockets with Pictures and Names:

Here are few of the best types of heart lockets for Couples and Girls.

1. Heart Locket with Clock Inside:

If you love clock watches and lockets, this is the perfect combination of the two. It is a heart shaped locket, which when opened, has a clock watch inside it. It has an antique look and is a beautiful gift to be given to someone you love.

2. Gold Heart Locket Chain for Girls:

For those who believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, this gold heart locket is the best possession. It is shiny gold and has no designs on it. It looks elegant and can be worn over anything.

3. Lock and Key Heart Locket:

The most appropriate gift to the person who is the “key to your heart”, this locket has a key which opens the heart shaped lock. It has a really special indication, and is sure to make someone feel loved. It can also carry a photograph, making it a heart photo locket.

4. Silver Heart Locket for Women:

Is gold too mainstream for you? If yes, then this beautiful locket will take your breath away.This silver heart locket is simple and pretty and will look good on anyone who wears it. Also, it can be worn over any attire. Win–win!

5. Heart Family Locket in Gold:

This locket is of a unique kind, as it has space for photographs of your whole family. It can store four photographs at a time. It is one of the most thoughtful heart photo lockets, because this shows that our family is always in our heart. It is a thoughtful gift, and everyone is bound to love it.

6. Antique Heart Shaped Locket:

This antique necklace with a heart locket has its own charm. It is beautiful, with an elegant design on its outer side. This gold heart locket is best for those who love antique stuff.

7. Photo Heart Locket in Silver:

This simple locket has space for two photographs. Such a type of locket can be given to your loved one with a photograph of both of you.

8. Glow in The Dark Heart Shaped Locket:

This is one of the prettiest heart lockets. It has an intricate design on the outside with a hollow heart. The hollow part glows in the dark and looks enchanting. Teenagers as well as adults love it.

9. Couple Heart Lockets:

These are two lockets, each having half of a heart. It indicates that both the people together complete a heart. This can be a great gift for your better half, as it is a thoughtful and sweet gesture.

Heart lockets are being worn these days by everyone. Teenage girls as well as women love it when someone gifts it to them. Different types of lockets like silver heart locket, photo heart locket,simple heart shaped locket and gold heart lockets are gaining demand.


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