Top 15 Historical Places in India

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Historical Places to visit in India usually comprise of old monuments, relics, statues, tombs, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, tourist places etc. Since the country is full of rich culture and heritage, you will never have trouble finding places that have special historical significance. With the rule of the Mughals and British Raj, the country offers you with a wide variety of places you could explore in order to expand your knowledge and learn more about the culture, religion and tradition of India. However, after a lot of research we have come up with the top 15 historical places you must visit when you come to India.

1. The Taj Mahal:

The Taj Mahal

One of the most beautiful and exotic locations found in the whole of Delhi is The Taj Delhi. This is the historical pride of India and has more than thousands of tourists visiting this famous monument every year. Built during the Mughal Period by the famous ruler Shah Jahan, this place serves as one of the wonders of the world. This is the first place you must visit when you come to India. We assure you the trip will be worth it. A tour around this place will surely make you fall in love with Agra.

2. The Golden Temple:

The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple has been recognized as the pride of Punjab. This is one of the most famous tourist attractions and has more than thousands of devotes, tourists and local visitors every year. It is the oldest shrine of the Sikh religion and has a beautiful pool named “Amrit Sarovar”. Since the dome is painted in gold, this place looks attractive and dazzling especially under the morning sun. This is definitely the first place you should visit on your trip to Punjab.

3. Jallianwala Bagh:

Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh of Punjab is not just a garden but also holds special significance in the history of India’s independence. This was the location where thousands were killed at the hands of the British soldiers in the year 1919. A memorial was built in the year 1951 in honour of those who sacrificed their lives for their motherland. This place holds special historical significance and should definitely be visited once. It will help you understand Indian history in the pre independence era in a much better way. No wonder it has thousands of visitors every year.

4. Badami Caves:

Badami Caves

The Badami Caves are located in the Bagalkot district of Northern Karnataka. They are known to be the perfect example of excellent Indian rock cut architecture, specially the Badami Chalukya Architecture. The temple is built out red sandstone of the hills and is one of the most ancient temples of our country. There are several beautiful sites and temples located here that are sure to interest you. If you are looking forward to explore and study about the culture and architecture of India, the Badami Caves should be your ultimate destinations. Some of the most important spots that you will find here are Vaishnava Cave Temple, Mahavira Temple, Badami Tank and the beautiful pillars.

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5. Khajuraho Temples:

Khajuraho Temples

Though Khajuraho is considered as the city of temples, it is definitely far beyond than religion and worshipping the Gods and Goddesses. The architecture is brilliant and every single image has been made with such precaution and care. This place has been one of the top most visited temples all over the country. It is located in Madhya Pradesh in the Chattarpur District. It is now a UNESCO heritage site and has attracted a number of architects and students. The temple is famous mostly because of the erotic sculptures that were made centuries ago.

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