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25 Latest Long Tops for Teenage Girls with Fashionable Designs

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Long before Christ, long tops have been worn since for a long time throughout history. The Greeks first introduced these tops. Then the long tops were in fashion in Rome. Romans introduced the long tops to Byzantines. Meanwhile, Germans and Celtics used the same. The long tops that were popularly used during those days were actually in the form of tunics.

These tunics or long tops were clothes. These covered from the neck area to the upper thigh areas. These could be of the length up to the knee and ending before the ankles. Thus, these tops reach upper thighs, knees or halfway on the shin-bone. Tunics have given rise to interesting long tops for girls, women and ladies.

Long tops are trendy because they can be used as formal or casual wear. Generally, these long tops are worn over jeans, leggings, trousers and others. Long tops look attractive, so those who use them are considered smart, elegant and fashionable. During this modern era, even ladies from very conservative background swear long tops. Very serious fashion designers take a lot of interest in producing long tops.

Latest Fashion in Long Tops for Teenage Girls

Different Types of Long Tops for Women:

Here are the top 25 beautiful designer women’s tops in long size with stylish necks.

1. Noisy May White Tunic Top in Long:

Noisy May White Tunic Top in Long

This top is a long, flowing tunic type top that is snow white. This can be worn with a pair of dark black trousers with a leather belt. The style is very unusual so it is very interesting. On either side of this long top tunic, there is a split. The length of this tunic does not stop abruptly but continues till it almost reaches the knees.

2. Plus Size Long Line Maxi Top:

Plus Size Long Line Maxi Top

Thi top is curved sleeveless is most suitable to wear when it is warm. The long top is most comfortable to wear over a pair of blue jeans. The bottom edge of the top reaches the knees. The base colour of the long top is white. There are interesting top to bottom uneven stripes. Broad lines of light brown and thin lines of red make up the interesting stripes. Both red and brown are well matched because they blend very well.

3. Full Sleeves Denim Ladies Long Top:

Full Sleeves Denim Ladies Long Top

This item resembles a long shirt with a collar, four buttons and a front pocket. In reality, this shirt is very unusually designed in two contrasting colours. The front of the shirt is denim blue and the material resembles denim. While the colour of the material used at the back is either dark blue or black. Length of the front is shorter than the back so this makes it look fashionable. The long top can be worn with contrasting white leggings.

4. Summer Long Tops for Women:

Summer Long Tops for Women

This item is made of pure white cotton and looks wonderful with black leggings. The trend of this top is very interesting due to the unusual design. The left side of this top is a lot longer than the right side. Thus, the lower portion does not meet in a circle like most traditional tops. The neck area is rounded.

5. Azul Ladies Long Top Collar:

Azul Ladies Long Top Collar

This top is Azul blue in colour. It has buttons on top and it’s also has a typical round at the bottom. The long top is plain all over and simple. Despite being a simple item, one looks elegant when one wears with a white pair of jeans.

6. Mary-May White Long Top:

Mary-May White Long Top

It has buttons all through from top to bottom covering the full length. There is provision for a belt. Hence, one can use a light to a dark brown leather belt. The length of the top reaches after the hips. One looks very sophisticated with regular blue jeans, especially during summer.

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7. Light Pink Lacy Top Long Size:

Light Pink Lacy Top Long Size

This item is commonly known as a Kurti. It is usually worn over the jeans by modern Indian women. The top reaches the middle of the thighs and in a solid light pink colour. However, the neck area above the chest and full sleeves have nets with baby pink lace. The lace is probably machine embroidered.

8. Women’s Long Loose Top:

Women's Long Loose Top

This top is grey coloured, split into both sides towards the end of the top. Style at the bottom is different from what is observed generally. Near the bottom, the front and back have wide U shapes. The neck region is wavy with deep plunging V. Also, there are buttons and a string to tighten around the waist. This helps to shape the top that loosely worn.

9. Fancy Women’s Top Full Length:

Fancy Women’s Top Full Length

This top is made of a material that is like a patchwork of several cut pieces. There is a collar around the neck area. The top can be opened all through. Hence, there are buttons provided to fasten the top. This top can be worn with any contrasting coloured jeans. The best colour that actually goes is the faded blue jeans.

10. Long Striped Top for Fall and Spring:

Long Striped Top for Fall and Spring

This item is wonderful to wear during fall and spring when the temperature is cold. The material of this item looks warm. The full sleeves end in black, light elastic material. There are blue strings for tying the collar around the neck. These facilities keep out the cold wind. Actually, this top is attractive stripes of equal thin widths of black and pink. Stripes run across the body. This top look good with black tights and the top reaches the thighs. Best is to wear this top with warm leggings.

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11. Traditional Indian Kurta Long:

Traditional Indian Kurta Long

This top is made of navy blue and white coloured with small white and pink printed flowers. It is a very adorable kurta generally worn with salmon pink coloured churidar. Salmon pink has been used generously to break the monotony of navy colour. Salmon pink coloured ribbon has been used on V neck-line and front buttons. Also, the same coloured ribbon has been used at the end of the three-quarter sleeves. Also, there is salmon pink near the lower one inch from the hem.

12. Latest Long Tops for Girls in Small Aged:

Latest Long Tops for Girls in Small Aged

This item is definitely meant for girls and teenage girls. These new long tops are available in blue and pink, or yellow and blue. The design is in pink for blue and yellow for blue. Design is an abstract curvature design. The outcome looks very interesting for children. These items can be worn over white jeans, shorts or trousers.

13. Stylish Striped Long Tops for Girls:

Stylish Striped Long Tops for Girls

This item is available in a white base with broad red or blue stripes. Length of the top reaches the upper thighs. A most fashionable style that children like is the half sleeves. They have openings near the shoulders. The neckline is roundish but stylish. This top can be worn in summer over shorts or jeans.

14. Long Maternity Top for Ladies:

Long Maternity Top for Ladies

This checks design top is comfortable for women who are expecting. It can be worn for simply relaxing in the lounge. The top is not tight especially the lower portion. A couple of strings provided can be pulled for adjusting to the required size. The top is made of a material that has big checks of base and brown colours. There are about five buttons in front. Also, there is a collar and a wide V neckline.

15. Women’s Fashionable Checked Long Top:

Women's Fashionable Checked Long Top

This top is very stylish and fashionable and made with cotton material and black and white checks design. Also, the neck area and front open borders have bigger black and white checks. A single zip fastens the top from neck to the waist. Rest of the front is open. This design looks sexy and sensational.

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16. Women’s Long Sleeve Long Top:

Women’s Long Sleeve Long Top

This top is a good example of sophisticated sportswear. The colour of the top is light greyish white with two-three inches of broad blue bands. These are present one across the chest, and two around the full sleeves. The top has a rounded neck. this top is good for going to jogging running and shopping.

17. Stylish Long Top for Teens:

Stylish Long Top for Teens

The top has material resembling leopard skin on the pocket. Also, the same material is on the sleeves and they reach up to the elbows. The main body is made of a material that has a solid bright yellow colour. The style is very interesting too. Length of the top is short and reaches the top of the thighs in front. While at the back, the length just about covers the hips.

18. Very Long Polka Dots Top:

Very Long Polka Dots Top

This top is made with a blue base and big white polka dots. The length of the top reaches half the thigh. The top can be worn by crossing over the left side over the right side. A belt provided with the top has to be tied to fasten the material. There are similar strings on the edge of the sleeves that reach the elbows.

19. New Women’s Long Top Design:

New Women’s Long Top Design

The top is neither too loose nor too tight. There is brown ribbon work near the edge of the top. The yellow coloured base is excellent because at the back there is an elaborate design made with dark brown colour thread. The design is of made leaves, plants and curves. This top goes very well dark leggings.

20. Designer New Long Tops for Tall Ladies:

Designer New Long Tops for Tall Ladies

The design may be white with self-design or white with dark grey and black design. Both have an identical style. The top has a round neck and the sleeves are past the elbows because they are trimmed in inverted V to match the printed design. Also, the same style is noticed on the bottom edge of the top. Each of these inverted V contains a kind of floral design.

21. Latest Girls Net Top Long:

Latest Girls Net Top Long

This top is something every teenage girl would adore and like to possess. The material is made of net and over it, there is lace pattern embroidered. This pattern is made using white coloured machine embroidery. The edge is also neatly blended with the curves of the design. Thus, there is no abrupt finishing because the design continues forever.

22. Ladies Embroidered Top with Full Sleeves:

Ladies Embroidered Top with Full Sleeves

This top is available in black on black background or white on black background. The white on black was more interesting because the design is completely lacy. There is border embroidered piping for protection of the lacy embroidery. The neck of both tops is interesting because the back is longer than the front that is deeper.

23. Batwing Long Sleeves Top:

Batwing Long Sleeves Top

This top of the neck is rounded. There are broad diagonal stripes in blue and white. These reach up to the upper thighs. The material of the tops is similar to T-material. These tops can be worn with jeans or shorts and used for going to the gym, running, and jogging.

24. Indian Kurta Long Tops for Women:

Indian Kurta Long Tops for Women

This top is made of Emerald green coloured material. It has broader golden borders on the edge of the full sleeves. Also, there are golden bands in the neck region. There are splits on either side of the top. Kurta looks elegant when worn during casual or formal occasions. It is worn usually with churidar.

25. Batwing Leopard Printed Top in Long:

Batwing Leopard Printed Top in Long

This top has special full sleeves that resemble the bat wings. Also, these sleeves end in warm elastic material. The leopard printed material is available in two shades dark chocolate on light brown and dark chocolate on dark brown. The material looks very warm and cosy. Certainly, this top is suitable for fall and spring when the temperature is nippy.

We conclude from the above discussion that there are many kinds of new women’s long tops available. They are specially designed and manufactured for girls, teenagers, women and ladies. Some of these tops can be worn during casual and formal occasions.

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