If you have long hair and off late you have not been able to decide on what and how to wear it down as you must have been really bored by your styles and lock then in the article you can find some great ways to wear your hair down to the best of it so that you have a different and fresh look. Irrespective whether your hair is straight, has locks, curls or bangs.

Cute Ways To Wear Your Hair:

Here is a list of 5 Different ways for how to wear your hair perfectly are as follows.

1. Waves Crimped Naturally:

If you are willing to make natural crimps to your hair which will also make your look different and refreshing then you may try this. Comb your hair neatly so as to ensure there are no tangles at all. No, make two braids on either side of your head, i.e. left or right before going to bed. Ensure that the braids are tight enough. Secure them well now.

You may do this while they are relatively damp. Now once you get up in the morning, open the braids and let you hair fall down. You will see that you have got natural crimps without any crimper iron and your hair is all wavy and smooth. You can run through the comb once just to make it little smooth, however, ensuring that the crimps are not destroyed. You may accessories it with a headband.

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2. Boho Waves:

If you have naturally straight hair then you can try this look as well. Cleanse your hair before trying the style by way of shampooing and conditioning your hair well. Now once the hair is dry apply salt spray in the entire hair. This will add texture to fine the hair. Now from the strands to the mid length scrunch your hair with both your hands on either sides and here you are ready with the sexy look.

3. Bow–Ful Bandana:

Keep your hair open and cleanse it well by shampoo and conditioning. Now comb it well before letting it fall all open so that there are no tangles and your hair is smooth and silk. Now take a stylish bandana and tie it at the front of the crown area. It should be tied in a manner that the knot is at the front. It may also be towards the sides. Tie a bow at the knot and you are ready with a stylish look.

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4. Scarf Tied By Middle Part:

If your hair is open and you do not have much time or patience to do something with it then go for this short and simple look. Spray your hair with a texturing spray from the roots till the tip of the hair. Run the comb through once. Now middle part the hair. Tie a nice printed bandana across the forehead and you are now with a trendy look!’

5. Sleek Is Always In:

If you do not have naturally straight hair then you can try this as well. Iron your hair to straighten it. However you may avoid getting it perfect straight. So you have a few kinks may be at the tip level. Now accompany this look with a hat. This style is never out of fashion.

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6. Straight And Curls:

If you have smooth straight hair then you can try this as well. Take on section of the hair and roll it upwards like a coil. Now take a foil and wrap it around the coil. Now use an iron to press it so that the coil turns into curls. Leave this section falling while the rest is still straight. You may try a side part look. This look is perfect for a casual or formal look both.

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