9 Famous Cambodia Tourist Places to Visit

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Cambodia is one of the greatest countries of the world. It is located in the Indo Chinese Peninsula and has some of the best attractions in terms of culture, architecture, scenic beauty and beaches. They are also known for their lakes, gardens, waterfalls and jungles and serves as one of those places that is perfect for all nature lovers, explorers and adventures. In case you are planning to go on a nice long vacation to Cambodia, we have enlisted some of the Cambodia Tourist Places that you should surely visit.

Cambodia Tourist Places:

Here you find some of the famous cambodia places to visit with pictures.



Sihanoukville is an important port city and beach resort situated on the Gulf of Thailand. It is also known as Kampong Som and is one of those beautiful beaches where you can enjoy and relax with your family and friends. The sparkling waters, white sands and scenic beauty are sure to make your holiday worth it.

Silver Pagoda:


The Silver Pagoda of Cambodia is located in the Royal Palace. The best attractions here are the well established gold and jeweled Buddha statues. The internal walls of the courtyard have been embellished with a colourful and detailed mural belonging to the myth of Ramayana. Coming to this place will surely help you understand the culture and religion of Cambodia. It is one of the best cambodia places to visit of all.

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Bokor Hill Station:


The Bokor Hill Station was established in the year 1920 by the French. They have been abandoned twice and are known to give you a very eerie feeling. Although the road has been closed for further construction since the year 2008, you can still visit this place by contacting local travel agents.

Koh Ker:


Koh Ker is the capital of the old Khmer empire. It has some of the best structures, buildings and sculptures to be seen and is truly a beautiful sight. This place reflects the traditions, customs and architecture of Cambodia and is ideal for exploration and adventure purposes.

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