There are a large number of tourist attractions in Orissa which are visited by thousands of visitors and locals every year. This state is famous for its architecture, temples and natural beauty. If you are planning to go on a trip to Orissa, you must have a basic idea about the best spots and locations found here. Here is a list of them.

Wonderful Tourist Places In Orissa To Visit:

Orissa is one of the most famous tourist destinations for tourists. This article prepared a list of 15 wondrous tourist places in Orissa to visit for your tour planning.

1. Konark Sun Temple:

The Konark Sun Temple of Orissa was constructed in the 13th century. It is about 30 meters high and stands on twelve massive wheels. The erotic carvings that are seen on Khajurao temples are quite a popular and interesting feature here. The peaceful and calm atmosphere is what you will love about this temple and coming here during the afternoon would be the best time for sure.

2. Puri:

When you come to Orissa, you should definitely come to Puri. This has an exciting beach and has been recognized as paradise for all its tourists. The pristine waters, clear skies and long stretches of sand will make you fall in love with this place at first sight. Also try out the sumptuous cuisine here. It is edible, tasty and remarkable. Puri in one of the finest and most romantic tourist places in Orissa to visit.

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3. Bhubaneswar:

Bhubaneshwar is the capital of Orissa and is best known for its temples. Each and every one of them is very artistic, beautiful and stunning to look at. You should take part in the music and dance festivals that are organized here, even the adivasi tribe melas. They will surely make your trip fun and memorable for long time.

4. Chilika Lake:

If you want to spend time with nature, then you must visit the Chilika Lake destination in Orissa. It is a freshwater body located in Orissa and is full of wildlife, fish and birds. The best part about this place is that during the winter months you will see some of the most exotic migratory birds gather here. The sight is breathtaking and absolutely picturesque.

5. Raghurajpur Handicrafts Village:

The Raghurajpur Handicrafts Village is best known for its paintings, wooden toys, stone carvings and wooden carvings. You will find a wide variety of handicrafts here and each of them have been so beautifully woven and created, that you will surely be amazed. It is 15 kilometers away from Puri and offers you a wonderful experience.

6. Chandipur Beach:

The Chandipur Beach of Orissa has been recognized as the finest and most unique beaches of the country. Here you will be amazed by the balmy weather, the clear sparkling waters, the long seabed and the remarkable golden sand. You will also find small puddles full of little fishes, sea shells and even crabs. This beach is one of the most beautiful Orissa tourist place to see for sightseeing.

7. Khandagiri Caves:

The Khandagiri Caves of Orissa stands as a strong representation of the history and culture of Orissa. It is ancient and about six kilometers away from Bhubaneshwar. This spot has fifteen caves in total which were earlier inhabited by various Jain scholars. Some of the walls even bear the holy readings and inscriptions of the Jain religion.

8. Udayagiri Caves:

This is one of the ideal and wonderful tourist places in Orissa to visit. The Udayagiri Caves are located in the Udayagiri Hills of Orissa and has eighteen caves in total. Each of them has a separate name and has carvings that portray the victory of the kings over their evil enemies. Coming here will help you expand your knowledge and learn more about Orissa.

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9. Mahendragiri:

Mahendragiri is located in the Gajapati district of Orissa and is surrounded by picturesque and gorgeous surroundings. The green forests, exotic mountains and small rivulets are some of its special features. If you are looking for peace and tranquility, you should definitely come to Mahendragiri.

10. Jagannath Temple:

Jagannath Temple is one of the most prominent tourist places in Orissa. The origin of the temple dates back to the 11th century and is known to be one of the four auspicious ‘Char Dham’ of Hindus. The temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath who is accompanied by Balabhadra and Subhadra. The deities of the Jagannath Temple are dressed ornately depending on the occasion or season. The annual Rath Yatra, where the lords are taken out from the temple in a huge procession is a great crowd puller, with thousands of devotees across India come to glimpse of their deities.

11. Nandankanan Zoological Park:

Nandankanan Zoological Park is another popular visiting places near Orissa. Located in the town of Bhubaneshwar, this zoo is set inside the Chandaka forest and is dotted with a beautiful lake known as Kanjia. The Nandankanan Zoological Park is home to over 166 varied species of animals including the endangered white tigers. If you have kids along with you, take them to this zoological park for some good fun.

12. Lingaraja Temple:

The Lingaraja Temple is one of the ancient and also the largest temple of Bhubaneshwar and amongst the major visiting places in Orissa. The temple is a prominent landmark that is crowded by tourists all year round. Lingaraja Temple is dedicated to ‘Harihara’, a combined form of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Shivratri is grand event celebrated in the Temple and is witnessed by over 2 lakh devotees.

13. Bhitarkanika National Park:

The Bhitarkanika National Park is considered to be one of the most impressive wildlife sanctuaries in Asia making it a must-visit Orissa tourist places. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 672 sq.kms in the district of Kendrapara. Bhitarkanika National Park is well-known for its dense mangrove forests and giant saltwater crocodiles. Besides there is also an abundance of flora and fauna in the sanctuary making is ideal destination for nature enthusiasts.

14. Ardhasani Temple:

The Ardhasani Temple is one the main religious places to see in Orissa. It is located at 3 kms from the main Jagannath Temple in Puri and does not have a very huge structure. Ardhasani Temple is mainly dedicated to Subhadra as according to the legends She once saved the town of Puri from drowning in floods. The best time to visit this temple is during the annual Rath Yatra procession as it is believed that the three deities while returning back to the main temple halt at the Ardhasani Temple. A special bhog known as ‘poda pitha’ is prepared from rice on this day.

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15. Tribal Villages:

Orissa is a state renowned for its tribal culture and has over 600 tribal communities. The tribal people with their mystical ways reside in the hilly regions and remote forests around Orissa, mostly in the southern west region of the state. Watching the day-to-day activities and unusual lifestyle of these ancient people can be an exhilarating experience. However you must go through organized tours as most of these locations are inaccessible and you need lawful permits. During your stay in Orissa make sure to visit the tribal markets held weekly to get hands on fascinating forms of tribal work.

Orissa is slowly emerging as the growing tourist destination of India. These were the most frequently visited tourist places of Orissa that is on every traveller’s list. So take time out when you plan a holiday to this mesmeric land.

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