Seychelles is located about 1500 kilometers away from the mainland of Africa. It is situated on the Indian Ocean and has about 115 islands there. It has been rated as one of the most beautiful and prestigious countries of the world and has received a lot of appreciation from its travellers and visitors.

This place is also an ideal destination for all honeymooners and married couples, especially because of its romantic set up. The beaches, clear blue sky, emerald green waters and white sand add to the beauty of this place and should be visited at least once. It is hardly ever crowded, therefore it gives you the entire opportunity to relax and have a great time with your loved ones.

Romantic Sightseeing Places in East Africa – Seychelles:

1. Praslin Island:

The Praslin Island is one of the best and most precious beaches of Praslin. Here you will find fantastic resorts and luxury hotels. The pristine waters, long stretches of white sand and balmy weather will make you fall in love with this place. The Praslin National Park is a major attraction here and must be visited. This is the amazing Seychelles tourist places to visit.

2. Aride Island:

The Aride Island is one of Seychelles’s finest islands. Here you will find some of the most exotic seabirds. There are almost eighteen different species of native birds and is a great place to visit during the holidays.

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3. Mahe Island:

Mahe is the largest island in Seychelles and has thousands of visitors coming throughout the year. Here you will find some rare plants and species such the Jellyfish Tree and the Seychelles Vanilla and Orchid. The island has thick mist forests and looks absolutely splendid from a distance. Your trip to Seychelles shall be incomplete until you come here. This is wonderful Seychelles tourist places to visit.

4. Dauban Mausoleum:

The Durban Mausoleum is one of the secluded spots of Seychelles and is best known for its wild and attractive coconut trees. The architecture here is brilliant and the economic prosperity has increased a lot from before.

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5. Beau Vallon:

Beau Vallon has been regarded as the tourist’s paradise. This place is absolutely magical. The wonderful trees, sparkling waters, clear skies and precious white sands are truly what you really need on a vacation. This a great place for those who like to spend time in peace and tranquility. This is the best seychelles tourist destination to visit.

6. Sainte Anne Marine National Park:

The Sainte Anne Marine National Park is located about 5 kilometers away from Victoria and was established in the year 1973. Fishing and water skiing are prohibited here. This park has six major islands, some of them being Cerf Island, Long Island, Round Island and Ste. Anne Island.

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7. Curieuse Island:

The Curieuse Island is a neighbour of the Praslin Island and is now managed by the Seychelles Center of Marine Technology. It has beautiful vine and almost seven different species of mangrove. It is also known for its hawksbill turtles and other attractive animals. Coming here shall be a wonderful experience.

8. Victoria:

Victoria is one of the smallest capitals in the world. Thus you can explore this place within one day. It is best known for its granite and coral islands and also has great craft museums and brilliant art galleries. Your trip shall truly be memorable when you come to Victoria. This is the beautiful city to visit in seychelles.

9. La Digue Island:

On your trip to Seychelles, don’t forget to visit the lovely and exotic La Digue Island. It is a wonderful place to go to during the vacations and has the famous Veuve Nature Reserve which you should definitely visit. The pink granite rocks on the beaches and the wide variety of animals add to its charm and beauty. This is the beautiful seychelles tourist places to visit.


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