The green colour is my favourite colour. Very few people like the green colour and so we find rare people wearing green tops. In green colour also, a variety of patterns are coming in dark green and light green. Green colour defines nature. And nature is very beautiful. Like Red, Green colour is considered auspicious. It signifies the colour of love for nature. If one has a firm decision to wear green colour top, then it is going to be bewildering for her to choose from among a lot of varieties.

Different Shades of Green Colour Tops for Women’s with Images:

Here are the 9 fashionable designer green colour tops in trend for ladies and girls.

1. Women’s Green Top Long:

This green colour top will look pretty on women. It has a little dark shade of green colour. It has a collar on the neck with 3/4th sleeve and two pockets on the front side of the top. The pattern has been done with the help of buttons on neck and sleeves. It is nice-looking on women.

2. Stylish Green Tops for Girls:

This dark green top will look wonderful on young girls. It is body-fit and kaftan sleeve. It has a round cowl neck on the front and low neck pattern on the backside. Slim-fit jean will look pleasing with this top. Girls will look attractive and peerless in this top.

3. Light Green Top Design:

This is a light green colour awesome top. It is chiffon material with a nice pattern. It is short in size and backside good design is given for different look. It has a capacity of winning hearts of the public. It is marvellous and very pleasant in wearing.

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4. Green Lace Tops for Wedding:

It is a green colour lace fabric top. It is going to look first-class on cute girls. Beautiful pearl necklace is worn on the neck which is giving superlative personality. Lace green tops always stay in demand. It is a full sleeve with arresting design and prepossessing charisma.

5. Ladies Green Top Shirt:

This green top is perfect for ladies to wear. It will look good with black jeans. It has a print of a beautiful lady over the green top. It is simple in design and can be used regularly. Ladies like simple tops to wear at home, so it is for them. Short sleeve, round neck with black spectacles is giving amiable look.

6. Modern Long Green Top for Teens:

It is a long size green colour top. It is plain with a cap sleeve and it has a shirt style. Buttons are beaded on the front side. It is looking gorgeous on this lady. The lady has worn blue shorts with this top which is amusing and pleasurable.

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7. Trendy Light Green Top:

It is a nice green colour top with an amazing pattern for a girl. Sleeves are given good pleats. It is precise and subtle design. The light green colour is soothing to eyes and so is this top. Delicate layers are stitched on top which is giving a fine impression.

8. Sleeveless Green Colour Top:

This green top is sleeveless with two layers of design. This top has two layers with white fabric design on the round neck. This lady has paired the green top with pink pant which is something different from usual. This green top will be likeable for ladies.

9. Sexy Green Top:

This is really sexy green top. It has a very low deep neck showing the good shape of breasts. It has a camisole pattern with lace work on neck and bottom. It is short in size so slightly coming above the waist. It is giving a good figure to your body. It will look hot on ladies.

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As we saw, there are numerous patterns in the green colour top. But light green colour tops look more delightful on ladies. There can be even more. Green tops delivering enchanting and stunning look to ladies. Designs are so pleasant and attractive. Green tops will get a match with a particular colour bottom wear only like white and black. To give an unusual look, people even match it with other colour bottom wear also.

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