Manali, in Himachal Pradesh is a popular hill station nestled in the Beas River valley. It is a part of the Kullu district and has a moderate population. Every year it is visited by scores of tourists who feel the need to spend some time among the hills to recuperate and just relax. The famous Karakorum pass is located very close to this city.

Beautiful Manali Tourist Places to Visit:

Here are a few of the best and famous Tourist Places to Visit in Manali which will give you definitely a wonderful time for your entire trip.

1. Chandratal Lake:

Chandratal Lake, also known as the Beas Kund, is a place of great historic importance. It is believed that the great sage Vyasa resided close to this lake which is the origin of the holy river Beas and took his daily bath in the waters of this Kund. Many tourists come all the way to Manali just to bathe in the waters of this lake.

2. Chandrakhani Pass:

This pass is used mostly for trekking. The best time to visit is from May to October. After October it becomes a little too cold for the common man’s liking. The pass offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. It connects the Malana Valley to the Kullu Valley. Many trekkers staying in Manali trek all the way across the pass to the small village of Malana.

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3. Pandoh Dam:

A power generator hydro-electric dam, built on river Beas, Pandoh Dam is one of the most beautiful man made facilities here. The dam is managed by the Bhakra Beas Management Board and rises to a height of 76 km above sea level. Though not exactly in Manali, this dam lies on the route from Kullu to Manali. This dam is one of the most beautiful tourist places to visit in manali which can entertain with its musical floating sound.

4. Rohtang Pass:

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Rohtang Pass is one of the famous passes in the mountains of Himalayas. Not a single tourist visiting Manali misses out on this pass! This pathway connecting Kullu to the neighboring valleys makes for an excellent picnic spot. This pass is sometimes snow clad even in the summers! The incredible views that of snow covered peaks that you experience, standing here, will leave you gasping for breath, sometimes quite literally. it is one of the best manali places to visit.

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5. Solang Valley or Snow Point:

Solang valley is situated close to Manali, between the Solang village and the Beas kund. The valley attracts tourists for a various reasons. For a few religious tourists, the valley is important because of the shrine of Lord shiva that it houses, for other adventurous ones the valley’s fun because it offers excellent adventure activities like Parachuting, skating/skiing, zorbing and paragliding!

6. Mall road:

Mall road is the most happening place in Manali. It’s like a typical crowded bazaar where you get to chill and shop for souvenirs! The hustling bustling, sloping lanes banked on both sides by stalls present a colourful picture. However a lot of bargaining goes on in the shops so don’t get ripped off! But even without the bargaining, you get to buy several cheap knick knacks like woolen caps, gloves, stoles etc.

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7. The Great Himalayan National Park:

The Great Himalayan National Park or the Jawaharlal Nehru Park, houses some very rare species of wildlife. The surrounding mountains give the park a spectacular natural vista that contributes to half of its lure. The park has short waterfalls and streams and lakes and several different animals all living in their natural habitat. This is one of the best tourist places in manali to visit that can give a great experience.

8. Bijli Mahadev Temple:

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Bijli Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and situated atop a high hill. This allows the temple to offer magnificent views of the surrounding scenery. While the deep drops along the sides of its roads make some tourists dizzy, it leaves the other breath-taken.

9. Vashisht Baths:

Vashisht is a small place located on the banks of River Ravi. This place is famous for its numerous natural springs. Tourists visiting Manali almost always take a short trip to Vashisht to bath in the waters of these ‘kunds’. This is another one of the most visiting tourist places in manali which will make you happy all the day.

10. Hidimba Devi Temple:

Hadimba Devi Temple is situated atop hillock which is surrounded by Cedar forests and was built in 1553. It was made in the memory of Raksasa Hidimba, wife of Bhima, one of the Pandavas. It is built over a huge rock which was worshiped as the image of a deity. It has an astonishing design including carved wooden doors, three square roofs which are covered with the timber tiles and a fourth brass cone shaped roof. An amazing place to visit and cherish the beauty of ancient Indian architecture. A few kilometers away is situated another temple dedicated to Ghatotkatch, son of Bhima and Hidimba which should also be visited once to enjoy this beautiful religious place.

11. Jogini Falls:

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Kullu Manali is Jogini Falls. This beautiful waterfall is situated near the Jogini Devi Mandir, at Vashisht Village. It is a waterfall with stream that falls down to join Beas river in the Kullu Valley. It is a sacred place in the name of goddess Jogini. It is a beautiful and peaceful village that must be visited at least for once to cherish the beauty of this sacred place. If you have hunger for the adventure then this place is a must visit as you can do trekking and other activities that will help you to enjoy to the core of your heart. It should be a must visit for nature lovers and photo fanatics.

12. Nehru Kund:

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One of the most popular tourist places in Manali is Nehru Kund located 5km on National Highway to Leh, in Kullu. This place is good for nature lovers and those who are lovers of photography. This place was named after the first prime minister of India i.e. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. This place is full of people who have immense love for the natural beauty. It’s a natural spring which is originated from Lake Brighu, which is located high in mountains. As the name suggests, it is believed that Jawaharlal Nehru used to drink water from this natural spring whenever he had a stay at this place. Surrounded by greenery, this beautiful place Nehru Kund is one of the best Manali sightseeing place.

13. Sultanpur Palace:

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It is one of the beautiful places to see in Manali. It contains beautiful miniature paintings which are made in a marvelous blend of Pahari and Colonial style which are based on different themes. These paintings depict rural backgrounds of the local people of Kullu and Manali. Earlier, this palace was known as Rupi Palace which got destroyed in an earthquake. It was later on reconstructed using the remnants and then named as Sultanpur Palace. This is a must visit for the people who love to admire the beauty of ancient India and paintings.

14. Manikaran Gurudwara:

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Manikaran is a beautiful place located in the Parvati Valley on river Parvati in Kullu. It is a beautiful pilgrimage hub and attracts a lots of Hindus and Sikhs. A beautiful Gurudwara is present in Manikaran that must be visited at least once. It is a fantabulous combination of peace and beauty. The hot spring, the prasad food and the stay of such a beautiful and peaceful place is must required one time good experience. The water of hot spring is considered auspicious and believed to possess curative powers and other medicinal properties. It is really an awesome place for the peace of mind and soul as it is really beautiful and located at a nice place. If you visit Kullu Manali, you must pay atleast one visit to this beautiful place.

15. Gulaba:

It is a beautiful place situated nearby Rohtang Pass Road in Manali. It is a wonderful sightseeing place and specially amazing for nature lovers. While you visit to this beautiful hill station, one of the best places you should visit is Gulaba and treasure this beautiful place for its awesomeness and serenity. This scenic spot is a good relief to eyes and has been adored for its alluring natural beauty and magical aura. The road to Gulaba opens only in summers. The view of beautiful snow laden mountains, the beautiful Beas River and small grasslands add to the area an additional beauty and charm. This place was named after Raja Gulab Singh of Kashmir who used to put up his camps in this beautiful place. It’s an amazing scenic place to visit for once in Manali.

These were some of the best things to do in Manali and Best time to visit Manali is through out the year except Monsoon Months. Manali is no less than a paradise for the travelers. If you love to wander, Manali must be on your to-visit list (P.S. To- visit SOON list!). Have fun and enjoy the beauty of Manali.


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