The fashion trend these days is roaming around jeans, tops, Capri, shorts, skirts, etc. This trend has allowed women to deal with any situation casual or official with comfort. The tops have always given different designs for a lovely look to the women according to their texture. A widely popular tops design is the one-shoulder tops design. The design is made where the wearer’s one shoulder is left barren for a bold appearance.

Fashionable Models of One Side Shoulder Tops for Ladies:

Let’s look into have the latest designs in one side shoulder tops for women in fashion.

1. Flowing Sleeve Top:

A white one-shoulder top design with double design pattern looks amazing for a casual appearance. The top is made from cotton and is given a flawing design from one side which ends to the waist of the opposite side. It is best suitable for jeans.

2. Short-Sleeve Waist Top:

A black skin-tight one side shoulder top with a single broad sleeve is widely worn these days. The top is medium in length and curvy at the thighs for a proper grip. The plain black top is suitable on any bottom wear.

3. Loose Sleeve Top Design:

An amazing design quite popular on shorts is the loose long sleeve one shoulder tops for women. The top is made from cotton and is given the length till the waist. The main attraction of the top is the sleeves which are loose and also short and long in length.

4. Crotchet Sleeve Top for Plus Size:

Having a heavy body! Try a plus-size one shoulder tops design made from stretchable material. The top is loose from the top while skinny at the waist. The sleeve is made from crochet material with the floral design embossed on it.

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5. Printed One Shoulder Top:

Want a funky look for any party or casual meeting! A black and grey top one-shoulder design with the printed design is best suitable for the teens. The sleeve of the top is given several flaws from the arms to the bottom for a wow look.

6. Crop Top One Side Design:

A loose white one-shoulder top design made from crotchet material is quite blossomy for summer wears. The design is a quick match on the shorts due to its cropped design. The top has tiny floral design embossed on it exposing your shoulder and belly.

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7. Beautiful Woolen One Side Top Design:

Looking for something cosy for in the winters! A woolen one side shoulder top with blue strips is quite trendy for the winter wears. The top gives the effect of a sweater with a suitable inner inside on jeans.

8. Designer Top Design for Wedding:

A designer piece in one side shoulder top is the one where cotton is covered with minute chiffon material. The top is given waist fitting. The sleeve is given a designer look with a net knitted band with a floral bow for an attractive look.

9. Silk and Chiffon Top:

Want a simple but party wear appearance! Try a plus-size one-shoulder top made with silk and covered with chiffon. The top is loose in fitting while the chiffon rests on full hand with a cute shawl like flaw making the hand visible.

The one side shoulder top design is quite popular for the summer wears. Made from cotton, silk, polyester, chiffon, georgette, etc. it gives a clumsy design which is fun to be carried on jeans or skirts also. The design also gives the heavily weighted women a chance to look slimmer with silk material top. There are also single strip tops designs available where the top is given grip at the chest.

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