Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia. It has a very intriguing mix of culture, architecture, style and mesmerizing beauty. The green farmlands, beautiful beaches, monuments and rivers are something that you will surely not want to miss out on. Most of the cities have been adorned with plenty of beautiful gardens and museums that make this place extra special for holidays and tourism purposes. Some of the best places seen till date have been enlisted in the following paragraphs.

Top 9 Tourist Places in Bangladesh:

1. Paharpur:

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Paharpur of Bangladesh has been recognized as the highest Buddhist seat of learning. They have great monasteries and museums which include noteworthy objects such as potteries, inscriptions, terracotta plaques and images of different Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It is the best place for those who are looking forward to explore the customs and traditions of Bangladesh.

2. Dhaka:

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Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It has thousands of travellers every year and is one of the best places in Bangladesh to visit. Because it is the capital, it is well developed and is also seen as a centre of commercial, culture, trade, educational, economic and political activities.

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3. Rajshahi:

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Rajshahi of Bangladesh is well known for its mangoes, litchis and pure silk. The silk products here are quite reasonable and the large number of archaeological sites will surely help you learn and understand more about the country. Rajshahi is located at the bank of the river Padma and is a true beauty indeed. This is best bangladesh tourist places.

4. Mahasthangarh:

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Mahasthrangarh is the oldest and most recognized archaeological site of Bangladesh. It is full of historical temples, museums and monuments which should surely be visited. Something that is highly noteworthy here are the shrines of Shah Sultan Bulki Maheswary which make this place well known and renowned. This is the wonderful bangladesh tourist places.

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5. Mainamati:

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On the slopes of the Mainamati hills lies a lot of detail and information about the great Buddhist civilization. It has some of the best museums which house great archaeological findings such as caskets, coins, jewellery, utensils, pottery, stupas and Buddhist inscriptions.

6. Kuakata:

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Bangladesh is not just the country of brilliant couture, history, traditions and customs but it also the best place for romantic and beautiful beaches. The Kuakata beach of Bangladesh is some where you can definitely go for a short holiday. The cuisine here is amazing and the weather is always balmy and pleasant. Coming to this place will give you the best opportunity to watch the gorgeous sunsets. Take a walk with your friends early in the morning on this beach is going to be a wonderful experience. This is the beautiful bangladesh tourist places to visit

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7. Sundarbans:

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Sundarbans is located about 320 kilometers away from Dhaka. It is a 6000 of deltaic swamps and forests. The best attractions here are the wildlife and unique species, especially the royal Bengal tiger. Cheetahs, bears, hyenas, monkeys and pythons and some of the common animals you’ll see here. This place also has several guest houses where you can enjoy and relax with family.

8. Sylhet:

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Sylhet is a beautiful valley located in Bangladesh known for its amazing tea plantations. Its pineapple plantations, tea gardens, orange groves and hot forests are some of the noteworthy things you shall find here. This place is also known for the great Muslim saint named Hazrat Shah Halal who has been recognized as a great leader of the Islamic community.

9. Chittagong:

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Chittagong is the second largest city of Bangladesh and is a great place for vacation. It has some beautiful beaches, hills and forests which is the ultimate destinations for the holiday lovers. The weather here is also pleasant.


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