20 Beautiful Tourist Places To Visit In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a young city and gives visitors an amazing atmosphere. There are well developed buildings, fast lifestyle, amusement parks, recreational places, and tourists come here and enjoy to the fullest. The natural scenery, business culture and being a special administrative part of China, made is world famous metropolis.

Tourist Places To Visit In Hong Kong

Over the years Hong Kong has developed into one of the most decorative cities in the world. It is considered to be the Vegas of the east and has a countless number of things to do and places to see. Heritage is not lacking in this great city along with an astounding night life if that better floats your boat. There are a number of things to do when visiting Hong Kong and not many people have had the opportunity of seeing and visiting all the places on the map therefore to make it easier for you given below are some of the best places to visit when visiting Hong Kong. This guide will help you narrow down your itinerary so as to get the proper feel of this beautiful city,.

Wondrous Hong Kong Tourist Places To Visit:

There are several tourist destinations in Hong Kong with beautiful locations and attractions. Here we contains 20 best and wonderful tourist places to visit in Hong Kong along with amazing sightseeing attractions.

1. Ocean Park:


Ocean Park is situated in the Southern end of Hong Kong Island. It is one of the top theme parks and has an aquarium in Southeast Asia. They provide the best of marine education. It covers an area of 170 acres and is one the largest ocean parks in the world. People love to come here with their families and friends and have spent a fun filled day.

2. Victoria Bay:


Victoria Bay is the largest harbor in China and comes third in the world. It is situated between the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. The harbor has been busy with watercraft, straight from the historic Star Ferries to cruise liners, cargo ships, and wooden fishing vessels all along day and night. It is an amazing place for recreation and relaxation.

3. Disneyland:


The Disneyland in Hong Kong is located in Lantau Island. The resort is a must watch as it has special attractions and a feel of Chinese culture. The visit to this place will not only take your through a magical experience but you can also find the golden past and the planned future. Accompanied by Mickey Mouse and other Disney friends you go around an amazing place and best enjoyed by your children.

4. Victoria Peak:


Victoria peak is the best place from where you can have the best of the lights of the Oriental Pearl. Peak Tower has a famous wok-like architecture which stands at the exit of Peak Tram. There is an ‘Odditorium’, the exciting Peak Explorer Motion Simulator, with terraces and restaurants are quite an entertainment. The Madame Tussaud Wax Museum is situated here. It has waxed statues of celebrities. Additionally, on the northern hillside of the Peak there is a zoological and botanical garden, which you can visit too.

5. Wong Tai Sin Temple:


Wong Tai Sin Temple had been designed following an ancient Chinese palace and the entire interior is rich in Chinese culture. It is the most famous temple in Hong Kong. Fortunetellers play an active role. Besides the Wong Tai Sin Temple, another two famous temples in the city are the Man Mo Temple and Po Lin Monastery.

6. Sai Kung:


Sai Kung is one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist places to visit in Hong Kong. Sai Kung is situated in the eastern New Territories. This place includes the main country park and beach in Hong Kong. It is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which gives you some quiet time and it boasts of spectacular scenery. The seaside has many restaurants and you can relax by swimming enjoying the coastal scenery.

7. Aberdeen Harbor & Jumbo Kingdom:


Aberdeen harbor is helps people to stay on fishes. There is a huge contrast of modern & traditional lifestyle. The Aberdeen way of life can be figured out by visiting Jumbo Kingdom, a brainchild of Dr. Stanley Ho, the world-renowned Jumbo Floating Restaurant was built in 1976. It is ornamented in the style of a gorgeous and exquisite ancient Chinese imperial palace.

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