Lockets enhance the looks of the person totally. They are part of ones jewellery since ancient times. The most beautiful and charming way to accessorise the neck is by flaunting a chain with an eye catching locket. They also have some or the other significance attached to them. Lockets are a fashion accessory for both men as well as women in today’s time. They have garnered attention for their new varied designs and different designs. They are extremely popular among people of all age groups.

Beautiful Lockets for Girls:

Lockets can be a style statement in itself by the way one carries off the look. Here we will have a look into the top 25 different locket designs for men and women along with images.

1. Simple Gold Photo Lockets in Gold:

Gold is meant for purity and it can be significantly worn at special occasions and also during the festival times. Amongst all the metals, Gold has been very popular as it was considered as an important thing in the wardrobe. Purchasing gold ornaments will never go out of fashion and this is why the rate keeps on increasing. Whether for men or women, lockets will look beautiful when worn with the traditional and wedding costumes.

2. Beautiful Diamond Lockets:

People who loves to get an exude class and styles can prefer and go with the diamond jewelleries. Men and women who wear diamond jewellery will look beautiful with an enhanced personality. They never lose their style and elegance. Even this is a great option for gifting to your loved ones. Though these are little expensive they can never be compared with any other ornaments.

3. Silver and Gold Lockets:

After the gold ornaments, the most popular one is the silver having the perfect finishing and elegant look. Wearing the best combination of gold and silver will be liked by all men and women who love to wear the jewels. Gold and silver look elegant with any designs in lockets. The same can be a combination of gold and silver or else embellishments of one over another.

4. Crystal Glass Lockets for Girls:

The most important thing that comes to one’s mind while thinking of trendy jewellery is crystals and the brilliance of the same. Crystals are the new trend in fashion jewellery with lockets in crystals and glass. The glass crystal lockets can have the designs of flowers, leaves etc. They can be of various colours and can be modified according to one’s preference.

5. Traditional Kundan Lockets for Wedding:

Kundan is very popular jewellery for weddings and other traditional occasions. Kundan is expensive work of green, maroon and white stones in gold. Kundan jewellery is exclusively used for brides for that resplendent look. They look very grand and beautiful. Women have many Kundan lockets in their trousseau to pair up on different functions with simple gold chains. They are unique, handcrafted jewellery and are a part of ancient jewellery craft.

6. Personalised Lockets Photo:

Personalised lockets in silver, gold or diamonds with name and photographs, a quote, saying, a particular word or some important dates look lovely when worn on the neck with a simple elegant chain. Personalising things are very much in fashion. They are a perfect gifting option too. They can be with you always and can be a part of your life forever.

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7. Pearl Lockets Gold:

Pearls are symbolic of royalty and grace and people have been wearing pearls since many centuries. Pearls are a status symbol and give a classy look. Pearl lockets are for that graceful look in a woman. Pearl lockets can be of a single pearl in white, pink or off white in Victorian style with a insertion for a photograph inside. One can be sure with pearl jewellery always. This can be carried off in Indian wear, western wear, gowns, evening wear, party wear etc. Pearl lockets can be an excellent gifting option too.

8. Womens Lockets with Rhinestones:

Rhinestones look very similar to diamonds but are not that expensive. Women can very well flaunt lockets in gold and silver chains with rhinestones. They shine brilliantly and hence give a resplendent look to the woman wearing it. The rhinestone lockets with silver or gold chains can be perfect for that stunning everyday look too.

9. Lockets with Vintage Charm:

Vintage lockets made in rhinestone or an alloy can be made in such a way that they can even glow in the dark. These vintage lockets have different cuts and the designs are such that the stones are placed for that glowing look in the dark. They can be hence used for evening wear or for a daytime function. They can be also very old and hence expensive.

10. Evil Eye Lockets for Girls:

Lockets with evil eyes are used to ward off glares from people believed to cause misfortune or ill luck. Using an evil eye as a locket and wearing it is considered good for the person. Evil eyes are becoming very popular with people using them in cars, wristbands, bracelets, etc.

11. Photo Lockets in Rose Gold Metal:

Rose gold is basically an alloy of gold and copper used for making jewellery which is now very widely popular. This is commonly used for chains, rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, lockets etc. now. Rose gold is also known as red gold and pink gold depending on the extent of copper in it.  Rose gold is expensive and hence these lockets are for luxurious and high end people. These lockets radiate elegance.

12. Lockets with Antique Finish:

Handed over from many generations, antique things are symbolic to pride, culture, family and heritage. These precious lockets have monetary as well as emotional value attached. They are indeed a very special and a prized possession. They have beautiful designs, carved on them, temple designs, goddesses’ designs, precious stones, precious metals, Victorian designs, etc. on them. The make of the locket also is different with the carat of gold used in making these lockets. These antique lockets are class apart and stay fabulous and evergreen for many generations.

13. Swarovski Lockets with Crystals:

Swarovski crystals are very popular and fast catching everybody’s fancy. Many accessories for men and women these days are bedecked with Swarovski crystals. They have a designer feel.  Setting Swarovski crystals in a locket with a gold chain or a platinum or sterling silver can be that just beautifully crafted jewellery piece. Complete that red carpet look with the matching set of rings, bracelets and ear rings.

14. Simple Rhodium Floating Lockets:

Rhodium as an element is very popular in fashion jewellery making off late. Jewelleries with rhodium finish looks very close to silver and have that same finish. Rhodium floating lockets have the charms inside the locket and are transparent and can be opened to change the charms according to ones wish. Rhodium finish is extensively used these days in gold and silver jewellery too. Rhodium floating lockets look classy and are high in fashion but at the same time are not that expensive.

15. Gold Peacock Feathered Design Lockets:

One of the most popular designs for that traditional look can be lockets inspired by peacock and peacock designs. Peacock stands as a symbol of pride, grace and beauty. Women have all these qualities and hence can connect to these lovely, magical peacock lockets. They look really magical with traditional attires and the vibrant colour hues in these peacock feathered lockets look stunning.

16. Stylish Angel Wing Locket for Girl:

They are not the usual, boring, similar kind of lockets. Angel wing or wing lockets look beautiful on women for that casual look. Feathers and wings are symbolic to birds and hence represent freedom. Women now are very much independent, free and are at par with men in all walks of life. Women have angelic qualities in them that they are born multitaskers. So all you women go flaunt these stylish, beautiful angel wing lockets.

17. Filigree Prayer Box Lockets:

Filigree work is much in demand in jewellery. It is a work of fine wire formations into a delicate pattern or a trace. Filigree work is popular in earrings, bracelets, lockets and many other ornamental works. Filigree prayer box lockets are very unique and capture the nuances of this intricate work in a locket. This is really funky as well as very much fashionable.

18. Musical Lockets:

These unique lockets have different elements like mermaid, seahorse, cupids, fairies, angels, horses etc. on the face of the locket. On the inside they have a real musical box for music to be played. So unique and interesting are these lockets that one cannot just keep them off.

19. Teardrop Stone Lockets with Photo:

Chains with precious and semi-precious stones can look beautiful and classy. Rubies, sapphires, topaz, quartz, aquamarine or emeralds cut in style can be studded and placed artistically in a locket. The lockets are in such a way that the stones are in the shape of a teardrop. They look beautiful when worn even as a standalone jewellery piece. The elegance gets added with the lockets’ overall brilliance because of the stones.

20. Gold Designer Alphabet Lockets:

Lockets with a unique, single word like friend, love, trust, faith, hope, etc. or an alphabet as in the first letter of your name, spouses’ name, child name etc. will look good for everyday use. The unique word or that particular alphabet in the bracelet can remind us of few important things which always stays in one’s life always. These alphabet lockets can be ones’ biggest source of inspiration.

21. Leather Bag Lockets:

Genuine leather lockets with owl, eagle, hawk designs are extremely popular in fashion. Leather can be a style statement on its own. This leather bag locket can be flaunted by both men as well as women. This different locket can be used in a chain, as a hook in the belt, etc. They blend very well with western outfits. Style these leather chains according to the outfit and it’s a hit among all men out there for that cool yet trendy look and women for that fashion queen in them.

22. Dragonfly Lockets:

Sounds interesting and one gets curious to know about these Dragonfly Lockets. These lockets are made of vintage zinc alloy and hence have that special colour and texture of old world charm. The Dragonfly lockets can be used in a chain or can be doubled to be used as a sweater chain.

23. Enamel Lockets for Women:

Enamel is that glossy coating just like glass that is applied to hard surfaces, paintings, old furniture etc. as a protective coating on top.  Such finishing is known as Enamel finish. Enamel finished lockets are also very popular with the locket being protected. If the locket is very expensive one with a rare painting, picture etc. enamel can be used for that sheen and one can flaunt these Enamel Lockets with pride.

24. Trident Lockets:

Trident is symbolic to the Greek God Poseidon in Greek mythology. He is known as the God of Sea and is worshiped. His symbol was the Trident. People associate these lockets to him and the strength he possessed. These Trident lockets can be the symbol of power for men and hence can be worn by them.

25. Illusionist Lockets:

Inspired by the movie “The Illusionist”, these lockets are made of wood and acrylic. These lockets are solid when worn but can be opened sideways, diagonally etc. in many ways to insert photographs. These are one of the unique gifting options also.

Fashion has become the way forward with both men and women and they take time out to keep their fashion quotient updated at all times. Old and young people alike flaunt their own style and looks. So go all out and choose that unique locket which suits your taste and needs.  Experiment and explore newer options in the best accessory for necks being lockets and chains. Tweak your wardrobe and revamp your look to get a whole new dimension to your personality.


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